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Mar 15 2018

Circulatory System Group Remote Therapy Session Experience

By: Isabelle Morton

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Sally, a therapist in her sixties from New England, had migraines off and on for many years. She’d worked privately with Isabelle to receive Gemstone Therapy and the migraines abated for a while, but then came back as new stressors came into her life. Sally felt that Gemstone Therapy was the most effective way to treat the deeper cause of these, but she couldn’t afford to do private sessions as often as she wanted to.

Then she heard about Isabelle’s group remote sessions. Sally wasn’t sure if they’d be as useful as the private sessions, because Isabelle would be working with a collection of people and their health problems in just an hour on the phone. But the price was great and Sally decided to try a series of three sessions focusing on the circulatory system.

She called in and listened as Isabelle cleared the space and welcomed attendees from all over. Although there was a large group, Sally sensed, she felt relaxed in the sacred and safe space Isabelle created, and ready for healing. Isabelle shared new ideas about the circulatory system that Sally had never heard of: how it functioned on the physical level but also on other, energetic levels. Isabelle used a similar process as in the private sessions, but she also included more education about the specific area of the body. By the end of the first session, Sally still had a touch of migraine but she slept well that night, better than she had in days, as if something deep inside had released and rejuvenated during the call.

During the second session on the circulatory system, Isabelle focused on the heart, talking about the function of each valve and aorta, as well as the placement of the heart. Sally was astonished to learn that if the heart is not properly seated in the chest, it can cause a fear reaction on other levels, such as the emotional level. She wondered if this fear reaction might be a root cause of her recurring headaches. With the help of gemstones, Isabelle helped release the improper heart positioning for everyone in the group, and Sally felt a profound shift inside, a deep relaxation. After the call, she was migraine free for several weeks.

The third and final session of the circulatory series was scheduled in the evening. After her long day at work, Sally was tired, and she almost decided to skip it, but her migraines had been worse. So she called in and once again was astonished at how much she learned and how much benefit her body received from the hour.

As before, Isabelle brought in 7-color-ray Diamond and other gemstones to clear and nourish the circulatory system, then strengthen it. For the system to be healthy, circulation should be smooth throughout a person’s body, with no excess energy in any area, Isabelle said. She focused on the “containers” of the flow, the vessel walls, moving from the head and above the head down to the feet. Sally was once again aware that circulation is not limited to the physical body. Isabelle reminded the group that, in a state of good health, the body receives life-giving and healing energy from the earth, via the circulatory system, as well as being an avenue of detoxification and elimination. So our connection with the earth is vital to maintaining a healthy circulatory system.

Mid-call, Isabelle began to work with the blueprint which governed the heartbeat. She explained that energetically, that rhythm is an expression of each person’s unique signature. All the organs in the body look to the heart for this signature rhythm, and when they catch it, it’s like recognizing each other as old friends.

In this third session, Sally came away excited and newly energized. She felt something profound has shifted inside her being, as if her heart was letting go of limiting beliefs and embracing greater health. As Isabelle had said on the call, the heart can surrender to its own true self.

The remote sessions had a profound effect on Sally. She feels the private sessions are still the most potent, but the group sessions surprised her in how much they helped her, not only with the migraines, but with larger core issues in her body and health.

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