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E-Learning Course: Energy Awareness Exercises


Anyone can learn how to sense the energies of the body and aura! Doing so can enhance your daily life and improve an energy healing practice. The course consists of six training videos, a bonus video, plus a 60-page workbook, which you are welcome to print out for personal use.

*Shortly after purchase, you will receive an email that contains a link to the course, which has links to the workbook and video course.

*Optional therapy tools are not mandatory, but will support your learning experience, including Body Wisdom Spray and a therapeutic-quality gemstone necklace.

Expect to spend at least two hours to fully appreciate and absorb the content provided in this course.

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Identify the difference between life-giving energies and unwanted energies.
  • Connect with and identify grounding Earth energy.
  • Connect with and identify healing Heaven energy.
  • Work with the polarity between your hands.
  • Mentally change the polarity in your hands with a thought command.
  • Sense a pull in when you think about something that’s good for you.
  • Sense a cushion or pull away when you think of something that may not be in your best interest.
  • Have a greater appreciation for the power of thought and intention.


Navigating the Course:
Due to the nature of PDF files, you’ll find this course easier to view on a computer. We recommend you start with the first video and watch them in order.

Optional Therapy Tools:
The following are not mandatory, but will support your learning experience.

____GEMFormulas’ Body Wisdom Spray , when applied on your hands, will awaken their intelligence, so they can be more receptive and perceptive of energies.

____GEMFormulas’ Energy Clearing Spray is recommended to clear your energy field of unwanted energies that may block or inhibit your natural ability to recognize and sense energies.

____GEMFormulas’ Aura Protection Spray , when applied in your aura, will strengthen the boundaries of the aura, making that boundary easier to palpate.

____Wearing a Spark or Lightening necklace, while practicing these exercises will help your body bring forth its latent talents of energy awareness.

____ A therapeutic-quality gemstone necklace is suggested as an option for further experimentation in Exercise 4-3. You may use any healing gemstone necklace that you’d like. If you attend a live workshop, therapeutic gemstones will be provided for you to experience.

Continuing Your Gemstone Therapy Training:
You’ll find the skills you learn in this course to be very helpful in your Diamond and Gemstone Therapy studies. Visit our course menu to find other classes you may enjoy. A good next step is the Gemstone Therapy 101 workshop.

I have enjoyed building this course for you, and I hope you find it a fun and educational experience!

Best Wishes on Your Journey to Greater Health!

Isabelle Morton