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Dec 01 2017

Gemstones for Gemini Super Moon & Mercury Retrograde

By: Isabelle Morton

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Interested in gemstones and astrology? Our newest GEMFormulas’ team member, Felicia, has a gift for astrological insight. Before significant astronomical phases, we’ll be sending notices that combine Felicia’s expertise with mine. The result: gemstones you can wear to facilitate your journey, and maximize your health benefits during that period. Reply to this email to let us know if you’d find this type of information helpful.

Tomorrow morning (December 2nd, 2017), we experience two astronomical coincidences. The full moon in Gemini, which is both the first and the last Supermoon of 2017. (A supermoon means the moon is at its fullest and closest point to Earth.) It also happens to be the same day that Mercury stations retrograde.

A full moon is always a moment of truth. This Supermoon tells us that it’s time to kiss certain cycles in your life goodbye. But due to Mercury Retrograde, the changes you want to make will take time. The details of your transformation need to sort themselves out.

The brightness of this Full Supermoon allows us to shine light on our darkness, and find the comfort of clarity. Nature’s wisdom always speaks in metaphor, so if you can get clear the meaning, a new reality will dawn just in time for 2018.

The potent energy of this Gemini moon will open us up to receive these messages, but we must protect and shield ourselves as well. Most full moons will support energetic openness, but this one is particular we must be especially careful because the moon is in Gemini. Gemini’s energies can cause you to act impulsively and make decisions that may not serve you. This can leave you open to unwanted energies.

Furthermore, Mercury is the ruling planet of Gemini—and it’s going Retrograde. During most retrogrades, astrologists suggest we refrain from starting new projects, making commitments, and signing contracts. This particular Retrograde, because of the Gemini influence, portends especially interesting challenges. On one hand, you may need to communicate and express your desires. On the other, you may feel the need to hesitate, and hold back. The resulting conflict can compound the stress of this holiday season.

The Retrograde will last until December 22nd, so remember to be gentle with yourself, and mindful of your communications. You may feel a pull to be spontaneous and make moves, but have a plan before you act. Be open. Allow this powerful energy to work for you, rather than against you.


Wear these healing gemstones to help you through this Gemini super moon and Mercury retrograde:


Copper Rutilated Quartz / Spessartite

Copper Rutilated Quartz & Spessartite can help you overcome potential negative influences of the Gemini moon and Mercury retrograde. It can help curb your desire to speak out, moderate impulsive actions, and enhance your self-control.

Making Transitions with Grace

When the retrograde is over, you’ll be in the best position to send out the old, and bring in the new. Wearing these gemstones will support you through the transition.

Aquamarine/Mother of Pearl

Aquamarine & Mother of Pearl opens your awareness to become more clear about what the metaphors of this period are telling you. Wearing these gems will also help you be more self-aware of your thoughts, actions, and words.