GEMFormulas® Cleansing Spray Pack

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GEMFormulas' cleansing spray pack consists of three aura sprays that are superior for clearing unwanted and negative energies from your gemstones, your home, and your body and aura. Individually priced at $89.85 total, you get the package for only $64.95.

The Cleansing Spray Pack consists of:
(1) 2 oz. bottle of Energy Clearing Spray.
(1) 2 oz. bottle of EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation) Clearing Spray.
(1) 2 oz. bottle of 7-Color-Ray Diamond Spray.

    2 oz. Spray Pack ($64.95)
    4 oz. Spray Refill Pack ($109.95)

Benefits of the GEMFormulas’ Spray System for Cleansing Gemstones

The sprays in the GEMFormulas’ Cleansing pack:

SAFELY CLEAN: The sprays are safe for all gemstones including the softer ones like Rhodocrosite, Fluorite, and Apatite, as well as the ones whose polish fades with water cleansing such as Malachite and Mother of Pearl.

THOROUGHLY CLEAN: Gemstones can accumulate unwanted energies on their surface as well as in the aura that surrounds them. They can also absorb unwanted energies into their crystalline structure. GEMFormulas clearing sprays can remove and help dissipate unwanted energies from each of these areas.

QUICKLY AND EFFICIENTLY CLEAN: It takes only a few seconds to effectively cleanse gemstones and crystals. This opens the door for energy workers to use healing gems in their practice. Now you have a way to quickly cleanse necklaces between clients!

REDUCE NECKLACE BREAKAGE: GEMFormulas’ sprays reduce necklace breakage by allowing you to quickly and easily keep your necklaces clean. Premature breakage often results when necklaces are allowed to accumulate too much unwanted energies. The thread simply “pops” to release it.

LET YOU KEEP IN CONTACT WITH YOUR GEMSTONES: GEMFormulas’ sprays allow you to remain in constant physical contact with your healing gemstone necklaces. When you use the Sprays to cleanse your necklaces, you don’t have to wait until the thread dries because the thread never gets significantly wet. In some cases, interrupting physical contact with your necklace can greatly reduce your ability to fully receive its healing potential.

For Clearing Your Aura: Our cleansing sprays are ideal for clearing unwanted energies from your aura including the negative thoughts and emotions of others. They are safe and effective, and can be used on people of all ages as well as pets. Not only do they clear, they also uplift and nourish with healing gemstone energies.

NEW VIDEO :: Learn the 5-step aura clearing.

NEW PDF guides for aura clearing techniques:
The 5-Step Aura Clearing
The Quick Spray Clearing Technique

For Clearing Your Feet: Our sprays can be applied to tired feet to refresh and revitalize them.

VIDEO :: Learn how to perform the 5-step foot clearing technique on someone else: Watch Now.

VIDEO :: Learn how to perform the 5-step foot clearing technique on yourself: Watch Now.

For Cleansing Gemstones: When you first receive your gemstones and each time you finish using them, spray liberally with Energy Clearing. Wait 10 to 15 seconds and repeat with the EMR Clearing Spray. Finally, spray once or twice with the Diamond Spray. Sprays can be applied to necklaces laying in straight lines or spiraled on a towel, or you can hold them during the clearing.

For Clearing Unwanted Energies from Rooms: Spray liberally into the corners of rooms and closets, under treatment tables and desks. Start with the Energy Clearing Spray, then use the EMR Clearing Spray, and then the 7-Color-Ray Diamond Spray.

Learn more about the Energy Clearing Spray.

Learn more about the EMR Clearing Spray .

Learn more about 7-Color-Ray Diamond Spray.

3 reviews for GEMFormulas® Cleansing Spray Pack

  1. 5 out of 5


    I used to wash all my gems in water except a few which could not be washed. Those I put in a salt bath or put on a plant to clear them of unwanted energies. I had a lot of breakage of necklaces when I washed them, and big repair bill too! With the sprays it is so nice and you know for certain the gems are really clean and no breaking. Just simply follow the instructions given by GEMFormulas and spray a few times with Energy Clearing for any type of energy, then the EMR spray to help remove any EMR (electro-magnetic radiation), then Diamond Spray which revitalizes the gems. Then you have nice clean gems!
    The spray pack can also be to clear your aura or that of a loved one. Gemstone Therapy Practitioners can use them on clients also. They are amazing. I don’t know what I did without them all those years!

  2. 5 out of 5


    This GEMFormulas spray trio is my favorite way to cleanse my therapeutic gemstone necklaces, bracelets, & quartz clusters. It is easy, quick and effective.
    I also use this trio to cleanse myself after a stressful situation or after working in front of a computer all day.

  3. 5 out of 5


    This set is a god-send! It makes using gemstones more effective, especially for helping resolve heavy and tough issues that require both lots of cleansing and wearing the gems 24/7 until a cycle in the progress is finished. Its also great for rooms and my own energy field.

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