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Jun 06 2017

How GEMFormulas’ Core Alignment Aura Spray Works

By: Isabelle Morton

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Have you ever had energy work and felt spaced out for hours afterward? This has happened to me on several occasions. Once I left a chiropractor’s office feeling so “out of body” I was nearly unable to drive. They say I’m more sensitive than most, so I don’t expect this happens to everyone who gets chiropractic aid.

Another time, I received energy work from a practitioner who clearly over-treated me. She had good intentions and I appreciated her efforts, but we went much longer than I expected. Afterward, I was way out of balance. My body reacted by laughing uncontrollably.

Looking back, I understand the therapy had helped me let go deep painful emotions. The laughter was a sign I was still letting them go. It could have been worse. I could have been crying instead. Crying is another type of release.

Nothing I could do would stop my laughter. This was a problem since I had an important meeting to attend. Due to my uncontrollable behavior, I lost a great deal of credibility during that meeting. How I wish I’d had some Core Alignment Spray with me back then. I would have used it on myself after the session, and again before my appointment.

As powerful as energy work can be, most practitioners don’t realize the importance of thorough integration. This is the procedure that helps a client or patient feel well-grounded, centered, and back in their body after a session. Without good integration, it can be harder for a client to retain the work received during the session, and therefore easier for old patterns to slip back in.

With all good intentions, uninformed practitioners would rather continue applying their modality until the very last minute—in order to give their clients their very best. As you see, this can have serious drawbacks.

Integration is particularly important for the Diamond and Gemstone Therapy client. Therapeutic diamonds and gemstones are especially powerful tools. They can support significant energetic shifts, clearing, and releases.

Gemstone Therapy Institute Practitioners are taught different ways to integrate their clients thoroughly and completely. One of these ways is by using the GEMFormulas’ Core Alignment Spray after a session.

The Core Alignment Spray is a tool you can also use on yourself no matter what type of energy work or healing applications you may receive. In fact, I found it helpful after receiving a potent intravenous drug at our hospital’s cancer center. It was being used to help curb a serious bout of heart transplant rejection, in 2016. The side effects were awful, but the Core Alignment eased my discomfort.

This allopathic treatment was not energy work. Yet it had an energetic effect on my body as all drugs do. Using the Core Alignment Spray helped restore my body’s energetic structure. This made it easier for healing, life-giving energies from within my own being, to flow toward me and through me. It helped my body recover more quickly.

After you receive energy work—or any type of treatment—your body must incorporate your new state of being. It must find new alignment. If your vibrations have been significantly raised, your body has to learn how to lift itself up to match these vibrations. Until you do, you’ll feel spaced out.

Something similar happens if your vibrations have been altered such as during the intravenous treatment I received. Finding this alignment is critical. You may feel unpleasant side effects until it returns.

This is one job of the nervous system. The nerves help the body find equilibrium after an event that changes the status quo. This includes the uplifting benefit of therapeutic energy work.

The nerves respond to energy work by increasing a type of moisture that surrounds them. While the nature of this moisture seems very clear from a clairvoyant perspective, I’m not sure if medical science yet recognizes it.

This moisture naturally accumulates when we sleep. It softens and relaxes the nerves, and helps them release the toxins and stress built up the previous day. The stress can come from harbored thoughts, feelings, and memories, and the toxins are natural metabolic waste.

During the relaxation induced by therapeutic energy work, the nerves can release an excess amount of this moisture. While it is effective at helping the nerves release unwanted energies, it also makes a person groggy and spaced out. This is why people often feel bleary-eyed in the morning when they wake up. They rely on the drying effect of caffeine to make them feel more alert.

Key to the effectiveness of the Core Alignment Spray is the energy of Lavender Jade. This gemstone is placed in the center of the gemstone mandala that we use to make the Core Alignment formula.

Lavender Jade has a drying effect. It also has an affinity with the nerves, which attracts this drying property to them. After an energy-healing session, you can apply Lavender Jade energy—delivered in the form of the Core Alignment Spray—to dry the excess moisture. This is one reason why Core Alignment helps a client or patient feel alert and awake after energy work.

Another reason is the restructuring effect of the other gemstones. Rose Quartz, Apatite, Blue Topaz, Lavender Quartz, White Flash Moonstone, and Amethyst are combined in a way that supports structure and alignment. Physically, this alignment focuses on the spine, but energetically, it encompasses all aspects of your life. In this way, the gemandala addresses the core of your being, and also how that core fits into the whole. That is what Core Alignment is all about.

Part 2 on “How Core Alignment Spray Helps you Relax” coming soon.

Note: your Diamond and Gemstone Therapy practitioner will apply integration techniques toward the end of your session, which may include Core Alignment Spray. You will leave a Diamond and/or Gemstone Therapy session feeling peaceful yet alert.

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