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Feb 07 2017

Gemstones for Love, Confidence, and Self-Acceptance

By: Isabelle Morton

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Treat yourself or a loved one to therapeutic gemstones this Valentine’s Day. Whether you are looking for emotional support in a relationship, greater self love and acceptance, or confidence to take the next step in life’s endeavors, we have gemstones that can help!

*Sale ends Friday, February 10 at midnight EST.

Order before noon on Friday, February 10 (EST) to guarantee deliver by February 14! U.S. customers only.

Ruby & White Beryl ignites the spark of inner strength and motivation to help you take the next steps toward your goal. Propels you forward into new arenas, and urges you to explore and try new things. Ruby carries the red color ray, which vitalizes the root chakra gives you the momentum to move forward in life.

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The necklaces we have available are made with some of the highest quality Ruby we’ve seen in a long time. They are a valuable gemstone therapy tool to add to your collection.

Loving Me encourages the release of old patterns and helps you let go what is no longer “you” so that you can emerge more self-confident and true to yourself. Supports your growth into greater self-love, self-acceptance, and authenticity. Helps improve your self-worth and self-esteem.

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Only two necklaces available made with our limited 5A-Quality Rhodochrosite (pictured right). The color reminds us of juicy watermelon!

HeartSong nourishes and vitalizes your emotional body and aura so that it can expand into its full potential. Over time, you will develop a sense of centeredness, inner peace and balance, and emotional self-control. Provides energetic “vitamins” for your emotional body.

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New necklaces and bracelets made with top-quality “Cherry Blossom” Morganite just added online!

Relevé strengthens the emotional body, nourishes the emotional intelligence, and lifts the emotional aura to give its wearer a greater sense of freedom. The French word “relevé” is a ballet movement in which the dancer rises onto her toes. This requires a great deal of strength, balance, and grace—properties that Pink Sapphire promotes in the emotional body.

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“Rosellite” is our name for high-vibration Rose Quartz. The clarity of this gemstone is nearly flawless, and its candescence very bright.