GEMFormulas Founder Isabelle Morton

Energy Clearing and Chakra Healing Workshops (Australia)

From: $195.00

Our First Workshops In Australia!

Join us for the day. Experience, learn, and practice Energy Clearing in the morning and Chakra Healing in the afternoon. Includes lunch and snacks. Prices listed in American Dollars. Seating is limited.

Saturday, March 16, 2019. Canberra, Australia.
Latest registration: February 22nd. (So I can bring enough tools for everyone.)

Instructor:  Isabelle Morton

Join us in Canberra, Australia!

    Energy Clearing Workshop ($195.00)

    Introduction to Chakra Healing Workshop ($195.00)

    Attend Both ($350.00)

Energy Clearing Workshop
Experience, learn, and practice simple yet powerful ways to clear unwanted energies that can make you feel blocked, unmotivated, ill, uncomfortable, anxious, or fearful, and which can aggravate pain and slow your body’s ability to heal itself. This class is ideal for practitioners who feel vulnerable to picking up their clients’ unwanted energies.

  • Learn a self-clearing method that enhances self-protection.
  • Save hours of unproductive time due to lethargy, energy blockages, and the oppressive thoughts of others.
  • Practice a method for extracting deeply rooted pools and anchors of unwanted energy in yourself and others.

9:00AM to Noon  $195 American

Introduction to Chakra Healing Workshop
Experience, learn, and practice how to correct energy leaks that can drain vitality, deplete your reserves, and interfere with your body’s ability to self-heal. Discover:

  • The 5 parts of a chakra and how they keep you healthy.
  • How to identify chakras that are leaking energy and a technique to fix them.
  • Chakra locating, assessing, strengthening, and clearing.

2:00PM to 6:00PM  $195 American

Gemstone Discounts
Students enjoy a 20% discount on Gemstone Therapy tools during the workshop and for two weeks after.

Class Materials
All gemstone tools used during the workshop will be provided.

Canberra address will be given to those who register.