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Dec 31 2017

Gemstones and Astrology: The Stars Say “Let’s Go Girls!” in 2018.

By: Isabelle Morton

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The very first day of 2018, we are greeted by a Full Supermoon. The first full moon of the year is always known as the “Wolf Moon.”  The wolf is a power animal and spiritual symbol that represents intuition and awareness of our inner self. (My group sessions on “Clearing and Vitalizing the Intuition” just happen to start January 2nd!) The full moon will peak at 9:42 PM EST on January 1.

This will be the first of a remarkable two Full Supermoons in January. The second one, called a Blue Moon, will occur on January 31st along with a lunar eclipse! The moon will be eclipsed by the sun beginning 5:51AM Eastern Time on January 31st, and will be visible from western North America through the Pacific Ocean to eastern Asia.

Similar to the wolf, this full moon has a mystical influence, due to its presence in the constellation Cancer. Cancer is an astrological sign that accentuates home, motherhood, intuition, and female empowerment. Lately, women in our society have been speaking up for themselves. This moon has the potential to strengthen the energy behind their cause.

The gift is that women have an opportunity to embrace, strengthen, and channel their femininity. At the same time, men have an opportunity to explore their softer, intuitive, feminine side. Everyone has the opportunity to learn how not to be afraid of feminine energy, including their intuition.

Gemstone Support for Early January.

This is an excellent time to wear Pink Tourmaline/White Tourmaline to explore and strengthen your feminine energy, and balance it along with your masculinity. (Everyone has both.)  Wear Opalite/Mother Opal or Mother Opal/Golden Beryl to explore your maternal instincts, which includes a healthy portion of woman’s intuition. This month especially, the skies invite you to explore your intuition, and to help you do that, the Earth provides Charoite/Indigo, and our formula Dream On (Charoite, Indigo, and White Quartz). 

Happy New Year Everyone!