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Mar 27 2019

Improving Eyesight: One Woman’s Gemstone Therapy Experience

By: Isabelle Morton

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Andrea had been having problems with her eyes, blurry vision and difficulty with headaches after she spent hours on the computer for her job.  She also was experiencing bouts of dizziness. She’d been to various doctors for tests and nothing came up positive. Her nutrition was good and she exercised regularly, but her eyes weren’t reflecting any of this good health.

She’d been to an eye doctor, of course, and got an updated prescription for glasses, but even these didn’t help her eye problems.

Work had also been stressful lately, causing Andrea to push herself to do more, understand more, and respond more.  She was exhausted by it all and knew her eyes were reacting to this increased stress, but none of the tests revealed why.

A friend told her about Isabelle’s remote Gemstone Therapy  series on eyesight and vision, so she attended the first call. She’d enjoyed good health benefits from using the therapeutic gemstones and hoped this session might provide some more insight into her eye problem.

During the hour-long phone session, Isabelle said something that rearranged Andrea’s entire understanding of the purpose of the eyes. “Don’t try to see,” Isabelle told the group. “Allow yourself to receive.” She explained that the eyes are designed to receive information, not reach out to get it. When the eyes reach out too much, it can cause strain on the whole system, but eyesight in particular can weaken.

Andrea learned that this happens especially often during stress. The brain, which is set up to sense when something is uncomfortable or dangerous, links up with the eighth chakra, which sees into the future. The back brain sends a message of fear to this chakra, which triggers the eyes to reach out to assess the danger. The eyes project out rather than in.

Isabelle went on to say that if our belief about vision is an outflow, not an inflow, it can cause ill health to the eyes. When this belief is corrected, the eyes can regenerate or even curtail the loss.  They recognize the habit and begin to receive, which is their true function. Every cell of the body also receives. Healthy eyes are not different; they just interpret what they bring in and begin to see what’s really there, not a projection from fear or a validation of dearly held beliefs.

Andrea got off the call with many new insights. She was in a southwestern city for work, and as she walked by the river and around the downtown area, she practiced letting her eyes receive information instead of reaching out. It was like holding a certain stillness inside, and what came to her vision felt more soothing and peaceful.

With the stress she’d been under at work, Andrea realized that her fight-or-flight response had triggered fear of the future and an almost unconscious need to protect herself. But this new insight from the remote session has given her another view of her life.


My series of Remote Gemstone Therapy for Eyesight & Vision has ended. Click below and check back regularly for upcoming remote sessions and registration information.

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