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Southeastern United States

Herbert Wheeler GTP, BSMT
Certified Gemstone Therapy Practitioner

Asheville, North Carolina
Email: herbert1@gempractice.com
Phone: 828-357-5107

  • Accepts in-person clients.
  • Accepts remote Gemstone Therapy clients.
  • Available for mentoring Foundation Students, who are studying to take their open book exam.
  • Available for mentoring Gemstone Therapy interns, who are preparing for their final oral exam.
  • Available for presenting talks, Power Point presentations, or workshops on Gemstone Therapy and related topics to your group.
  • Available to evaluate your main color ray in person or by phone and can help you select the best therapeutic gemstone necklaces for your individual needs.
  • Available to teach Gemstone Therapy workshops in person, as per GTI.

“I fully engaged gemstone energy medicine in the early 1990’s after reading Isabelle’s original treatise on the subject where she introduced the Gemstone Guardians to the world.  I am licensed as a clinical medical technologist with emphasis in clinical chemistry, immunology, and hematology.  I have found that gemstone therapy is as challenging and as rewarding as any study that I have undertaken to date, in some ways more so. Isabelle and the staff at the Gemstone Therapy Institute have created an amazing curriculum for bringing this modality to the world, for utilization as a self therapy and with training, becoming a practitioner.  I am thrilled to be part of the staff at GTI, both  as a practitioner and as an instructor/mentor.

I encourage all my clients to participate in the ongoing webinars, teleseminars, workshops, and to use the gemformulas.com website for furthering their knowledge of the scope of this work.”

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