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May 17 2017

Moonstone’s Physical Properties and Their Healing Value in Gemstone Therapy

By: Isabelle Morton

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By Isabelle Morton

Five parameters are used to determine the healing value of Moonstone. These are: color, clarity, flash, milkiness, and cut. This article will explain these criteria, so that you’ll know what to look for in therapeutic-quality Moonstone.


Moonstone’s color refers to its body color, and not the color of its flash. The body color is the general overall color you see when you look at the stone. Moonstone typically comes in white, gray, and peach. Each of these types of Moonstone has unique healing properties.

Furthermore, White Flash Moonstone comes in pure white, light gray, and very light gray varieties. The properties of these stones are similar, with differences that matter to some people and not others. The pure white variety focuses on the supraphysical aura and supports the immune and lymphatic functions, and vitalizes the skin, hair, and nails.

White Moonstone focuses purely on the supraphysical aura. It supports the energies of the immune and lymphatic systems, and vitalizes the skin, hair, and nails.

When the body color is slightly gray, the White Flash Moonstone will have the added value of gently urging unwanted energy away from the body. It is then dissipated in the supraphysical aura. This type of Moonstone would be preferred when toxicity is an issue for you. The grayer the moonstone’s color, the better the gems can pull unwanted energies off the body.

True Gray Moonstone, along with its partner stone Rhyolite, brings vitality to the eliminatory system.


A gemstone’s clarity rating indicates its degree of inclusions or colorless cracks and clouds. The more plentiful a gemstone is, the more likely flawless specimens can be found at an affordable price. White Flash Moonstone that is flawless to the naked eye can usually be obtained. White Moonstone that has a blue flash is very rare. It tends to have some colorless cracks or whitish clouds at any price point. Very occasionally are nearly flawless gems available.

Moonstone used for healing purposes should not have black, brown, or yellowish inclusions.


Moonstone is known for its adularescence, or flash. The color of the flash determines whether the Moonstone is considered White Flash or Blue Flash. The size and brightness of the flash determines its quality. Therapeutic-quality Moonstone should have a bright, unmistakable flash.

The most common flash color is white. Blue Flash Moonstone can have a flash that is pure blue or a mixture of colors, in which case the gem may be named “Rainbow Moonstone.”

The flash has a therapeutic purpose. It encourages the supraphysical aura to reflect back information that emanates from the wearer’s body. The reflected information provides invaluable feedback to the body’s intelligence centers, which might not get otherwise.

Here’s an analogy that explains why this feedback is important. Imagine we didn’t have mirrors, and so rarely used combs, because we didn’t realize how badly our hair looked. Moonstone’s flash provides that mirror. The body suddenly sees what energies are out of sorts and begins the process of combing them out, organizing them, and giving them the care they need.

The information that White Flash Moonstone reflects back to your physical body has many health benefits including: more correct DNA replication; cellular self-recognition, which leads to enhanced cellular communication and function; and improved transfer of nutrients and energies.

The flash in Blue Flash Moonstone reflects back a person’s thoughts. This gives the wearer an opportunity to evaluate and refine what he’s thinking. Although this usually happens unconsciously, it helps purify the mind and focus thoughts where the wearer wants them to go. This curbs scattered thinking and can help develop the attention span.


Moonstone’s milkiness is a measure of its opacity. Both White and Blue Flash Moonstone can be milky, although this quality is much preferred in the White Flash variety.

How milky the moonstone is, reveals how well it can replenish and rebuild the supraphysical aura. This benefit is less important for the subtle bodies. Therefore, White Flash Moonstone should ideally be milky for best therapeutic value. Blue Flash Moonstone is best when it is translucent to transparent, with a minimum of milkiness if any at all. Translucent Blue Flash Moonstone energy builds a structure for light and life energy to travel freely through the aura, and helps Moonstone’s energies to spread evenly throughout the subtle bodies.


Moonstone is available in chips, rondels, and spheres. Moonstone chips are essentially ineffective therapeutically because the chip shape radiates energies randomly and erratically. While this shape can support some gemstones, it works against the properties of Moonstone, which are trying to bring greater order, and promote smooth, calm, and even energies.

The most therapeutically effective form for Moonstone is the sphere. Gemstones cut into spheres broadcast their energies in all directions, to give maximum support to your body and aura. They are the most therapeutically effective cut for Moonstone.

Rondels, which are a somewhat flattened sphere, are a second best. While the rondel-shape radiates a gemstone’s energies evenly, the sphere-shape radiates them both evenly and consistently. On the other hand, the rondel cut is a more efficient use of the source crystal. When there simply isn’t enough raw material to cut into spheres, or the crystals aren’t large enough to make them, then cutters will make rondel shapes.

All in all, the cut that maximizes weight, while maintaining good clarity and color, will have the most therapeutic value. They say you cannot wear too much Moonstone. This characteristic alone makes Moonstone unique among healing gemstones.

When you consider these five parameters for evaluating Moonstone, you’ll be a more informed consumer and can better appreciate the quality of the Moonstone you may already own.