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Mar 01 2018

Gemstones and Astrology: Full Moon in Virgo, Time for Spring cleaning!

By: Isabelle Morton

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Following a very active celestial schedule in January, February has been relatively quiet. Late in the evening of Thursday, March 1st, into the morning of March 2nd, the next Full Moon will rise in the sign of Virgo.

The Full Moon tends to encourage release of what’s no longer serving us, and under this Moon we will feel particularly well guided for that. This is because the Full Moon falls in the practical sign of Virgo. Virgo’s energy helps us make decisions in our lives with a sensible, real-world, down-to-earth mindset. If you are struggling with a decision to make or feel stuck or clouded, this Moon’s energy can help you find clarity.

Also significant this month, is that the Moon will become full when it’s 11 degrees into the Virgo constellation. Each astrological sign has 30 degrees. While the degree of the Full Moon is often inconsequential, not so this month. The number 11 offers potent numerology that supports intuition, awakening, and higher consciousness.

Therefore, this radiating Virgo Moon energy will help us decide what to let go of—but in line with the direction of our higher purpose. Our Energy Clearing Spray does a very similar thing. The 7-color-ray Diamond used to make this spray (along with other cleansing and purifying gemstones), calls forth the highest part of you that knows exactly what you need to release and when. 

Virgos tend to leave no task unfinished and are constantly working on a project. They get antsy if they have nothing to do. These qualities, highlighted by the full Moon, can motivate you to complete tasks, whether at home or on the job. This includes the task of improving yourself, such as by changing certain habits.

Virgo loves order, organization, and cleanliness. Is it no coincidence that this is also the advent of Spring? This coming weekend, when the Virgo moon energy is still relatively strong, it’s an excellent time to start spring cleaning. Support your efforts with Dark Green Aventurine / Tsavorite , whose spring-like energies help you get started with new projects, and also check things off of your to-do list.

As you spring clean your environment, also take some time to organize the space in your mind. The Virgo Full Moon provides the perfect opportunity to take inventory of what fills your mind and your time. What thoughts serve you? Which don’t?  If you’ve been struggling to comprehend recent events in your life, this Moon will help you see more clearly by improving its organization.

To help with this important process, the Earth gives us Blue Sapphire. Blue Sapphire nourishes the mind and organizes it—so it can receive even more nourishment. The better fed the mind is, the better organized it can be, and so forth. We pair Blue Sapphire with White Beryl , to purify the mind and clear blockages that prevent better organization and clearer thinking. Our Mental Focusing Spray also supports organization.

Our intuitive astrologer offers this advice:  Keep an open mind and look to the positive aspects of confusing events in order to better understand their purpose. Every experience that crosses our path is there to help us grow and evolve. Keeping an open mind will help us to see things from a larger point of view. Set your intention to be guided, and be open to tune in to the wisdom that this Moon energy will offer. If there are things you need to release, or unresolved business to complete, this Full Moon is your helping hand to finally get the job done.