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May 22 2018

Gemstones & Astrology: The Stars Say It’s Time for Gemstone Therapy!

By: Isabelle Morton

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Recently, the planet Uranus moved into the constellation Taurus. It will be there for about the next eight years. When a big planet such as Uranus shifts into a new sign, it tends to cause some degree of upheaval. When Uranus causes the shifting, the changes bring awakening.

Uranus is a planet of transformation, revolution, freedom, creativity, and advancement. Taurus is a grounded and stable Earth sign. It supports stability, security, and survival. It despises change. While Uranus wants to encourage spontaneous transformation and transcendental moments, Taurus will insist this occurs in a practical, measured way.

What you might expect over the next several years—not only in your personal life, but in government and society in general—is a more apparent struggle between heart and mind. One will want to take a risk, try something new; the other will demand practicality and proof. You may feel the urge to question many of your current routines and examine if they still serve you, or if you should try something new. What makes you feel safe and comfortable?

This question becomes particularly important as Uranus energy supports advancements in areas meaningful to Taurus, and may cause disruptions in them. These areas include the world of finance, government, food and farming, the environment, and health care. Taurus will keep things grounded in the process, so that the changes will be lasting and authentic.

Gemstones for Uranus in Taurus

This upcoming eight-year period will be ideal for the emergence of Gemstone Therapy into the world—in a bigger way than ever before. Healing Gemstones straddle both astrological influences, Uranus and Taurus. Gemstones help you feel more grounded, secure, and stable (Taurus traits) while at the same time raising your vibrations and promoting personal growth and transformation (supported by Uranus).

Uranus is about breaking traditions and finding new perspectives. It’s the planet of innovation and forward thinking. Gemstone Therapy is a new way to address personal healing and transformation. It helps solve the energetic half of the health equation.

Admittedly, therapeutic gemstones are rare and precious. Taurus likes to invest in high-quality, it appreciates Earth, beauty, and luxury. Gemstone Therapy is an energetic (Uranus) healing modality that involves physical objects from the Earth (Taurus). Gemstone Therapy nurtures the spirit (Uranus), as well as the body (Taurus).

All gemstones can help you feel more grounded because they all support your connection with the Earth, although this occurs in a unique way for each stone.  The micro-crystalline quartz-based gemstones—the Agates and Jaspers—are particularly well-suited to the task.

To support the work of Uranus and nurture greater awareness during this time, any of the macro-crystalline gems can help. These include gems in the Quartz, Beryl, and Sapphire families and others.

Indeed, all healing gemstones are destined to shine more brightly during this cycle as their gifts become more widely accepted and appreciated.

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