Carnelian & White Beryl Bracelet

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Carrier of the orange color ray. Supports healthy relationships and overall vitality. Improves your energy flows, particularly the outflow of thoughts and ideas, improves optimism and enthusiasm, and increases your desire to be physically active.

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3A-Quality Natural Carnelian (Bracelet)

    8mm - 7" Bracelet (3.4 cts. White Beryl) ($174.00)

3A-Quality Carnelian (Therapy strand)

    4mm - 8" Bracelet (6.0 cts. White Beryl) ($261.00)

    4mm - 7.5" Bracelet (6.0 cts. White Beryl) ($261.00)

    4mm - 7" Bracelet (6.0 cts. White Beryl) ($261.00)

4A-Quality Brilliant Carnelian (Therapy Strand)

    7" Bracelet (9.9 cts. Carnelian, 9.3 cts. White Beryl) ($649.00)

    7" Bracelet (11.2 cts. Carnelian, 10.1 cts. White Beryl) ($717.00)

    8" Bracelet (9.7 cts. Carnelian, 6.95 cts. White Beryl) ($557.00)

    8" Bracelet (17.45 cts. Carnelian, 13.35 cts. White Beryl) ($1,017.00)

The Benefits of this Product

Benefits of Carnelian & White Beryl

Carnelian & White Beryl consists of top-quality, translucent Carnelian rondels of bright, true-orange color. This Carnelian has been heated. Heated forms of Carnelian lend heat to the body and help the body distribute heat effectively. This can be helpful for those with poor circulation and who typically feel cold. Carnelian focuses on the movement of energy as we express it in our lives and out into the world. Wear it to renew your creativity, improve your outflow of thoughts and ideas, enhance libido, and increase your desire to be physically active.

Wear Carnelian & White Beryl when you want to:

  • Nourish the body with orange color ray.
  • Vitalize the sacral chakra, the endocrine and cardiovascular systems, and connective tissues.
  • Improve energy flows to brighten your outlook and encourage optimism and enthusiasm.
  • Help with the release of disharmony in your body and aura.

Carnelian & White Beryl nourishes its wearer with the orange color ray, relaxes the body so that it can release disharmony, and provides a special type of vitalizing energy. This energy brightens your outlook so that you can better appreciate life, encourages optimism and enthusiasm, and inspires you to make changes that will guide you toward fulfilling your life’s goals and dreams. Carnelian can also be used in gemstone therapy to support the cardiovascular and endocrine systems, connective tissues, and the sacral chakra. In addition, it can help with the release of disharmony in your body and aura.

All forms of Carnelian improve vitality by clearing energy flows. This clearing of energies lets you feel more free, enthusiastic, and joyful. Carnelian & White Beryl nourishes and clears blockages associated with the healing, life-giving orange color ray. Symbiotic White Beryl provides a window for the orange ray to freely pass to and away from your body despite any blockages you may have in this color ray.

Our necklaces comprise all the innovations in gemstone necklace therapy, to ensure you have the most effective healing tools available.

  • Our gemstones are natural and therapeutic-quality, which means they are at the top of their class in color, clarity, and brightness. Although quality parameters vary for each individual gemstone, we carefully select every bead to make sure you get the very best.
  • We use spheres and rondels because they radiate the gemstones’ energies throughout the wearer’s body and aura.
  • All our necklaces are strung with a symbiotic gemstone that can catalyze, support, or strengthen the work of the primary gem. The difference between necklaces that contain only one type of stone and those strung with their partners is extraordinary. Not only are symbiotic necklaces more beautiful and feel better energetically, they also work more effectively and efficiently. A primary gem and its symbiotic encourage healthy relationships and can help balance the forces of yin and yang throughout your body and being.
  • All necklaces have a clasp, which we feel is essential. Clasps allow necklaces to breathe. When you open a clasp, the gems release a significant amount of unwanted energies they collected during use. With a clasp, you can arrange the necklace in a spiral during storage so that the gems can regenerate themselves. In addition, clasps make it possible to wrap gems around a therapy wand to apply in the aura, or lay them across your body for an easy and restful self-therapy.
  • We string using nylon thread. Nylon is strong, doesn’t fray or stretch like other threads, and is made of a simple chain of molecules. Nylon energy has a negligible effect on a therapeutic necklace.

For inquiries regarding custom necklaces or bracelets, please call 877-4GEM-GEM (877-443-6436) or email us at

Wearing therapeutic gemstone jewelry is by far the easiest way to enjoy the healing benefits of therapeutic gemstones. Necklaces and bracelets may also be applied on the body as a poultice, or applied in the aura strung on a therapy wand.



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