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Apr 06 2018

Gemstones & Astrology: Ready? Set? Stop!

By: Isabelle Morton

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Last month, the skies encouraged us to resolve, release and reflect. It helped us make room for the intense and transformational celestial energy we meet this lunar cycle from the New Moon April 15th to the Full Moon April 30, to the next New Moon on May 15th. Strong, fiery Aries energy will encourage us with optimism and assertiveness, helping us to be courageous and speak out if we need to. Counter-acting this aggressive, forward-moving influence, several Retrogrades support patience and inward-reflection, and prompt us to take things slow. Several go/stop influences pepper this lunar cycle.

New Moon in Aries and Mercury Direct: April 15 – Strength and Awareness

This months’ New Moon, April 15th, gives a burst of energy and initiative. This is supported by Mercury stationing direct, which will amplify the Aries energy. A daring and assertive fire sign thriving on self-awareness, Aries helps us gain confidence through asserting our will into the world. This is counterbalanced by other celestial influences that will try to slow us down or stop our forward movement. Overcome this go/stop contradiction and you’ll have an opportunity to make profound improvements to your life.

As both the Sun (our outer awareness) and the Moon (our inner awareness) are sitting in Aries, we will be drawn to act independently and commit to personal goals. This New Moon signifies a chance to take charge, re-evaluate our relationship with ourselves, and discover our own personal courage. It’s also a good moon cycle for discovering the benefits of expressing ourselves as we are, with no filter and complete authenticity.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, making the New Moon in Aries an especially ripe opportunity for new beginnings. Aries tends to teach though experience and action. We may find ourselves acting on an impulse, taking a risk, or following a hunch or intuition. Self-reliance will be a strong theme of this cycle, as Aries also signifies personal freedom.

This New Moon occurs just as Mercury is stationing direct. This can be a potent and dramatic period because Aries energy can cause you to be more aggressive than usual. With Mercury, the planet of communication, the chances of being misunderstood run high. It is unwise to suppress anger during this time, as it can result in an eventual explosion. Clarity is key in conversation. Go within and assess your deepest thoughts and feelings before projecting them outwards.

Due to the New Moon’s conjunction with Uranus, we may feel a strong urge to break free from our daily routines. Uranus energy supports new opportunities and chance meetings. It can result in greater self-awareness and intuitive perception. With the  moon in Aries, it is likely you’ll be open-minded enough to take these new opportunities.

Gemstone Suggestions for the two weeks following the New Moon:

Wear Rhodonite/Pink Tourmaline , the quintessential fire-element gemstone, to support the emotional foundation needed to contain the Aries energy, focus it, and get the most benefit from it. Think of it like a fire hose that contains the pressurized water pouring through it.

To support new beginnings, which is always an astrological theme for this time of year, we continue to suggest wearing Dark Green Aventurine/Tsavorite to take full advantage of the spring like energy of the season. Dark Green Aventurine has an affinity with the liver/gallbladder and can support cleansing in that area.

If you are prone to acting out aggressively, or having emotional outbursts without thinking things through, Pink Chalcedony/Pink Spinel may be particularly helpful for you at this time. Given Aries’ assertiveness had been reined in during Mercury retrograde, once Mercury goes direct, that pent up emotion can spill out. Wearing these gemstones can help you get in touch with your true feelings before you speak, to avoid taking on unnecessary karma.

Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn: April 17 thru September 6 – Patience & Discipline

The “goal-oriented” planet of Saturn begins its 5-month retrograde phase on April 17, this time in Capricorn, a work-driven sign. Given the retrograde, everything’s backwards. Rather than feeling motivated, we may feel less ambitious. This is yet another example of the go/stop conundrum.

We started the month with ambitious energy, but this retrograde is going to make us want to stall. At the same time, the theme of this retrograde is patience and discipline. If you have many things you’ve wanted to complete, this is the time to decide what among these things is most important. Where to put the energy you do have?

It’s a time to take care of unfinished business, work on long-term goals, and restructure the way your reality is shaped. This is not a time to take short-cuts, but to assess, learn from mistakes, and emerge with understanding.

Gemstone suggestion for Saturn Retrograde:

Rather than suggest a gemstone that would support motivation, like Ruby/Onyx or Manifest Destiny, let’s honor the retrograde with Opalite/Golden Beryl or Golden Beryl/Spessartite/Light Green Aventurine (our Golden Eagle formula). These gemstones can help you enjoy the present moment, while keeping an eye to the past and future and your relationship with them. Opalite/Golden Beryl in particular can help you stay focused, be patient, and see your goals to completion.


Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn: April 22 thru October 1 – Inward Reflection

Pluto, the planet of transformation, takes 248 years to do a complete revolution around the Sun. On average, it spends anywhere from 12 to 31 years in each sign of the Zodiac. Pluto moves into retrograde approximately every year for around 5 or 6 months.

When Pluto is retrograde, we are guided to turn inward to examine our own personal shadows. It’s a good time to eliminate deep attachments, revisit old wounds, and transform the shadows into something positive.

Gemstone suggestion for Pluto Retrograde:

Sugilite/Indigo are two gemstones that have an affinity with the subconscious aspect of your being. This formula would be ideal to work with this month, to bring light to the shadows within. This month especially, it can help you find the lessons in anything and everything.

Sugilite is exceedingly rare in therapeutic quality. Instead, try Indigo with White Quartz. White Quartz energy draws the attention deep inside one’s body and being. In this formula, the Indigo gemstone will direct that attention to your core.

Full Moon in Scorpio: April 29 – Transformation

Just a few days after the planet of transformation, Pluto, goes retrograde, the sign of transformation, Scorpio, is hosting the Full Moon. Here’s another example of the go/stop theme of this month. During the retrograde you may find yourself contemplating the past. Things may pop into your head from a long time ago, and when you think about it, it’s somehow related to what you’re going through today.  Combined with the forward-moving Full Moon/Scorpio influence, you’ll feel more ready than ever to resolve it, and let it go.

This is a time to consider what it is that has been holding you back. Scorpio energy tends to bring light to truth. Combined with the light of the Full Moon, it will provide a spotlight we can use to find our own truth.

It’s important to go with the flow during this time. Change is inevitable, and any resistance during this time will lead you to repeat this cycle in the future.

Gemstone suggestion for the week before and after the Full Moon:

Wearing Aquamarine/Mother of Pearl will also support the light of truth, helping you to see what really matters, and ignore the rest.

If you find yourself resolving old karma during this time, our Golden Eagle formula (Golden Beryl, Spessartite, Light Green Aventurine), can nourish your causal body to make the resolution easier and more graceful.

In Conclusion

Overall, the tendency of the month’s celestial activity is about how to reconcile opposing influences. In a word, finding balance and harmony within yourself, despite the conflict between the forward-moving springtime forces and retrograde energy. For this, our formula “Harmony” a combination of Yin and Yang, Frosted Quartz and Clear Quartz is an ideal gemstone combination.


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