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Restore Yourself Aura Spray Gemandala™

The Restore Yourself aura spray gemandala (gemstone mandala):

The gemandala used to make GEMFormulas’ Restore Yourself Spray consists of:

Blue Flash Moonstone
Blue Sapphire
Pink Chalcedony
White Flash Moonstone
Yellow Calcite
Yellow Sapphire
and a therapeutic 7-color-ray Diamond.


A Study of the Restore Yourself Gemandala
The Restore Yourself mandala reveals three distinct circles of gemstones that surround the central one-carat therapeutic 7-color-ray Diamond. The innermost circle consists of Tanzanite and Blue Sapphire. The middle circle consists primarily of the seven color-ray gemstones. The outer circle is mostly White Flash Moonstone.

Each circle serves a key function. The inner circle supports alignment, the middle circle nourishes, and the outer circle protects.

The space between the circles harbors four Pink Chalcedony. This gemstone helps you relax emotionally, so you can best receive the benefits the mandala provides.

Inner Circle: Regulates the Flow of Essential Energy to Restore Vitality
The center circle consists of Tanzanite and Blue Sapphire. Together, these gems guide an influx of Heaven and Earth energies into your life to help you feel more vital, energetic, and capable of handling whatever comes your way.

In a state of burnout, the mind disconnects from its blueprint and closes in on itself. The gemstones in this inner circle bring the mind back into alignment by first reconnecting it with the central chakra channel and its blueprint. These are represented by the Tanzanite circle and center Diamond, respectively.

Seven Tanzanite on each side of the circle represent the seven body chakras. Tanzanite vitalizes the entire chakra system and supports chakra alignment. In this mandala, with two half circles of Tanzanite capped north and south with Blue Sapphire, the emphasis is on the central chakra channel. This is an important part of the chakra system. It serves as the conduit for the Heaven and Earth energies to provide you with essential vitalizing life force. Blue Sapphire ensures that Heaven and Earth energies are flowing smoothly through all layers of your aura.

This is important because mental exhaustion can occur when the mental layer of the aura disconnects from the central channel. Emotional exhaustion can occur when the emotional layer of the aura disconnects, and so forth. This mandala’s gemstones align all layers of your aura with your core dynamo—the central chakra channel—and ultimately with the living blueprint as represented by the central 7-color-ray Diamond.

When your aura is properly connected with this channel, it’s easier to accept information about your past, present, and purpose.

Central Circle: Provides Rich Color-Ray Nourishment to Restore Depletion
In this mandala, color-ray nourishment is provided by the seven color-ray gemstones. Carnelian and Ruby stand in the southern hemisphere and Emerald, Blue Sapphire, Indigo, and Amethyst in the northern hemisphere. Yellow Sapphire rests on the east-west axis. Color rays are a form of life energy that directly contributes to how we feel and how well we interact with the world around us. Heaven and Earth energies are another type of life energy.

Depletion of life energy is one of the top reasons health suffers. When the body is healthy, it receives a continual supply of life-giving energy from several sources. This mandala supports the central chakra channel through which the fundamental Heaven and Earth energies flow. It also supports direct color-ray nourishment via the color-ray-bearing gemstones.

Two half circles of these seven gemstones mirror each other in the mandala’s middle circle. The vertical separation between them allows an opening for all the color rays to feed into the upper and lower openings of the central channel. Color rays do not normally flow into the central channel. So this is like an intravenous feed, necessary for desperate situations. Once these color rays enter the central channel, they are distributed throughout the body via the chakras.

Outer Circle: Restores Boundaries of Self-Protection
A particularly significant influence in this mandala is the circle of White Flash Moonstone that surrounds the entire mandala. White Flash Moonstone vitalizes the layer of aura that immediately surrounds the body. This all-important supraphysical aura supports many physical functions while also providing a meaningful layer of protection.

When healthy, the supraphysical aura can deflect unwanted or hurtful energies, thoughts, and emotions thrown your way. Like a cushion that surrounds you, it can protect you by softening their impact.

North-South Axis: Restores Wise Decision-Making Capabilities
When interpreting gemstone mandalas, we pay particular attention to gemstones on the north-south axis and east-west axis.

The north-south axis of this mandala consists of two Aquamarine and two Blue Sapphire with Diamond in the middle to provide blueprint guidance. The gemstone numerology of the number two offers flexibility to support better choices.

Aquamarine brightens, making it easier to see what those choices are. Blue Sapphire uses the influence of the number two along with its affinity with the mind, to moderate the amount of Heaven and Earth energy coming into the body. This continually varying amount is guided by subconscious choices, directed by the intelligence center at the chakra system window.

East-West Axis: Provides a Definitive Base of Support to Restore Stability
In this mandala, the east-west axis consists of two Blue Flash Moonstone, four Pink Chalcedony, four Yellow Sapphire, and two Tanzanite for a total of twelve gemstones. There is also one 7-color-ray Diamond in the center. The number twelve in gemstone numerology relates to one’s entire being. That means that this aura spray will balance symptoms of burnout and trauma wherever they may be manifested throughout your life.

This is also a relatively significant number of gemstones for a mandala. Twelve gems along the east-west axis will provide the stability of a canoe with an outrigger on each side, making for a very sturdy keel. Diamond represents the living blueprint of optimal health that guides you toward that stability, as the gemstones support your way of getting there.

Pink Chalcedony Square: Restores Emotional Balance
When stressed enough, the body will draw upon reserves from several places, one of which is the emotional body. As the emotional body becomes depleted, it loses control of the emotional energies it produces. Reactions become more compulsive and excessive, feelings are harder to face and accept, and moods can swing without provocation.

The Pink Chalcedony in this gemandala calms and relaxes the emotions. It gives you an emotional pause so that you are less likely to overreact and succumb to controlling thoughts, and instead respond to situations more calmly and intelligently.

The fact that these gems are positioned in the shape of a square directs their influence into the physical body, where they can be most impactful.

Yellow Sapphire: Restores Self-Identity
Two factors in this mandala support the restoration of self-identity. The most obvious factor is the three concentric circles that surround the 7-color-ray Diamond. The circles serve to lend focus to the central Diamond, which awakens, clears, and restores your connection with your living blueprint. This is the information of your highest self that leads you forward in health and purpose.

Second, Yellow Sapphire represents a person’s core, self-identity, and highest self. When that sense of uniqueness and sovereignty gets blurry, it becomes hard to define your thoughts and emotions. When these are unclear, poor decisions can be made. It’s harder to control actions that may later be regrettable. With four Yellow Sapphire at the east-west axis to nourish your core self, and with plenty of support from the rest of the gemstones in the mandala, you can reestablish your self-identity.

Yellow Calcite and Carnelian: Restores Healthy Relationships
Yellow Calcite is the vitalizing gemstone for the storage system. In this mandala, these gemstones are located within the circle of the seven color-ray gemstones to lend color-ray nourishment to that system. Yellow Calcite energy softens the boundaries of the storage system to allow this nourishment to come in. With seven-color-ray support, that which is not needed is recognized as such and becomes easier to let go.

Four Yellow Calcite border the two orange Carnelian. Energetically, Yellow Calcite helps the body decide what to store and Carnelian lends vitality, especially to relationships throughout your body and being.

In this mandala, the intention is to focus on relationships in a person’s life. What unhealthy relationships have been mistakenly held on to with such a deep sense of need that they’ve been stored as though essential to life itself? Doing so leads to giving trust and authority to those who have not earned it.

This mandala can help you unravel the illusion of that authority, give you the strength and support to recognize the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships, and help you find freedom from the latter.

When restoring your self-identity, it’s important to separate yourself from your relationships—even the good ones–and not lose yourself in them.

Blue Sapphire: Get the Mind on Board
The Restore Yourself mandala has eight Blue Sapphire overall. It is significant to have eight of a single gemstone and it means that its purpose is particularly important. In this case, because it’s usually our minds that make us keep going. Without adequate rest, a condition of low energy can deteriorate to depletion which can deteriorate to burn out.

Blue Sapphire energy is nourishing and vitalizing for the mental body. By giving the mind this extra support, its more likely to make the choices you need to heal.

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