Intro Video - Benefits of Diamond

Discover the Healing Power of Diamonds: Nature's Master Crystal

In this eye-opening, Isabelle Morton, founder of the Gemstone Therapy Institute, explains the amazing and sophisticated healing modality called Diamond Therapy.

Whether your challenges are physical, emotional, or mental, or involve your relationships, finances, or something else, life calls you to grow—to become more of who you really are. It is possible to supercharge your quest with the help of the most powerful crystal this planet produces. It is the master crystal because it can help you take control of every aspect of your life, from your cells and organs to your emotions, thoughts, and awareness. This crystal is called Diamond.

Three Key Reasons Why Diamonds have Therapuetic Value:

1. DIAMONDS ADDRESS THE WHOLE OF YOU. Their effects consider every piece and part, including every atom, every cell, and every organ, to every emotion, thought, and action.

2. DIAMONDS AWAKEN YOUR BLUEPRINT INFORMATION. They awaken, clear, and strengthen your blueprints of optimal health and purpose. These are the inherent instructions that guide your body to heal, learn, and correct itself at all levels.

3. DIAMONDS REVEAL THE STEPS YOU NEED TO TAKE TO MOVE FORWARD. They guide you on the path to becoming who you really are and manifesting your highest potential.

THERAPY DIAMONDS are natural, untreated, round brilliant-cut diamonds that meet specific physical and energetic criteria.


Learn four unique ways Therapy Diamonds can transform your life, your health, and your understanding of your self and your life’s purpose by registering for our free video series. These four benefits are unique to Therapy Diamonds - no other gemstone or crystal has these four effects.

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