Color Ray Greeting Cards Pack
Color Ray Greeting Card Set

GEMFormulas’ Color Ray Greeting Cards


1 Set of 7 Cards with Envelopes

These cute little cards are perfect for sharing well-wishes and the positive energy of gemstone therapy with the ones you love.

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Product Description

These full-color gemandala greeting cards are available in sets of 7 (one of each design). Set includes 7 envelopes made of paper produced from sustainable forests. Cards are 3.5″ by 5″ and open to 7″ by 5″. Blank inside. Card backs explain the properties and benefits of the corresponding color ray.

The GEMFormulas’ aura sprays are empowered by their corresponding gemandalas (gemstone mandalas) and the healing gems that comprise them. A picture of these gemandalas can remind your body of its healing potential, and of the energies of the GEMFormulas’ sprays you’ve used previously.

Set includes cards with high-quality graphics representing these gemstone mandalas:.

  • Ruby Spray
  • Carnelian Spray
  • Yellow Sapphire Spray
  • Emerald Spray
  • Blue Sapphire Spray
  • Indigo Spray
  • Amethyst Spray


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