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Jan 17 2018

Gemstones and Astrology: New Moon in Capricorn

By: Isabelle Morton

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Nature loves to run in cycles. Night and day. Rain and evaporation. Animal migrations. Every month our moon also takes a turn. One day it’s a bright round circle, two weeks later, we can’t see it at all.

Astrologically, the moon’s cycles have a strong influence on us. If we can understand how, we can benefit from it. One influence has to do with moving forward in life. A new moon is an excellent time to make intentions and start something new. Come the next full moon, you’re ready to readjust your trajectory once again by assessing your accomplishments, modifying your intentions, and leaving behind things that no longer serve you.

Another way to look at it: during a new moon, your heart is at work deciding how you’ll move forward in life to truly fulfill your soul. “I’m going to lose five pounds this month, get up an hour earlier, and walk every day.” During the full moon, your mind takes over. “I’m not getting enough sleep. Something has to change. How can I let go my goals without feeling guilty?”

Then comes a decision: “I’m not going to be so hard on myself, and give myself more time to lose those pounds. But I do like the morning walk.” By the time the light of the moon diminishes to darkness, some of the motion you put forward during the full moon will come to fruition, some will fall away. You learn something about yourself. At the new moon, you consider, “Walking isn’t working anymore, it’s way too cold out.” So you readjust your goals, and you take action, “I’m going to the gym during lunch hour instead of walking.”

This year, 2018, is a perfect example. We started with a full moon—a super moon—on day one. The perfect time to leave things behind in 2017 that no longer serve us. Two weeks later, with the new moon upon us, it’s time to put into actions our new goals and intentions for 2017.

Today we welcome a very powerful New Moon in Capricorn. This means that Capricorn’s influence is going to be particularly strong as we evaluate our New Year’s resolutions.

Capricorn’s influence is one of practicality. While it supports a tremendous motivation to get things done, it also likes to take its time. Combine drive with a desire to plan and stay organized, and you have captured the essence of this new moon.

Concurrent with the new moon, five other celestial bodies are also aligned in Capricorn. This strong alignment of planets brings forth an energetic burst that will last until the end of the month, and gemstone formulas like Dumortierite/Carnelian can help guide you through it. Blue Sapphire/White Beryl can help you get organized, and our Mental Focus Aura Spray can help you stay true to your goals.

As a result of this celestial influence, you may be experiencing a heightened sense of growth, or the urge to quickly begin new projects and make new plans. As this is a very active New Moon, it’s the perfect time for us to get things going and lay the groundwork for these bigger projects. Earthstar (Azurite-Malachite with Blue Sapphire and Emerald) helps you tune into your destiny so planning supports your purpose for being here.

Feelings of leadership and determination may be intensified, so be sure to stay grounded in order to harness this ambitious energy and apply it where it is most appropriate to you. Try Riverstone/Blue Tourmaline if you feel you need support in this area.

Coincidentally, we are releasing our Diamond Therapy Associate Practitioner Certification program this month. It’s a big commitment. Ten months of study and purchasing a Therapy Diamond. It’s the first step toward full certification which takes at least another year and a second Diamond. The payoff is huge: having a physical tool you can use to help yourself and your clients/patients reconnect with their blueprints of health and healing.

If you are considering my Diamond Therapy program, both the New Moon and I are asking you to take this decision to heart. Be sure you are ready both financially and inwardly to make the changes that come with working with Therapy Diamonds. As you reconnect with your blueprints, your life will improve.

By the time our first Diamond class starts February 1st (the next full moon is Jan. 31st), you’ll be in the perfect position to achieve your goals!

Wear Red Ray Nourishing to give your body, and especially your heart and muscles the nourishment they’ll need to spring forward at the next full moon.

Aquamarine/MOP to give awareness to your inner reflections to help you accurately reassess your New Year’s intentions.

Sugilite/Indigo to help clear what stands in your way of taking the steps you want to take.

Finally, the quintessential gemstone formula for the new moon: Lapis Lazuli/Pyrite. These gemstones connect and synchronize heart, mind, and body, so that you can be more aware of and in harmony with the guidance each provides.

Get ready for the upcoming full Supermoon (also an eclipse) with Riverstone/Blue Tourmaline to help guide your newfound momentum and enthusiasm along the path you really want to go. Let’s not waste our energy.

A Note From Our Holistic Astrologer:

Although this new moon may urge you to take immediate action and dive head first towards your goals, remember to practice proper planning.

This is also a very intuitive new moon that suggests now is the time to assess your goals and create a new pattern of achievement. Self-reflection will help bring information into your mind that may have been missing in the past. Take a moment each day during these next few days to connect with your heart and discover this information. Remember the tests and challenges that you experienced in the past, and listen to your intuition in order to make the optimum choices towards your life purpose.

Go with the flow… if it’s supposed to be, it will happen whether you like it or not! Avoid mental limitations and restrictions – widen your perspective, trust in your path, and stay organized to achieve your desired outcome.