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Gemstone Therapy Institute Level 1 Gemstone Therapy Associate Practitioner Certification Enrollment


Students who have completed the live Gemstone 101 workshop are invited to register for the Gemstone Therapy certification track.  Registration is your declaration of intent to complete Level 1 training to become a Gemstone Therapy Associate Practitioner. The purpose of this training is to give you the foundational skills to provide simple yet meaningful Gemstone Therapy sessions to yourself and others, and to prepare you for Gemstone Therapy Level 2 practitioner training.

Registration fee covers:

  • $350 mentor fee. You will be assigned a Gemstone Therapy Institute mentor to support your Level 1 studies, review practice sessions, and discuss your quiz and final exam answers.
  • $45 administration.

A list of Level 1 Certification requirements can be found here.

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Registration for Level 1 Gemstone Therapy Certification should be completed after you take a GEM101 training class.

You will receive the Level 1 Student Materials pack at the workshop, whether or not you wish to attain the Associate Practitioner certification. This pack includes a checklist of Level 1 requirements, session forms, volunteer forms, tools and materials list, and your Level 1 take-home exam. Requirements for completing the Level 1 Gemstone Therapy Associate Practitioner Certification program are also available here.

Shortly after submitting your registration, you will be contacted by our education department and assigned a Gemstone Therapy Institute Mentor. Your mentor will meet with you (online, by phone, or in person) to answer questions, provide support & knowledge, and assess your skills when you complete the training.

Upon successful completion of all Level 1 criteria, you will receive certification as a Gemstone Therapy Associate Practitioner.  You will then be eligible to attend the Level 2 Gemstone Therapy training.