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GEM 101 – Online Training Course

From: $995.00

This online class is for all gemstone enthusiasts including beginners who want to experience Gemstone Therapy for self-healing and develop their personal relationship with therapeutic gemstones. By the end of each class you should feel rested, revitalized, and restored.

We encourage you to invite your friends to watch and practice along with you at no extra charge, but one person must pay in full.

To get 10% savings off options #1 and #2 below, use coupon code: GEMSTUDY.

One set of manuals and one bonus package per registrant. For payment plan information please view the “Payment Plan” tab below.

    Option 1: Class, Manuals, and Sprays ($995.00)

    Option 2: Class, Manuals, Sprays, & Foundation Five necklaces ($2,385.00)

Option 1: Class, and Manuals, and Sprays – $995

You get:
• 16 hours of live online video presentations over four months.
• Access to GEM101 Digital Classroom for webinar replays.
• 266-page full color printed manual. (Digital Copy for International Students.)
• Gem 101 Workbook. (Digital Copy for International Students.)

Your bonuses (valued at $1,234.90) included for FREE:
• Introductory Spray Kit: Energy Clearing, EMR Clearing, Diamond, Core Alignment, Body Wisdom (2oz bottle of each) [$114.85 value!]
• Introductory Gem Supplies: Therapy Wand, Therapy Rod (with beeswax) $19.95 value.
• 20% Savings on all Level 1 Tools purchased now through the last day of class.
• 4 Months of Group Remote Diamond & Gemstone Therapy sessions
• $500 Bonus GEM CASH (Not eligible for discounts.)

Option 2: Class, Manual, Sprays, & Foundation Gems Five Necklaces – $2,385
• Receive everything in option #1
• PLUS a set of the five Foundation Five 8-mm, 30” long necklaces at 25% savings.

Classes will take place from 1:00PM to 5:00PM Eastern on the following dates:
February 23rd – March 23rd – April 27th – May 25th
Can’t make a Saturday? We will be filming each class and the recording will be made available shortly afterward.

LOGIN information
Login information for our Zoom meetings will be listed in your Gemstone 101 Online digital classroom. We will also email you the log-in information the day of the workshop.

Digital Classroom
We will send you the link and password to your digital classroom upon registration.

For in-person live workshops, we provide all the tools students need to enjoy the procedures we learn and practice in class. This option isn’t possible for an online class.

You are welcome to watch and enjoy the webinar without using the gemstone tools, although you won’t be able to actively participate in the exercises or practice the techniques.

Our policy is that no one is required to purchase gemstone tools prior to a workshop. Nor are students obligated to purchase from us or to purchase any gemstone tools unless they want to continue their studies or practice what they’ve learned. Therapeutic-quality tools will be required for certification. We offer these tools as a convenience in our online store and appreciate your business.

If you have an existing collection of gemstones please contact to discuss upgrade options. Our upgrade service includes restringing your therapeutic-quality gemstones with their symbiotic gemstone partners.

To see a list of the tools we’ll be using in our Gemstone Therapy 101 class, please view the “Level 1 Tools” tab.

We anticipate that a few students who attend this workshop may be interested in Gemstone Therapy certification, and are attending this online workshop as a first step toward that goal.

If this is you, our certification fee of $395 pays for a Gemstone Therapy mentor to guide you through your studies, and prepare you for the in-person Level 2 trainings, beginning in June, 2019.

Level 1 Tools: Gemstone Therapy 101 Collection

Foundation Five Necklaces (Student Set: 8mm, 30” length)

White Beryl/Turquoise therapy strand or necklace

Aura Nourishing tools (mandala sphere pack, therapy strand, or necklace):
Core 4 : Apatite, Freshwater Pearl, Indigo, White Coral
Dream On : Charoite, Indigo, White Quartz
Golden Eagle : Golden Beryl, Light Green Aventurine, Spessartite
Heartsong : Morganite, Rhodonite, White Beryl
Tranquility : Blue Chalcedony, Blue Sapphire, Blue Topaz
White Flash Moonstone/Emerald : White Flash Moonstone, Emerald

Level 1 Gemstone Spheres:
Mini-Gemandala Collection
Level 1 Mini-Gemandala Expansion Set
Level 1 Custom Gemandala Sphere Set
• White Flash Moonstone sphere 6mm or larger

Aura Sprays & Therapy Tools:
GEMFormulas Cleansing Spray Pack (included FREE with course)
Core Alignment (included FREE with course)
Body Wisdom (included FREE with course)
Therapy Wand , Therapy Rod & Beeswax (included FREE with course)

We require a signed contract giving us permission to automatically deduct your credit card payments on the date due.

The 10% GEMSTUDY coupon code does not apply to students selecting a payment plan option.

Option 1: $995. Pay $335 to register. Remaining $660 paid in 6 monthly payments of $110.

Option 2: $2385. Pay $995 to register. Remaining $1390 payable in 6 monthly payments of $232.

To participate in the payment plan options please contact Customer Service at (877)-443-6436 or email