Amethyst Masterclass Course

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Take a deep dive into the healing secrets of Amethyst in this online course by Isabelle Morton. You’ll learn more than you ever thought possible about Amethyst: what it looks like, its properties, actions, effective qualities, where it tends to work, and how best to apply it. I’ll show you gemstones, share information about how to apply Amethyst in a healing practice, and much more! Get Your Copy Today!

Our Amethyst Masterclass is for those who love crystals and know deep inside their hearts that there’s a wealth of rich and meaningful knowledge available.

That knowledge is here!

Our Amethyst Masterclass provides in-depth information available nowhere else. Learn about Amethyst’s therapeutic properties, action, effective qualities, therapeutic parameters, information needed to apply Amethyst in a clinical setting and much more!

If nothing else, you’ll gain a greater appreciation for this most popular healing crystal.

The course consists of nine modules, each of which contains a video, the audio version of that video, and the transcript. Total video training is 1 hour 10 minutes, with 25 pages of transcript. You also get a two-page summary sheet that highlights all the interesting facts you’ll learn about Amethyst.

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Module 1: Introduction and Creative Visualization
What are the color and clarity parameters for therapeutic-quality Amethyst? Which gemstone shape directs the gemstone’s energies where the body needs them most? What aspects of an Amethyst gemstone enhances self-protection? Plus, a creative visualization to help you get to know Amethyst energy.

Module 2: Healing Properties of Amethyst
Is Amethyst warming or cooling? Drying or moistening? What is the purpose of the violet flame and how can you work with it? What is the difference between transmuting and transforming energy? Where does Amethyst work best?

Module 3: The Effective Qualities of Amethyst
What are the five ways that Amethyst works? You’ll hear an in depth discussion of each of these five ways. What does it mean to be the carrier of the purple color ray?

Module 4: Amethyst’s Action & Target Areas
Does Amethyst move energy up or down the body? Does Amethyst bring energies from the inside to the surface, or vice versa? What happens to Amethyst energy when you place the gemstone on the body?

Module 5: Symbiotics & Samples
What partner stones help Amethyst work better? Which gemstone clears blockages to Amethyst’s purple color ray? Plus, view samples of therapeutic Amethyst combinations.

Module 6: Gemstone Carriers of the Purple Color Ray
Learn about the new carrier of the purple color ray and how it compares to Amethyst. When would you use one verses the other?

Module 7: How to Apply Amethyst
Suggestions for those in a healing arts practice (or use them at home on yourself!) Learn how to apply Amethyst poultices, draping, wand therapy, and applications with a Quartz crystal cluster. What does it mean if you’re attracted to Amethyst?

Module 8: How to Care for Amethyst
Why is cleansing gemstones necessary? Learn several methods for cleansing Amethyst.

Module 9: Creative Visualization #2
Now that you’ve learned the healing secrets of Amethyst, does your relationship with this gemstone feel a little different this time?