DVD #1: Mini-Gemandalas for Self-Therapy

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What You'll Learn

This DVD is the first in a series of the Gemstone Therapy Institute training videos. You’ll learn:

  • How to apply simple gemstone mandalas that will allow you to get to know the energies of any gemstone you want to work with. As your body becomes familiar with the gemstone energies, it receives them more easily and more deeply.
  • By applying mini-gemandalas, you’ll also practice sensing the archetypical movements that occur as the body’s energy field naturally moves gemstones to serve its needs.
  • Working with mini-gemandalas is the first step to working with custom gemandalas, which can meet the energetic needs of any intention you put forth.
  • Practicing with the mini-gemandalas helps you become more proficient in the skills required in more advanced Gemstone Therapy training.
  • We suggest you begin with self-therapy using sixteen mini-gemandala gemstones. Applied in the suggested order, they will take you on a journey of self-healing discovery!

“Mini-Gemandalas for Self-Therapy” covers the essentials:

  • How to prepare and use a therapy rod.
  • How to make a 5-gemstone mini-gemandala.
  • How to customize your mini-gemandala for your body’s needs.
  • How to work with 16 different mini-gemandalas.
  • How to change the central gemstone during a therapy session.
  • How to practice proficient Gemstone Therapy technique.
  • How to introduce a mini-gemandala to your body.
  • How to know when your self-therapy is finished.
  • How to care for and cleanse your gemstone spheres.
    And much more!

Run time approx. 95 minutes.

(This DVD is not regionally encoded.)


1 review for DVD #1: Mini-Gemandalas for Self-Therapy

  1. 5 out of 5


    The Mini-Gemandala dvd is very educational and informative. Isabelle covers every step of making and using a gemandala in the video in such a way that I understood everything perfectly clear! The dvd is divided into segments so that it is easy to review anything that you failed to understand before moving on, or at a later time. I think that watching this dvd would teach you how to be very proficient in working with gemandalas either in self-therapy or performing gemandala therapy on someone else.

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