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Nov 08 2018

Learn to Give and Receive with Blue Lace Agate & White Beryl

By: Isabelle Morton

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A key to a healthy relationship—and a secret to attracting a good one—is the ability to give and receive in relatively equal measure. Of course, even the most compatible couples may struggle at times to maintain this balance.

What about you? Do you ever feel as though you give too much or your partner doesn’t give enough? If so, the give-and-take in your relationship may need some work.

You might assume the imbalance lives in your partner, and while that might be true, your responsibility is to heal the part of the imbalance that lies within you.

What it Means to Have Balanced Flows in a Relationship

When you are healthy, energy flows circulate between your body and your emotions, memory, mind, and intuition. These flows radiate from every cell and organ outward into your aura to release spent and unwanted energies. They also flow from your aura inward to your body to nourish it. These flows are associated with your ability to give and receive freely with others and to successfully navigate life’s challenges.

In a healthy relationship, these flows also move between you and your partner. When this occurs, giving and receiving are effortless. Giving is done generously, from the heart, but also wisely. Receiving occurs with the same openheartedness as giving.

The flows that circulate between partners ideally occur on all levels: physical, emotional, causal, mental, and intuitive. This is why some partners report picking up on the same thoughts. As the relationship grows, they also share memories, which helps keep the partnership whole. Shared emotions provide an opportunity for the partners to practice unconditional love, forgiveness, and tolerance.

If occasionally you have to give your partner more than you have available and need to draw upon your reserves, it is relatively easy to replenish them. You know your personal parameters and are able to give yourself time and space to renew your energies.

How Imbalanced Flows Can Wreck a Relationship and Lead to Physical Imbalances

Problems occur when people forget that life-giving energy comes primarily from within and is tied to a loving outflow. Instead, they look to their partner to fulfill their needs and feel they don’t owe anything in return. A good relationship is inherently nourishing when the partners find a balance of giving and receiving that works for them both.

When people expect their own replenishment to come from others, they become like a magnet or a siphon. They unwittingly draw energy from their partner. This can become a big problem if that partner is willing to provide. It can seriously drain that person’s energy, which can lead to physical symptoms. Ironically, this dynamic could lead to a situation where the individual receiving energy must return what she has taken by eventually having to care for her convalescing partner. That’s one way the relationship karma could ultimately resolve itself.

Life energy must be allowed in. Gracefully received. You cannot force it to come in, demand it, or draw it out of another person like a mosquito in action. The harmonious give-and-take you practice with your loving partner mirrors the inflow and outflow relationship you have with healing, life-giving energies in general.

This balance of giving and receiving is crucial. It is said that you must give in order to receive. In the world of energies, that is true, but it isn’t the whole story. The original act of giving sets things in motion. From then on, you can only give from the stores you have collected by receiving. Anything else draws from reserves and can lead to depletion. For that reason, you also have to receive in order to give.

Receiving is actually the harder of the two because it requires a trusting, accepting heart free of demand or expectation. Most people are too guarded to receive.

This is the gift of a healthy relationship: it provides endless opportunities to practice both giving and receiving.

Gemstone Therapy to Improve Your Ability to Give and Receive

What if you sense an imbalance in your relationship and want to improve it?

What if you want a little support as you learn to give and receive?

Gemstone Therapy offers a simple solution in a formula of Blue Lace Agate with White Beryl, worn as a necklace for day-long support.

Blue Lace Agate with White Beryl strengthens, normalizes, and balances the natural flows of energy that move toward and away from your body. The flows that move away from the body are supported by acts of giving. Those that come toward the body accompany acts of receiving.

Blue Lace Agate energy strengthens these flows and acts like a comb to unravel tangles in them, so they can move parallel to each other for maximum efficiency. With more life energy now reaching the body and unwanted energies able to ride upon healthy outflows, any healing process can be accelerated.

White Beryl purifies and clears blockages in energy flows, making it an ideal partner for Blue Lace Agate. As White Beryl provides a window for once-blocked flows to be restored, areas of your life that were once immovable begin to loosen, and change becomes possible.

Wearing this gemstone formula helps you clear blockages in the flows that should be nourishing and replenishing you and making you stronger. It can also clear blockages that prevent you from being able to give and receive in a healthy way—selflessly, without thought of getting something in return.

If you are ready for a relationship, you can wear this necklace to help you harmonize your inflows and outflows. Ideal partners match each other’s energy flows. The more balanced yours are, the more likely you’ll be able to find someone with equally balanced flows.

When worn with the intention of improving a relationship, Blue Lace Agate with White Beryl helps energies to flow easily and smoothly between partners. You may notice that your compatibility improves. You may start talking at the same time and find yourself thinking the same thoughts. While the flows in a relationship may never be perfectly balanced, they can improve to the point where your relationship feels renewed and becomes a vessel for life-giving energy once again.

For maximum effectiveness, both partners should wear Blue Lace Agate & White Beryl, in whatever length and bead size feels the most comfortable to them.