Gemstone Therapy 101: A Foundation Training Manual


Gemstone Therapy 101: A Foundation Manual provides the essential framework for applying gemstone energy medicine. It presents the skills, knowledge, and experience that form the core of all other gemstone therapy protocols. Those who are interested in gemstone therapy practitioner certification and/or learning the advanced gemstone therapy protocols must master these basics.

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What You'll Learn

This 284-page updated manual details Level 1 Gemstone Therapy protocols, supplementing what you can learn at workshops or at home with the accompanying DVDs. The purpose of Level 1 Training is to empower you to become comfortable applying the tools of Gemstone Therapy in self-therapy or for another person to meet any personal challenge or life issue that may arise. This manual will also prepare you for advanced Gemstone Therapy training.

This fully-illustrated and expanded manual includes:

  • Step-by-step instructions for the Gemstone Therapy Session Protocol and four Level 1 Gemstone Therapy Protocols, including aura nourishing and gemandala techniques.
  • Multiple self-therapies and review quizzes to help you learn as you go.
  • Reference tables and selection sheets.
  • Gemstone photographs for learning and identification.
  • Gemstone mandala graphics, and much more!


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