Lavender Jade Spheres

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Lavender Jade energy has an affinity with the nervous system. It has a relaxing effect on the energetic structure of nerve cells. It softens their structure if it has become hardened, and lengthens if contracted. At the same time, the gemstone’s drying quality resolves excessive moisture that can collect on the nerves. This unknits scrambled nerve frequencies, which collect old information. Urging the nerves to let go this information also contributes to the gem’s relaxing effect.

Single Spheres

    6.25mm Lavender Jade - Single Sphere (2.1 cts.) ($231.00)

    6.6mm Lavender Jade - Single Sphere (2.6 cts.) ($286.00)

    6.8mm Lavender Jade - Single Sphere (2.8 cts.) ($308.00)

    7mm Lavender Jade - Single Sphere (2.9 cts.) ($319.00)

    7.6mm Lavender Jade - Single Sphere (3.7 cts.) ($407.00)

    8mm Lavender Jade - Single Sphere (4 cts.) ($440.00)

    8.15mm Lavender Jade - Single Sphere (4.15 cts.) ($456.00)

Pairs of Spheres

    6.5mm Lavender Jade - Set of 2 Spheres (4.5 cts.) ($495.00)

    6.8mm Lavender Jade - Set of 2 Spheres (5.6 cts.) ($616.00)

    7.8mm Lavender Jade - Set of 2 Spheres (7.8 cts.) ($858.00)

    8mm Lavender Jade - Set of 2 Spheres (8 cts.) ($880.00)

Sets of 8 Spheres

    5.7mm Lavender Jade - Set of 8 Spheres (11.7 cts.) ($1,287.00)

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Work with Lavender Jade when you want to:

  • Relax.
  • Integrate.
  • Detoxify the nerves.
  • Support learning something new.

And when you feel:

  • Strung out.
  • Disconnected.
  • A need to heal from trauma, anxiety, hypersensitivity, and over-reactivity.

The ability to relax, soften, and calm over-stimulated energies is a common benefit among gemstones. Focusing this benefit on any system, such as the nervous system, is taught in Gemstone 210 workshop. Lavender Jade has a natural affinity with the nervous system, so its energies and benefits naturally go there. No other focusing or directing techniques are required.

Integration is the ability to organize and collect newly acquired energies or energetic states and establish them in a person’s field. The Core Alignment mandala, of which Lavender Jade is central, is an excellent tool for providing integration after energy work sessions or after learning something new.

Lavender Jade may be called for in a custom gemandala to help integrate the work of the other gemstones present. Its presence may also suggest the client’s energy field is having challenges with integration. Such as when a child has difficulty learning something new or an athlete’s body memory isn’t picking up a new and desired habit.

The gem’s detoxifying effect is unique. While the energies of other detoxifying gems can be focused on the nervous system, none work as effectively and efficiently as Lavender Jade. Gemstone Therapy Level 4 students can add Lavender Jade to the protocol for using homeopathic principles to cancel toxic frequencies. This can focus the procedure on neurotoxins.

Before studying Lavender Jade, I had no idea how rampant neurotoxicity is. Apparently, most people have some degree of toxin accumulation in their nervous systems, due simply to living in our modern age. Because of its widespread variety of symptoms, it can be difficult to identify physically. Energetically, if Lavender Jade is called for, it will be addressing this problem even as it calms and integrates.

Here are some facts I learned from the National Center for Biotechnology Information:

  • More than 850 chemicals are known to produce neurobehavioral disorders.
  • Neurotoxic conditions are one of the ten leading work-related disorders.
  • Of the 197 industrial chemicals implicated in exposure of more than 1 million people (NIOSH, 1977), 65 are neurotoxic at some exposure concentration.
  • 375,000 cases of pesticide intoxication occur annually. Most pesticides exhibit some neurotoxic effects.

Substances that can be neurotoxic include:

  • Overexposure to abused substances (ethanol, inhalants, narcotics)
  • Therapeutic drugs.
  • Chemotherapy drugs that are used to kill fast growing cells.
  • Radiation.
  • Heavy metals such as mercury and lead.
  • Food additives.
  • Toxic products or components of living organisms (e.g., bacteria, fungi, plants, animals).
  • Chemicals designed to affect organisms unwanted by humans (e.g., fungicides, herbicides, insecticides).
  • Cosmetics.
  • Industrial and cleaning solvents, chemical warfare agents.

Recognized symptoms of neurotoxicity include:

  • Paralysis or weakness in the limbs.
  • Altered sensation, tingling and numbness in the limbs.
  • Headache.
  • Vision loss.
  • Loss of memory and cognitive function.
  • Uncontrollable obsessive and/or compulsive behavior.
  • Behavioral problems.
  • Sexual dysfunction.
  • Depression.
  • Loss of circulation.
  • Imbalance.
  • Flu-like symptoms.

Add to this list a host of unrecognized symptoms that are difficult to diagnose based on the energetic nature of the neurotoxin.

Energetically, the nerves are susceptible to two types of neurotoxins. The energies of both these types are affected by Lavender Jade. One type of toxin consists of frequencies that move. They glide along the nerve cells or hop from one to the next. These are like moving targets and are difficult to trace and to treat without the help of a remedy that can affect the energetic component of the neurotoxin. (Such as Gemstone Therapy in general and Lavender Jade in particular.)

Moving neurotoxins cause glitches in function that may vary in type, location, and intensity. This makes them difficult to diagnose if you’re looking for a physical manifestation. Moving nerve toxins can affect one area, but only if they have affected that area often enough that a pattern has set in. (In which case you may need Rhodocrosite in your treatment regimen.)

These glitches in function can manifest as:

  • Missteps in a metabolic process. This can affect cell division at any stage, or the functioning of any organ or tissue (hence the reason neurotoxicity can be difficult to diagnose.)
  • Muscle spasms or twitches, or brief loss of motor control.
  • An interruption in organ function such as a skipped heartbeat.
  • The occasional misinformation that is sent to the brain regarding proper emotional response to a situation. The individual over reacts, says something inappropriate, and has no idea they’ve done so.

The second type of toxin pools in a single area. Usually the area has experienced an injury or strong EMR exposure—something to weaken its structure. In this case, the toxin can influence other types of tissues as well as the nerves, such as muscles, ligaments, and bone. Specifically, the nerve toxins disrupt normal function by deteriorating the tissue’s manifested matrix. It loses its shape and develops irregular holes and tears, as though the structure has simply dissolved in these areas. As above, so below. As this deterioration manifests physically, symptoms will be confined to that area.

The following information can be helpful to the Gemstone Therapy Practitioner, who has learned how to work with the seven levels of manifestation. (This is taught in Gemstone Therapy 210.)

Toxins in the nervous system enter the body at the organ, system, or physical body levels of manifestation. When the eliminatory processes can’t cope with them, the body quickly ushers the toxins deeper into the body. They are then susceptible to the laws of the level in which they have landed: atomic, molecular, or cellular levels.

  • Symptoms that are particularly squirrely, moving frequently from one location, type, and intensity to another are typically atomic level constructs.
  • Those that blend into the body, becoming quiet and asymptomatic, and then resurface are tied to the molecular level. The body tries to lasso the toxins into a metabolic process, finds them irreconcilable and spits them back out.
  • Cellular level toxins tend to manifest steady symptoms that stay relatively consistent in intensity, although where and how they manifest can fluctuate.

Either moving or stationary neurotoxins can affect emotions, memory, and/or mind. This occurs when the affected nerve tries to eliminate the toxin with a divide and conquer approach. Every part of the body, including the nerves, have energetic counterparts. These counterparts exist in the emotional, causal, and mental bodies, or layers, of the aura. The counterparts replicate and sometimes mirror-image the corresponding physical tissues.

An affected nerve may try to eject the toxin’s frequencies into its subtle-body counterpart. Now half the frequency load is reflected physically, and half in the subtle body. The energetic presence in the subtle bodies produces symptoms in the emotions, memory, and mind that call attention to the problem. Alerted, the body calls upon its own resources to help correct it. In addition, the intelligence centers that govern healing in the body also draw upon life’s resources. These can come in the form of a friend suggesting a doctor or recommending a treatment to try.

Reading this article might be serving as one of those resources. If it rings true for you, a fully certified Gemstone Therapy Practitioner, studying the level 4 curricula, knows procedures that may be able to help you.

Our therapeutic-quality Lavender Jade is a blueish-lavender color, free of green or other non-lavender coloration. The lavender color is relatively consistent for jadeite, although most spheres have a slight whitish presence barely swirling in with the lavender color. The gems are opaque, with a moderate candescence, and are free of inclusions or markings.

We are offering Lavender Jade in sets of eight, two, and singles. They are meant to be used for making mini-gemandalas or custom gemandalas.

When you receive your Lavender Jade, start by building it into a mini-gemandala, with itself in the center surrounded by four Mother of Pearl. Then self-apply the mini-gemandala. This will teach your body the energies of Lavender Jade.

Lavender Jade has an affinity with the nerves, so its energies will pool there. The presence of Mother of Pearl in the mini-gemandala will send the Lavender Jade energy through all levels of manifestation. This will allow the gem to affect the atoms, molecules, and cells involved with the nerves, as well as the nervous system as a whole, and also its energetic counterparts at the supraphysical, emotional, causal, mental, and whole-being levels.

Once your body learns the Lavender Jade’s essence and benefits, you’ll be able to recognize more easily when yourself or others need this gem.

I’ve seen only three Lavender Jade sphere strands since 1987 when I began keeping an eye out for them. One was comprised of 10-mm spheres and had a price tag in the six figures. The other was a very pale lavender and cost me around $1200. Once I cut the spheres off the purple thread, the jade revealed itself to be gray, without a trace of lavender.

Then two weeks ago, Karie-anne called me from the Las Vegas gem show, where she was hunting for therapeutic-quality gemstones.

“I found Lavender Jade,” she said.

I didn’t believe her.

She sent me photos.

Still skeptical I had her relay my questions to the vendor. As it turned out they were a reputable jade dealer, and this was the real deal.

GEMFormulas owns one piece of Lavender Jade, or more accurately Lavender Jadeite. We use it in the center of our Core Alignment mandala, when we make the spray of the same name. We had chosen the Core Alignment spray as our spray of the month for June, 2017, before Karie-anne went to Las Vegas. I had been studying the gem, and wrote an article on the spray, focusing on Lavender Jade’s benefits. How fascinating that we found some. Coincidence?

Previously, we had been able to offer Lavender Jade cabochons. The sphere form is superior, as you know, but it was the only material we could get. We have a few of the cabochons available. Their color leans toward a pinkish lavender. The spheres are bluish lavender. Both share the properties of Lavender Jade.

An Interview with the Gemstone Guardian of Lavender Jade

I requested a visit with the Guardian of Lavender Jade. I knew permission was granted when my spirit body was transported into subterranean pathways deep inside the earth. Veins of different colors of Jadeite beautified the tunnel walls with streaks of red, pink, orange, yellow, white, lavender, and all shades of green.

I spent more time looking up and around me at those vibrant walls, than paying attention to my walk forward. Fortunately, moving in my supraphysical body, I didn’t have to worry about tripping.

My physical body was sitting at home in a comfortable easy chair, and I was recording my experience into my i-phone.

After some time had passed, the tunnels led me to the Jade Guardian’s chamber, carved out of a solid mass of Jade. Nobody was there. So I continued down the tunnel and found him sitting on a smooth bench carved from the rock wall. His physique was stocky, solid, and strong. His skin a healthy looking green, and his facial features Asian.

We exchanged greetings. He nodded toward the roundish opening beside him, at tunnel’s end. I stood at the very edge of the gaping hole, which was about ten feet wide. I’ve never been afraid of heights.

The cavern below me was the size of a professional football stadium. It reminded me of a miniature Grand Canyon. Suddenly, the canyon went completely dark, as though the lights had gone out. We stared into a sea of blackness.

“This cavern is to the Earth like a nerve ganglion is to a human,” the Jade Guardian said.

“The Earth has many such ganglia. Together they serve as a collective brain. We may assume that it’s dark inside the Earth, but we may be surprised to learn that light exists there, too. It is what allowed you to see inside this cavern.”

I struggled a moment to translate his communication into English. It didn’t take long to get the hang of it.

“The light,” he said “is fed by solar and cosmic radiation that reaches through the surface of the Earth and interacts with certain minerals deep inside the planet. This light becomes trapped for a while and while it shines it activates certain planetary processes. When the light disperses, those processes recalibrate, rest, relax, and reset themselves so they can resume the next time they’re stimulated with light.

“The purpose of the Earth’s ganglia is to collect and process information about what’s going on throughout itself. Indeed, there’s a lot of activity. We don’t live on a lifeless rock, but a dynamic, living, breathing planet.

“Earth is involved in a continuous movement of heat, energy, molten rock, and rock that’s not molten but still malleable. Earth channels information about what’s happening on its surface, atmosphere, and underground to its ganglia. There, it decides what to do with the information.

“Like a human brain would process information, so too does the Earth, although its processing takes place in its collective ganglia. Like the body has nerves that are autonomic (controls body functions not consciously directed) and somatic (can be consciously controlled), so too does the Earth. Both types run through these ganglia.

“Don’t think the Earth isn’t aware of the life on her surface. From Earth’s viewpoint, everything that lives upon her is a part of her, just like the hair growing on your arm is a part of you. So every process within the Earth supports the whole. Including you.

“Humans do some things to the surface that the Earth must respond to immediately because she must maintain overall balance. Other things she can postpone, perhaps to save large populations, at least temporarily. Until things get to the point where the Earth can’t control the cause and effect relationship between what’s happening on the surface and what must happen in response, in order to maintain balance and keep everyone alive.

“The point is, in regard to Lavender Jade, that sometimes the nervous system needs to be quieted. Otherwise, if it continues to run as though awake, it will begin to react in uncontrollable ways. In a person, it can act or react upon different organs and functions in the body causing malfunction. Or it can lead to feelings such as anxiousness and debilitating worry.

“The way to prevent this is to rest the nerves. One way to do this, is to take a hint from the planet and periodically, if not regularly, put yourself in a completely darkened room. Obviously, the ideal time to do that is at night, with zero light infiltration.”

“What about the lit numbers on my digital clock.?” I asked.

“Not even those,” the Guardian replied.

“It can take some time for the nerves to learn how to relax in this environment, if they haven’t done so for a while.

“Of course, Lavender Jade can also help through its aligning ability.”

“We utilize the aligning property of Lavender Jade in the Core Alignment Spray,” I said. “It’s the center stone in the Core Alignment gemstone mandala.” As soon as I said this, I knew the guardian already knew.

He continued. “Lavender Jade helps align the nerves by addressing their structure; we’re talking about an energetic structure. There will be people who think that all this talk about energetic anatomy is nonsense because physical instruments can’t identify or measure it. Well, of course they can’t, because they’re designed to measure physical phenomena.

“My point is, physical manifestation in a living body is extremely dependent, in fact one hundred percent dependent, on its energetic counterparts for its health, its function, and even its manifestation. Even the embryo whose cells divide to form a physical body follows a preformed, energetic instruction book or matrix.

“The energetic infant grows faster than the physical one. It’s always one step ahead to guide physical growth. Otherwise, physical growth could stray in one of a thousand different directions creating anatomy that looks far different than the human form we’re accustom to seeing. The energetic matrix keeps things on track.

“The energetic anatomy is where gemstone medicine works. One such anatomy is the energetic structure of every body part, including that of the nerves. Lavender Jade works specifically with the nervous system’s energetic structure.

“The energetic structure of anything that’s healthy should be well organized, supple enough to respond to stimuli, but also having a clearly defined integrity. Its integrity allows it to withstand stress and challenge either from within the body or from the environment.

“When you work with Lavender Jade, it will identify the nerve’s energetic structure throughout the body and work to optimize that structure. Areas in the structure that are hardened will become supple. Areas that are ambiguous will become more defined. Areas that are too soft will become firmer.

“There are other types of structural anomalies. Nerve pathways could become too wide in some areas and in other places too narrow. There could be breaks, slices, or misalignments such as when there’s a nerve that’s severed such as from a laceration.”

“I’ve heard that nerves can have difficulty healing,” I said.

“Nerves don’t heal when the trauma that caused their physical damage is great enough to disrupt their energetic matrix. But there is a window where healing can occur: immediately after the trauma.

“This window exists because it takes time for the energetic matrix to respond to the trauma. Time in the supra-physical body—that band of vibration where the matrix exists—runs differently. Things take longer. So, if you were injured at noon with a trauma great enough to disrupt the nerves’ energetic matrix, that matrix may not receive the impact of the trauma for another 10 to 20 minutes.

“Here’s what happens. The impact sends a trauma wave through the body. The impact would immediately affect the physical tissue, but the energetic counterpart isn’t affected until the wave reaches it. The proximal edge of the supraphysical structure may be first affected ten minutes after impact. It may take two hours before the wave reaches the outer edge of the supraphysical body. Then it passes into the emotional body, where time moves even more slowly in relation to the physical.

“In practical terms, Lavender Jade is a good thing to have in your first aid kit for treating injuries where nerves are severed or damaged. This includes any time you accidentally cut yourself, because you’ve also severed nerves.”

I was curious about the effect of advanced Gemstone Therapy techniques that work with the time track. “If we go back in time to the moment before the injury occurs, what can we expect to accomplish in terms of helping the body heal severed nerves? And how can we use Lavender Jade in this case?”

“You would use Lavender Jade the same way you would use it for a present moment injury,” he said. “You locate the trauma window, and hold or tape the Lavender Jade sphere to that window.

“Pay careful attention to the position of the drill hole. Orient the drill hole parallel to the body to emphasize Lavender Jade’s aligning, integrating, and calming benefits. When you align the drill hole perpendicular to the body, in other words pointing right at the body, it will emphasize the detoxification benefit.

“This orientation helps dissipate unwanted energies from the area. It may take some time for the unwanted energies to start leaving, although in some cases it happens right away.

“At first, you get what looks and feels like off gassing. Energy spews through the drill hole like a mini geyser. For the most part, this initial release appears whitish. It is excess built-up energy, much of which could be excess moisture coming off the nerves. Give it time. Keep the Lavender Jade sphere in place.

“As the nerves start to relax any constrictions they might have, and finish releasing the excess moisture they’ve held, then unwanted energies will start coming out. The geyser’s color will grow darker. It may become black as toxins and unwanted energies are released.”

As he described the technique, I performed it physically. As soon as I placed the Lavender Jade sphere on one of my lung points, with its drill hole facing out, I could see a whitish energy spewing through the hole. Rather than dissipate, it began spilling onto my skin. I took care of it quickly with a few squirts of Energy Clearing Spray. Specifically, I sprayed horizontally, across the top of the sphere.

The guardian explained that this placement technique can be applied over any system window, organ window, target area, or trauma window.

“Can Lavender Jade cabochons be used for this purpose?” I asked.

“A cabochon can support other Lavender Jade effects such as aligning, integrating, and calming, but is unable to support detoxifying,” he replied.

“Is there any hope for spinal cord injuries?” I asked.

“The sooner they are treated, the more hope you have,” he said. “You want to be able to treat the energetic counterpart before it is destroyed by the wave of trauma heading toward it. If the energetic counterpart can be saved, the physical tissue has a matrix to copy in its healing process.”

He said that we would start with Gemstone Therapy techniques that we call the Matrix Renewal Technique using Lavender Jade at the trauma window and also on the application window on the practitioner’s wrist. Then perform the Information Retrieval and Rebooting techniques.

“When the supra-physical matrix is destroyed,” he said, “the emotional aura collapses into the area. There’s no room for the supraphysical to be restored. Yet, an intact emotional body spinal cord counterpart still cannot support physical healing because the vibrations between the emotional and physical layers are too different. The emotional counterpart is not sufficient to serve as a healing matrix for the physical body to copy. It really needs the bridge created by the supraphysical counterpart.

“Of course there are other problems that occur when the emotional aura infiltrates the supraphysical. But those would be minor compared to the physical ramifications of a severed or damaged spinal cord.”

“What about a less severe injury?” I asked. “Let’s say you’re chopping vegetables and cut your finger. Both blood vessels and nerves are severed. What then?”

“First apply physical pressure to stop the bleeding, and then treat it energetically using a piece of Black Rutilated Quartz at the trauma window. This will help stop energy leakage associated with bleeding. Once bleeding stops, replace the Black Rutilated Quartz with Lavender Jade to help repair the nerves.

“When nerves are repaired, they can send the signals to coordinate the rest of the tissue repair. Although healing does happen in whole, if you support one tissue, all will benefit. To amplify this portion of the healing process, use Frosted Quartz and its symbiotic Clear Quartz. A large mass of these gems, such as a necklace is ideal.”

The light turned on again in the cavern, and I wondered what information was being shared on a global scale this time.

The guardian suggested I dig deeper into my research of Lavender Jade in the Great Library. I would find more on Lavender Jade in books about the properties of Green Jadeite. It has been hidden there, and will surprise and delight those who happen to find it.


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