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Mar 15 2018

Skeletal System Group Remote Therapy Session Experience

By: Isabelle Morton

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Marjorie is a certified gemstone practitioner, studying to be certified in Diamond Therapy. She wanted to have the experience of receiving remote Diamond sessions from Isabelle both for personal reasons and for gaining more skill in her practice. She sensed the group remote sessions would help fine-tune her physical and energetic bodies.

She registered for a single session that focused on the chakra system of the body. During the session, Marjorie definitely sensed a fine-tuning of her energies in each chakra. She felt wonderful afterwards and for several days following. “I could feel that my brow chakra, or sixth chakra, had more energy than normal,” she said, and the following day her vision was very acute. This change stayed with her for a couple of days afterwards and then her vision returned to normal.

She was able to listen to the recording of this session two times, and it allowed her to recapture that feeling of having abundant energy in the seven physical body chakras.

Next, she took the group remote session on Diamond and Gemstone Therapy for the skeletal system. Marjorie had a unique and pleasurable experience afterwards. “As I was walking,” she said, “I felt deeply grounded, my skeletal structure was very firmly connected to the ground, like a sensation of having heavier feet and my posture was very erect. My torso felt very strong and my ability to sway back and forth and move my arms had increased. It felt like my body was performing a dance as I walked as I had so much movement and freedom in my body and my extremities. The core of my body was strong and grounded.”

A wonderful feeling, she said. She couldn’t remember having an experience like this before, and she felt deeply calm and peaceful.

In the last session of the skeletal series, “Isabelle worked on our lower extremities–hips, knees, and feet,” Marjorie said, “and I remember her making a comment like ‘oh the knees, they need a lot of attention.’ I wondered if she was talking about me personally as I have had challenges with my knees. Later she brought in yellow ray and asked that the person who needs the yellow ray absorb as much as they can. I had the sense it might be me that needed the yellow ray, so I used my visualization skills to bring in as much yellow ray as possible.”

Shortly after this, Marjorie fell asleep and woke up when Isabelle narrated the integration of the session.

The following evening, Marjorie had a fever. It lasted about one hour, and after this, she felt energetic sensations and warmth in both of her knees. She believes her knees are experiencing a transition now, because they feel stronger and it has been easier to go up and down stairs, as if the session gave her an opportunity to release unwanted energy in this area that prevented her knees from manifesting strength and vitality.

Another group remote session Marjorie attended was on Diamond and Gemstone Therapy for the nervous system. Again, she felt very relaxed afterwards, like stress had been removed from her neck, shoulders, back, and hips. She remembered enjoying looking at the stars that evening and connecting to the natural world around her, feeling this deep relaxation for a few days after the session.

Marjorie adds, “Usually, after the remote Diamond and Gemstone Therapy sessions, my dreams are more vivid, and I may experience lucid dreaming. Overall, my sleeping patterns have improved. I am falling asleep with greater ease and am waking up early, feeling refreshed. I feel like my physical energy has increased a bit. My interest and curiosity in my daily life has expanded, as I am thinking about projects I would like to create in the future, and I have been clearing items in our home that we no longer need. Physically, I feel my health has increased.”

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