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Learn Diamond Therapy!

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Diamond Therapy Associate Practitioner Certification 10-month online course.

Yes! I'm ready to support personal transformation through the reawakening of the Blueprint Self!  I'll get $4744 in Real-Value Bonuses when I register. (Includes $1000 bonus credit toward a GEMFormulas' Therapy Diamond of my choice.)

Registration has now closed! If you are interested in taking the Diamond Therapy Practitioner Certification 10-month online course please contact us at (877)443-6436 or at education@gemformulas.com. 

    One time payment of $2970. ($2,970.00)

    Get started for $877. Make an additional 3 monthly payments of $877. ($877.00)

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Upon Registration
You’ll receive details about the program, including a link to the “Energy Awareness Exercises” video course and workbook so that you can get started right away. Your next step will be to make an appointment with our Diamond Concierge so that you can select a Therapy Diamond and get some ideas for what gemstones you might like to start working with.

Upon Purchase of your Therapy Diamond:
We will send you the link to the “Diamond Therapy 101 Video Home Study Course” and workbook. It will show you how to get to know your new Therapy Diamond, care for it, and simple ways to get started using it right away.

Personal Coaching.
Your mentor, GTI faculty Debra Kraft, will contact you to welcome you to the program and give you her contact information. She will review your completed study guides every month. Feel welcome to reach out to her with questions.

Online Learning with Isabelle.
Starting October 1st, and every month for ten months, you’ll receive an email reminder to check your digital classroom. There you’ll find the latest installments of video instruction with Isabelle. Course videos run 1-1/2 to 2 hours.

Live Webinar Coaching Schedule.
Gemstone Therapy Institute faculty, Debra Kraft, will host live webinar coaching for 90 minutes once a month at 8:00PM Eastern.

Study at Your Own Pace.
You have the entire month to review the materials in your digital classroom. These include a monthly study guide that outlines your assignments for the month, plus supplemental handouts and video demonstrations. New material will be released regularly on the first day of the month, and we’ll remind you it’s there with email.

Printed Modules.
There’s so much that we’re excited to share with you! But, so not to overwhelm you, we will send you the five printed modules individually. Your first mailing will include a 3-ring binder and pre-printed tabs to keep all your course information neatly organized.

Graduation Workshop.
The course culminates in an in-person 3-day workshop in August, 2019. The purpose is to refine your technique under mentor supervision; gain confidence with practice; an enjoy self-healing and the transformation possible by receiving partner trades all weekend long.

We encourage you to attend, even if  you have not completed all your study guides, and especially if you are unsure and need some extra support.  The workshop is required for Diamond Therapy Associate Practitioner certification and advancing to Level 2 studies.

Location to be announced.

Workshop registration fee (to cover expenses), plus travel, room, and board are not included in the Course Registration fee.

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