Aquamarine Masterclass Course

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Take a deep dive into the healing secrets of Aquamarine in this online course by Isabelle Morton. The course consists of seven modules, each of which contains a video, the audio version of that video, and the transcript. Total video training is 1 hour 40 minutes, with 37 pages of transcript. You also get a two-page summary sheet that highlights all the interesting facts you’ll learn about Aquamarine.

Take a deep dive into the Healing Secrets of Aquamarine! You’ll learn about its properties, action, tropism, effective qualities, and more. This course will also show you ways to work with Aquamarine to get the best and the most from the gemstone. You’ll also hear about Aquamarine’s partner stones, comparisons with similar gemstones, and therapeutic quality parameters.

Module 1: Introduction and Where Does Aquamarine Work?
Welcome to the course! In this module you’ll learn what is Aquamarine, what does it look like, and for what situations is it generally worn. You’ll learn about where Aquamarine energy pools when it is worn, and what happens to these areas when symbiotic Mother-of-Pearl is added to an Aquamarine necklace. Plus, what does Aquamarine target when its energies are combined with 7-color-ray Diamond?

Module 2: Aquamarine Creative Visualization
We have separated out this module, so that you can listen to this relaxing guided meditation whenever you want. Get comfortable, open the module, and the creative visualization begins. Enjoy! This creative visualization is also meant to help you become familiar with Aquamarine energy.

We recommend listening to this module before you learn about Aquamarine’s properties in module 3. Then, listen to it again after you’ve completed this course. Notice how your new understanding of the gemstone enriches the creative visualization experience.

Module 3: Properties of Aquamarine
The properties of a gemstone describe its hydrating and temperature sensations and interactions with the body. In this module we discuss the hydrating property. Is Aquamarine drying or moistening? How does its hydrating property help reconcile opposites and help the body release toxins? You’ll also learn about the energetic counterparts of water in the body. In addition, you’ll learn about Aquamarine’s effect on dryness and excessive moisture.

Module 4: Aquamarine’s Temperature and Action
This module completes the discussion on energetic properties. You’ll learn whether Aquamarine is warming or cooling, and how this affects inflammation, anger, and traumatic memories. In a discussion on the gemstone’s action, you’ll discover whether Aquamarine has a lifting or lowering effect on energy movement in the body, and whether it draws energy to the surface or encourages it to sink to the core.

Module 5: Aquamarine’s Effective Qualities
This is the longest module in this masterclass. In it, you’ll learn about five effective qualities of Aquamarine. These qualities describe Aquamarine’s energetic nature, and help explain how and why Aquamarine works. This study is essential for truly understanding the mission and purpose of this gemstone in a healing arts practice.

Module 6: Threads of Light
This module covers several topics. How does the image of “threads of light” help you understand how this gemstone works? What does therapeutic-quality Aquamarine look like in terms of color, clarity, candescence, and cut? How does Aquamarine compare with Blue Topaz, White Flash Moonstone, and Diamond? For which gemstone is Aquamarine symbiotic for and why? And why is Mother-of-Pearl symbiotic for Aquamarine?

Module 7: How to Experience Aquamarine
This module discusses a variety of ways to use Aquamarine energy. You’ll learn ways to use an Aquamarine/Mother-of-Pearl necklace to access the mind’s eye for insights, as a pendulum to massage and exercise the aura, and a special type of poultice using specific Aquamarine placements. You’ll learn how to apply Aquamarine/Mother-of-Pearl in the aura, and how to wear it with intention.

In addition, you’ll find out how to experience a single Aquamarine gem in a mini-gemandala, surrounded by Mother-of-Pearl, and what it means when Aquamarine is called for in a custom gemandala. Finally, you’ll learn when and why you would want to use the GEMFormulas’ Body Wisdom Spray, which is comprised of the energies of Aquamarine and 7-color-ray Diamond.