GEMFormulas® Aura Protection Spray

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You know when you feel vulnerable. You sense your boundaries have been crossed, you tire more easily, and may feel as though you are coming down with something. GEMFormulas’ Aura Protection Spray shores up your boundaries and provides a safe space for healing. (Scroll down for more.)

Your aura is yours: Protect it.

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Use when you are feeling:

  • Vulnerable and unprotected.
  • Susceptible to outside influences.
  • Unusually tired or worn out.
  • As though you are “coming down with something.”
  • The target of other people’s anger or jealousy.
  • Overwhelmed with pressure put on you by other people.

And when you want to:

  • Protect yourself against negative energies.
  • Strengthen and clarify your boundaries.
  • Strengthen your immune vitality.
  • Age more gracefully.
  • Find peace and quiet within yourself.
  • Strengthen your resistance to foreign energies.

Ideal for people who:

  • Work in an environment of stressful or negative energy.
  • Have difficulty healing.
  • Struggle with weak boundaries.
  • Get sick often or easily.
  • Need a safe space for healing.
  • Are constantly getting attacked.

Use this formula to fortify the protective nature of your aura, so that you are less susceptible to infections, allergens, and the negative thoughts and feelings of others. It has a particular affinity for the tissues typically vulnerable to outside energies such as your lungs, eyes, ears, sinuses, throat, stomach, skin, and urinary and reproductive systems.

Basic Self-Therapy:

1. Hold the bottle above the top of your head, with the sprayer pointing upwards.

2. Spray 3 to 5 times directly upwards, allowing the mist to rain down around your body.

3. Pay attention to your physical and energetic condition before, during, and after using the spray.

Perform this technique 3-5 times per day for best results.

Self-Therapy for Specific Areas:(To target a specific part of your body or a chakra.)

1. Hold the bottle about arm’s length away from the targeted area, with the sprayer pointing towards it.

2. Spray 2 or 3 times, the mist should fully surround the targeted area.

3. Next, hold the bottle at the targeted area, with the sprayer pointing directly away from it.

4. Spray 2 or 3 times, which will send the mist outwards and away from the targeted area.

Perform this technique 3-5 times per day for best results.

*Always close your eyes when spraying around the face or head.
*Keep out of reach of children.

For more techniques:
Download Free Self-Therapies PDF Here.

Here is a way to use GEMFormulas’ Aura Protection Spray for Aches and Pains:

Here is a Boundary Strengthening Technique using GEMFormulas Aura Protection Spray:

This Gemstone Therapy Technique to Improve Aura Strength and Resilience uses the Aura Protection Spray and the Energy Clearing Spray.

Purified water, gemstone-infused organic grape alcohol.

This product has been imprinted with the energies of the following gemstones:
Blue Topaz
Red Spinel
Yellow Sapphire
White Beryl
Green Tourmaline
Pink Tourmaline
Dark Green Aventurine
7-color-ray Diamond

This is the gemstone mandala used to make Aura Protection Spray:

Read about the gemstone used in this mandala


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