Yellow Calcite & Orange Sapphire Necklace

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The energies of these gemstones work together to regulate and support storage functions throughout the body, emotions, memory, and mind. The necklace helps soften boundaries to allow needed information and energy to come in, and to let out that which is unwanted, harmful, or no longer needed. As a result, storage becomes more efficient and that which is stored is more aligned with the body’s needs. The gems accomplish this by working together to rearrange the shape and quality of the energetic boundaries involved in the storage system.

I have developed two special therapies that can be performed using a Yellow Calcite/Orange Sapphire necklace. [Download here.]

3A-Quality Yellow Calcite 8mm

    8mm - 20" Necklace (0.8 cts. Orange Sapphire) ($348.00)

    8mm - 20" Necklace (1.2 cts. Orange Sapphire) ($358.00)

    8mm - 20" Necklace (3.0 cts. Orange Sapphire) ($538.00)

    8mm - 20" Necklace (3.7 cts. Orange Sapphire) ($608.00)

    8mm - 22" Necklace (1.43 cts. Orange Sapphire) ($409.00)

    8mm - 24" Necklace (1.43 cts. Orange Sapphire) ($417.00)

    8mm - 24" Necklace (1.5 cts. Orange Sapphire) ($425.00)

    8mm - 24" Necklace (2.7 cts. Orange Sapphire) ($545.00)

    8mm - 24" Necklace (6.0 cts. Orange Sapphire) ($875.00)

    8mm - 27" Necklace (0.8 cts. Orange Sapphire) ($396.00)

    8mm - 27" Necklace (2.55 cts. Orange Sapphire) ($558.00)

    8mm - 27" Necklace (4.45 cts. Orange Sapphire) ($748.00)

3A-Quality Yellow Calcite 9mm

    9mm - 21" Necklace (1.7 cts. Orange Sapphire) ($422.00)

    9mm - 24" Necklace (1.7 cts. Orange Sapphire) ($453.00)

    9mm - 24" Necklace (2.1 cts. Orange Sapphire) ($499.00)

    9mm - 27" Necklace (10.6 cts. Orange Sapphire) ($1,372.00)

    9mm - 21" Necklace (1.8 cts. Orange Sapphire) ($432.00)

3A-Quality Yellow Calcite 10mm

    10mm - 18" Necklace (3.6 cts. Orange Sapphire) ($597.00)

    10mm - 24" Necklace (8.0 cts. Orange Sapphire) ($984.00)


Yellow Calcite & Orange Sapphire are vitalizing gemstones for the storage system. They can help you:

  • Hold on to helpful and life-giving energies in your body, emotions, memory, and mind, even as your body ages.
  • Gather and retain resources to fill deficiencies.
  • Allow positive thoughts and feelings to come in.
  • Let out what you feel is unwanted, harmful, or no longer needed in your body and your life.
  • Become more efficient with the energies you carry with you.
  • Soften and resolve stiffness, tension, lack of flexibility and elasticity, as well as rigid mindsets, habitual negative emotional responses, and unhealthy patterns that are difficult to break.
  • Support and maintain the new state of being that you are striving to achieve in your life.

And when you feel:

  • That you are holding on to things but have difficulty letting them go.
  • Resistance to receiving or releasing.
  • As though you are weighed down by emotions, thoughts, or circumstances.
  • Ready to rebuild your life newly.
  • That your own rigidities are holding you back.

What is the Storage System?
The storage system involves the energetic structures used for storage, as well as the function of storing energies such as those of nutrients, minerals, color rays, positive thoughts and feelings, etc. throughout your body and being. When healthy, it helps you keep what you need for later use, gather resources to fill deficiencies, and let go of what your body and being is inappropriately containing.

The body is like a suitcase that you travel with. You want to pack everything you need. If you pack too much, or more than you need, you can suffer having to carry extra weight. If you forget something, you can be uncomfortably inconvenienced.

Rigid and Soft Energetic Structures
Your storage system structure can be best described as consisting of both rigid energetic structure and soft energetic structure. You need both. Whether resources are kept in one or the other depends on how long they typically remain stored. Some resources are kept long-term; others cycle through.

In a healthy body, that which is stored long-term is contained in a rigid structure. That which cycles through is contained in a soft structure. Rigid structures tend to store information that cannot be changed, such as skin and eye color and body type. Soft structures typically store information we have the ability to reshape and modify.

Most people think they should be able to control their ability to store body fat. However, if the energies associated with their body fat are stored in rigid structure, their ability to change may not be as great as they might hope. If their body has an ability or tendency to store these energies in soft structure, then they have the potential to make a change. Yellow Calcite/Orange Sapphire can help the body reorganize its energies so they are stored in a more healthful way.

When certain traumatic memories are stored in rigid structures, they can be more difficult to process and let go than if they were stored in a soft structure. By softening and rearranging the shape and boundaries of the rigid structure, Yellow Calcite/Orange Sapphire can help in this case too.

Energetic Properties of Yellow Calcite
Energetically, Yellow Calcite has a softening effect on compacted energies that have been improperly stored. Such energies can manifest as stiffness, tension, and lack of flexibility and elasticity, as well as rigid mindsets, habitual negative emotional responses, and unhealthy patterns that are difficult to break.

Yellow Calcite also has a supporting quality. When the body and aura are introduced to this gemstone, the softening quality can prompt them to release what they no longer need. The supporting quality prevents too much from being let go all at once. The supportive quality is like a fail-safe–it keeps the body in balance.

A third quality of Yellow Calcite is rebuilding. Once the release occurs, restructuring is required to contain and maintain the energies that remain. Yellow Calcite energy builds soft structure. Soft energetic structure differs from a hard structure in that it is easily modified based on new information and experiences.

Yellow Calcite works at all levels of vibration at the whole-body level of manifestation. This means that it works equally well and concurrently at the physical, emotional, causal, and mental levels. Changes or improvements at one level won’t occur without changes and improvements at all other levels. If you work with this necklace to let go of mental tendencies, you may notice shifts in other aspects of yourself first. Know that the upliftment is occurring at all levels simultaneously.

Energetic Benefits of Orange Sapphire
Whereas Yellow Calcite focuses on the soft storage structure, Orange Sapphire focuses on the body’s rigid storage structure, which includes the bones and teeth. At first, this may seem counterintuitive since target tissues for the orange color ray include soft tissues such as fascia, adipose, and connective tissues. This may be the reason why Orange Sapphire does not carry the orange ray. If it did, it would direct the orange ray to the rigid structures instead, rather than to the soft structures that need that color.

One energetic quality of Orange Sapphire is that it brings heat to the body. When directed to the rigid structures, this heat has an annealing effect. In other words, it makes the rigid structures tougher, drives off impurities, makes them less brittle, and ultimately makes them more efficient storage containers. When Yellow Calcite is combined with Orange Sapphire, its heat supports Yellow Calcite’s softening effect.

Another energetic quality of Orange Sapphire is that it is magnetizing. It has the ability to draw energies that are needed to fill in gaps and vacancies in the soft and rigid structures. This is one of the reasons why Orange Sapphire and Yellow Calcite work so well together. As the Calcite supports release, the Orange Sapphire draws what is needed to restructure a new set of borders for storage and containment.

Orange Sapphire is also activating. When strung with Yellow Calcite, it helps to stimulate the body and aura to comply with the activities encouraged by that gemstone.

After working with Yellow Calcite/Orange Sapphire over time, the Orange Sapphire supports a new state of being that feels comfortable enough that the wearer is less likely to slip back into an old state.


Therapeutic Quality Parameters

Yellow Calcite
Therapeutic-quality Yellow Calcite is a semi-translucent to translucent stone with a Mohs hardness of 3 and a pastel yellow color that is evenly distributed throughout the sphere. Gems are free of dark markings and significant cracks. The greater the translucency, and the purer and brighter the color, the higher the quality of this gemstone. Yellow Calcite that meets our therapeutic quality parameters represents a small fraction of the Yellow Calcite available.

Yellow Calcite Therapeutic-quality Color Parameters
5A color is an intense medium yellow color.
4A color is a pure light yellow color.
3A color is a pale, but distinctly yellow color.
2A color is a very pale, nearly whitish yellow, or it may be grayish or muddy.

Yellow Calcite Therapeutic-quality Clarity Parameters
5A clarity is evenly translucent.
4A clarity is somewhat translucent and any white coloration is very slight and evenly and attractively distributed throughout the sphere.
3A clarity is barely translucent and any white coloration is evenly and attractively distributed throughout the sphere.
2A clarity spheres have uneven patches of white, cracks, or colorless inclusions.

Yellow Calcite Therapeutic-quality Candescence Parameters
Because of the softness of calcite, spheres do not come with a high polish. As they are worn, the polish can dull and small scratches can begin to collect on the spheres’ surface. Carefully protecting your Yellow Calcite gems during storage and not wearing them along with other necklaces of similar length will help preserve their polish.

Orange Sapphire
Therapeutic-quality Orange Sapphire is a translucent gem, good clarity, and a color that ranges from light to dark orange. The purer the orange color, the better, all other parameters being equal.

Orange Sapphire Therapeutic-quality Color Parameters
5A Intense and bright, true orange color.
4A Vivid orange color that may be a little darker or lighter than the ideal.
3A Orange color may be a little darker or lighter than the ideal.
2A Orange color looks muddy or brownish.

Orange Sapphire Therapeutic-quality Clarity Parameters
5A Appears flawless to the naked eye.
4A May have very slight colorless cracks or inclusions that are small in size and number.
3A May have very slight colorless cracks or inclusions.

Orange Sapphire Therapeutic-quality Candescence
All members of the Sapphire family can be cut to a high polish. We typically grade Sapphire candescence 3A unless the cutter did an exceptional job in the polishing process, in which case we would ascribe a 4A quality rating.

In Gemstone Therapy we pay particular attention to numerology when designing our necklaces. Numerology also plays an important role in our gemstone mandalas. All numbers have a significance and lend a special influence.

In Yellow Calcite/Orange Sapphire, odd numbers and the numbers “two” and “four” play key roles.

An odd number of Calcite spheres is present in the front of the necklace, between the two sets of symbiotics. An odd number in Gemstone Therapy tends to support change, whereas an even number supports groundedness, strength, and solidity. Due to the number of the gemstones present in odd numbers–namely, all the Yellow Calcite–this necklace is primarily based on odd number influences.

A secondary numerical influence, which is an even-number one, is also present in this necklace because there are four Orange Sapphires. When present in a gemstone necklace, the number four directs gemstone energies to the physical body, and supports grounding and solidity. In this necklace specifically, it helps direct Orange Sapphire energy to the rigid structures.

The single Calcite between the two pairs of Orange Sapphire is a metaphor of wholeness and oneness, because indeed, this necklace is meant to support your whole being.

Special Care Instructions for Yellow Calcite
Physically, Yellow Calcite is a very soft gemstone. Store your Yellow Calcite & Orange Sapphire necklace by itself so that it doesn’t get scratched by other harder gems. When traveling with your necklaces, keep this one in a separate bag or container, to avoid its contact with other objects including other necklaces.

Yellow Calcite is the softest gemstone we offer, with a Mohs hardness of 3. As a comparison, Fluorite has a Mohs of 4 and Apatite of 5. Orange Sapphire has a hardness of 9.

Cleansing Gemstones
Gemstone spheres naturally accumulate unwanted energies when you wear them. They collect what they’ve helped your body to release—or what they pick up from the environment during use or when stored. If your necklaces aren’t cleansed often enough or completely enough, unwanted energies build up. The gemstones’ therapeutic value will be limited and you’ll no longer feel drawn to wear them.

Use the GEMFormulas’ Cleansing Sprays to clear and rejuvenate your gemstones.

Storing Your Gemstones
Arrange your therapeutic gemstone necklaces and bracelets in a neat spiral with their clasp open. This orientation concentrates the gemstones’ energies and helps them rejuvenate themselves. Use a necklace tray to keep them organized. The tray also keeps the gemstone energies separated, which makes selecting the right necklace easier. Learn More.

Store your therapeutic gemstone jewelry away from sources of electromagnetic radiation, such as laptops, television sets, and cell phones.

Our necklaces comprise all the innovations in gemstone necklace therapy, to ensure you have the most effective healing tools available.

  • Our gemstones are natural and therapeutic-quality, which means they are at the top of their class in color, clarity, and brightness. Although quality parameters vary for each individual gemstone, we carefully select every bead to make sure you get the very best.
  • We use spheres and rondels because they radiate the gemstones’ energies throughout the wearer’s body and aura.
  • All our necklaces are strung with a symbiotic gemstone that can catalyze, support, or strengthen the work of the primary gem. The difference between necklaces that contain only one type of stone and those strung with their partners is extraordinary. Not only are symbiotic necklaces more beautiful and feel better energetically, they also work more effectively and efficiently. A primary gem and its symbiotic encourage healthy relationships and can help balance the forces of yin and yang throughout your body and being.
  • All necklaces have a clasp, which we feel is essential. Clasps allow necklaces to breathe. When you open a clasp, the gems release a significant amount of unwanted energies they collected during use. With a clasp, you can arrange the necklace in a spiral during storage so that the gems can regenerate themselves. In addition, clasps make it possible to wrap gems around a therapy wand to apply in the aura, or lay them across your body for an easy and restful self-therapy.
  • We string using nylon thread. Nylon is strong, doesn’t fray or stretch like other threads, and is made of a simple chain of molecules. Nylon energy has a negligible effect on a therapeutic necklace.

For inquiries regarding custom necklaces or bracelets, please call 877-4GEM-GEM (877-443-6436) or email us at

I have developed two special therapies that can be performed using a Yellow Calcite & Orange Sapphire necklace:

Wearing Yellow Calcite & Orange Sapphire With An Intention and An Exercise

Yellow Calcite & Orange Sapphire Placement

[Download PDF here.]


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