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May 29 2019

Healing Gemstone Showcase: May 2019 Collection Video

By: Isabelle Morton

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Here, I present to you a new video featuring our specially curated May 2019 Collection. I invite you to watch and enjoy the beauty of Earth’s healing gemstones as I show and discuss these 14 special necklaces.

Our May 2019 Healing Gemstone Collection features unique gems of exceptional quality that we handpicked at this year’s Tucson Gem Show, a few special formulas we’ve been holding on to, and several brand new pieces.

In the video, I’ll introduce you to the gemstone necklaces in this collection. You’ll get a better sense of what the gems look like, how they can support you, and what makes each one special.

Click below to watch now!

Please call us at (877) 443-6436 to order our May 2019 Special Collection Gemstones.

The following gemstone necklaces can also be purchased online:


TUCSON TOP TEN Opal & Aquamarine

TUCSON TOP TEN Tranquility

TUCSON TOP TEN Aquamarine & Mother of Pearl

Living River (5A-Quality Blue Green Fluorite)


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