GEMFormulas® Body Wisdom Spray

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Your body knows how to heal. It knows what’s good for you. It knows where you’re headed in life and how to get there. Sometimes it forgets. The GEMFormulas’ Body Wisdom Spray helps you remember. Scroll down for more.

Your space is yours: Get to know it.

    2 oz. Bottle ($24.95)

    4 oz. Bottle (For Refills Only) ($39.95)

    Bundle Pack - 2oz. and 4 oz. ($44.97)

Use when you are feeling:

  • Uncertain, either generally or about something specific.
  • Lacking self-confidence.
  • Out of sorts.
  • Out of touch with yourself and your inner wisdom.
  • Off course, as though your compass is broken.
  • Chronically distressed.
  • Unsure about where you want to go in life.
  • If you know what you want in life, unsure how to get it.
  • A disconnect between body, heart, mind, and spirit.

And when you want to:

  • Bring forward your inherent wisdom.
  • Improve body self-awareness.
  • Broadcast your inner knowing, so that your body can hear it.
  • Fell more sure about yourself.
  • Accelerate a healing process.
  • Become more aware of what next steps to take in order to improve your health, resolve an issue, and move forward in life.
  • Awaken your body’s intelligence centers and encourage self-reflection.
  • Relieve blockages and impasses on your journey to greater health and well-being.

Ideal for people who:

  • Want clarity about their next step in life or in a healing process.
  • Aren’t sure where they want to go in life.
  • Feel they have something important to do in their lifetime.
  • Want to make a breakthrough in their healing process.
  • Want to get past a stuck point, wall, or blockage.
  • Want a greater understanding of why they have certain issues and conditions.

Spray overhead, and let the mist rain down upon you, 3-5 times per day.

Water and gemstone-infused organic grape alcohol.

This spray is infused with the energies of natural, therapeutic-quality Aquamarine and 7-color-ray Diamond.

This is the gemstone mandala used to make Body Wisdom Spray:

Read about the gemstones in the Body Wisdom mandala.


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