DVD #3: Gemstone Wand Therapy

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What You'll Learn

This is the third in a series Gemstone Therapy Institute training DVDs.

Gemstone Wand Therapy demonstrates a convenient and effective way to apply therapeutic gemstone necklaces and strands in the aura. When gems are wrapped around a therapy wand, they can open energy flows, smooth out areas of congested energy, untorque twists of energy, sooth irritated energies, and correct many other types of energetic anomalies. This DVD also introduces the White Beryl therapy strand and an extraordinary technique for extracting anchors of negative energy of various kinds.

With the knowledge gained from Gemstone Wand Therapy you’ll be able to free your clients of the energetic burdens that dampen the aura, and help them enjoy happier, healthier lives.

Gemstone Wand Therapy teaches:

• How to set up a gemstone therapy wand.
• How to perform standard gemstone therapy movements using the wand.
• The benefits of working with White Beryl, Moonstone, and color-ray necklaces in the aura.
• Guidelines for performing proficient gemstone therapy in the aura.
• How to extract negative energy anchors.
• How to do a general aura clearing.
• How to clear chakras with wand therapy.
• How to fortify the aura for greater youthfulness and vitality.
• How to care for and cleanse your gemstone therapy wands, and more!

Run time approx. 90 minutes
(DVD is not regionally encoded)


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