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Dec 20 2017

Gemstones and Astrology: Gemstones to Wear When the Skies Rock

By: Isabelle Morton

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This week the skies are rocking with significant astrological activity. To start, the new moon occurred on Monday, which means it’s now waxing, intensifying, and lending forward momentum to everything else happening this week. Tuesday, Saturn entered his home base of Capricorn (this is more significant than it may sound, as you’ll soon read), and on Thursday, (Dec. 21st) the Ursids meteor shower peaks while the Sun also moves into Capricorn during the Solstice. If that wasn’t enough, Mercury goes out of retrograde on Friday, December 22nd.

The skies are indeed rocking. 

Of course, this isn’t the first time significant astrological events have clustered. It’s happened before, and it will happen again. In any case, energies get more intense.

Personally, because I already have a lot going on right now, my first instinct is to find my center, do my best to stay balanced, and hold on until the skies calm down. To do this, I might wear Agate & Citrine plus Harmony (Frosted Quartz & Clear Quartz) . I might add Mountain Pose (Black Rhodonite & Onyx) to support emotional grounding.  

But what if you want to go for the ride, and take maximum advantage of these celestial harbingers of growth and change? 

Try Ruby & Onyx or Ruby & White Beryl . The former will also settle your energies and provide gentle nudges for moving forward. Wearing Ruby & White Beryl can be like strapping rockets to your roller skates. I know of no better gemstones to help speed up your already-established forward momentum. Either of these necklaces will also help you get back on track when Mercury goes direct. 

An Extraordinary Solstice

Perhaps the most significant of this week’s cluster of celestial events is the solstice. In the Northern Hemisphere, the solstice is the shortest day of the year. It marks the entry point into the winter season.

This particular Solstice is said to be one of the most extraordinary in 30 years. On this day, December 21st, the Earth, Sun, and Saturn will be aligning with the center of the Milky Way. Astrologists call this a “cosmic gateway” because it suggests an opening of the skies. New energy is coming, and the Ursids are helping to carry it to Earth.

Saturn’s Influence

The nature of this incoming energy is partly defined by Saturn returning to Capricorn. This happens every 36 years, and its influence will last for another three. Saturn’s influence is usually associated with discipline and perseverance and because of this, tends to spur change and transformation.

You are presented with tasks that are difficult to complete, you gather your strengths and see them through, meanwhile resolving the associated karma, and voilá, you have been transformed. Saturn isn’t going to give you much of a choice. If you have a mission to fulfill, a project to complete, or a step to take in your personal growth, Saturn’s influence will support (if not also push) you to completion.

Saturn’s move into Capricorn at the same time the cosmic gateway opens suggests it’s time to take things to a new level. Saturn’s influence will be pushing us into reality checks that demand we get in touch with who we really are. We are being called to take responsibility for ourselves, and create our own destiny. You may feel raw and exposed as new challenges pop up along with the old emotions to release.

Wear Rose Quartz (or Rosellite) with Red Spinel to get help releasing stuck emotions, and wear Golden Eagle (Golden Beryl, Spessartite, and Light Green Aventurine) to help ease the brunt of karmic resolution. 

Incoming Energy

Another contributing factor is the ursid meteor shower. Astrologers may consider the ursids somewhat insignificant because they do not originate in any of the astrological houses (they come from a comet). To me, it suggests their influence is unknown (who knows what the comet picked up on its journey?). We cannot predict the ursid meteors’ nature, because they have no astrological house to help us define it. Do we have to protect ourselves from the energy they are carrying this time around? Or open our hearts to receive it?

The answer is to beef up your sense of discernment. Frequently remind yourself “is this right for me or not?” “Do I believe this or not?” “Does this resonate with my core values or not?”

Gemstones to help increase your discernment can be found in the formula “Loving Me,” which consists of Rhodocrosite, Peach Moonstone, and Marble. The Rhodocrosite keeps your aura moving so you’re less likely to pick up what you don’t need. Peach Moonstone is like a sorting tool, helping you decide what to keep and what to let go. Marble helps you shed all that is not you.

If you feel particularly vulnerable, wear Pink Tourmaline & White Tourmaline for the ultimate in gemstone protection.

Personally, I’m going to give more attention to using the Diamond Spray and Body Wisdom Spray. It sounds as though there’s an opportunity here to explore something new. Diamond spray awakens the blueprints, so I know I’ll be heading in the right direction for me.  Body Wisdom will support the awakening with awareness.

If I’m going to experience change in this new year, I’d like my heart and mind open, but my eyes open too.