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Feb 08 2019

Prepare Your Heart for a Relationship with HeartSong

By: Isabelle Morton

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When we’re looking for love, people often tell us that it will happen when we’re ready. This can be frustrating, because to many of us, being “ready” just means wanting to find a partner.

But there’s more to it than that. Being ready means you are fully capable of investing your energy into a relationship and giving your heart to another person. If you’re emotionally spent, worn out, and depleted, you won’t be able to do that. A well-nourished emotional body is therefore essential, as it enables you to both give and receive in a healthy relationship.

At times, one partner may need extra attention and care, but that gets balanced out in the long haul. When your emotional body is well nourished, you have the capacity to give more when it’s needed. You also know how to accept help in order to stay in balance.

This is important, because when you find yourself in the role of caregiver, allowing yourself to receive nourishment is essential. Having a comfortable sense of self-worth and respect for your own limitations allows you to give and receive in a balanced way.

Practicing this caliber of emotional strength and maturity can nevertheless be exhausting. The Earth provides a remedy in the form of Gemstone Therapy—specifically, the gemstone Morganite, whose energies are like vitamins for the emotional body. Morganite energy has a particular affinity with the emotional body and can vitalize and nourish it uniquely and thoroughly so that it can develop its true potential.

A Gemstone Remedy to Help You Be Ready 

We combine Morganite with partner stones Rhodonite and White Beryl to make a formula that provides ideal nourishment for the emotional body.

Rhodonite energy offers a stabilizing influence for the emotional body. It promotes courage and fortitude when times get hard. It also harmonizes the physical and emotional counterparts of the nervous system to help you experience what true emotional nourishment and vitality feel like.

White Beryl carries the white light and helps purify and remove toxins.  When it’s combined with Morganite and Rhodonite, these benefits are focused on the emotional body.

We call this gemstone formula “HeartSong.” Wearing it offers many benefits for your emotional body. It can help you become more aware of your emotional body as not just a source of feelings, but a part of you that requires nourishment, cleansing, and support, just like any other physical part of you.

HeartSong can enhance your empathic abilities so that you can be more tuned in to the feelings of the people around you. It can help you remember your dreams and the information your emotional body is gathering for you, and it can help you let go of negative feelings when you want to and focus instead on those feelings you prefer to enjoy.

Foremost, the HeartSong formula is about nourishing your emotional self.

Nourishing Your Emotions to Prepare for a Good Relationship

When your emotional body is well nourished, you shine with energetic abundance. This can be very attractive, which is why we suggest wearing HeartSong when you’re looking for a relationship.

Another way this formula can prepare you for a new relationship is by helping to heal old relationship wounds. Potential partners can sense when you are emotionally depleted and unable to give. It isn’t something you can hide or fake, and it isn’t something most emotionally healthy people want to get involved with. This is why it’s important to be fully healed, nourished, and ready to move on before looking for a new partner. With HeartSong, you can recover from your previous relationships more quickly and completely.

This formula can also help a couple maintain their relationship. Having a well-nourished emotional body means you can handle stress with grace. Rather than lose your temper or take your stress out on your partner, you moderate your emotions intelligently. You rarely feel emotionally worn out or frazzled. Nor do you need to snack on physical food to feed your emotions and feel better.

While it’s true that every relationship has some degree of give-and-take, we are each ultimately responsible for our own emotional replenishment. We must take care of our emotional health just as we manage our physical health.

Wearing HeartSong is an easy way to nourish and strengthen your emotional body so that you’re more able to attract or maintain a healthy relationship.

As your emotional health improves, your ego settles and humility begins to take over. Love is taken less for granted. Gratitude grows. You’re able to see beyond your own faults and limitations and reach within to find sustenance. As you share this newfound life energy with acts of love, kindness, and goodwill, your emotional body becomes healthy and strong. Only then are you truly ready for a new relationship.


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