LifeLine™ Therapy Tool

From: $749.00

This therapy tool is designed specifically to help repair a damaged central chakra channel, which is associated with symptoms of chronically low energy. The formula has the same gemstones as the LifeLine necklace, with an all-important difference in numerology. It is available exclusively for Gemstone Therapy practitioners and students who have taken GEM 101.

3A-Quality Tanzanite

    7" Bracelet (with 16.50 cts of Tanzanite, .46 cts. Blue Tourmaline) ($792.00)

    7" Bracelet (with 25.85 cts of Tanzanite, .40 cts. Blue Tourmaline) ($1,160.00)

    7.5" Bracelet (with 15.65 cts of Tanzanite, .37 cts. Blue Tourmaline) ($749.00)

    8" Bracelet (with 34.50 cts of Tanzanite, .52 cts. Blue Tourmaline) ($1,518.00)

4A-Quality Tanzanite

    7" Bracelet (with 18.85 cts of Tanzanite, .60 cts. Blue Tourmaline) ($1,277.00)

    7.5" Bracelet (with 29.03 cts of Tanzanite, .50 cts. Blue Tourmaline) ($1,832.00)

    8" Bracelet (with 43.25 cts of Tanzanite, .80 cts. Blue Tourmaline) ($2,761.00)

Use the LifeLine therapy tool when you apply the Central Chakra Channel Restoration Technique during a Gemstone Therapy session. (See the How to Use tab for instructions.) The technique is ideal when a client exhibits some or many of the following criteria. These criteria mirror the indications for the LifeLine necklace.

When your client reports feelings of being:

  • Burned out or deeply exhausted.
  • Scattered, disconnected, and unable to focus.
  • Fragile and hypersensitive.
  • Exhausted to the point of despair.
  • Overworked and unable to get enough sleep.
  • Overly cynical or mistrusting.
  • Misunderstood.
  • Unable to recover after hard work.
  • Unable to feel rested after sleep.

When your client reports a tendency to:

  • Lash out emotionally in a way that’s out of character.
  • Use perfectionism or control as a coping mechanism.
  • Feel as though they’re an empty shell whose life has become mechanical.
  • Feel betrayed by people they trust.

The LifeLine formula and this restorative technique is ideal for people who:

  • Are highly motivated, driven, high-functioning, and ambitious.
  • Are working long hours in their career or business.
  • Are deeply committed to doing or giving their very best.
  • Are unhappy at their job but stay because they need the money.
  • Often neglect their own needs or don’t know how to fulfill them.

The LifeLine Therapy Tool in a Practice
Clients whose life experience is similar to the above description would benefit by wearing a LifeLine necklace. The four sets of symbiotic gemstones in this necklace help focus the restorative energies on the central chakra channel for day-long support. Ongoing support is essential for the central channels’ self-restoration.

As a practitioner, a full necklace is not essential for treating clients. A bracelet therapy tool with one symbiotic collection of gemstones is sufficient when the bracelet is applied on a therapy wand in the aura.

An exception would be when your clientele in general tends to have the above listed issues, or you are specializing in low energy and burnout. In this case, you have the option to place a LifeLine necklace along the client’s midline during the therapy session, while you apply the LifeLine bracelet in the aura.

  • Encourage your client to purchase the LifeLine necklace and teach her how to wear it and keep it clear.
  • If a client’s budget does not allow, they can wear a Lifeline bracelet to remind their body of the work they received in your session.
  • LifeLine bracelets are available only through practitioners and are meant to supplement regular Gemstone Therapy sessions.

The Central Chakra Channel Restoration Technique

Skills and Knowledge Required:
The ability to wrap a gemstone necklace on a wand and apply it in the aura. This is taught in GEM 101.
If you know how to apply the aura-nourishing necklaces in the aura, you have all the skills you need to apply this technique.

How to Apply:

1. Wrap the LifeLine therapy tool on a therapy wand.

2. Begin application with the wand parallel to the midline somewhere near the middle of the torso.

3. Keep the wand parallel to the midline while performing this technique.

When the wand moves in a vertical circling movement either left to right or right to left, it means the gems are engaged with the central chakra channel (CCC) in a particularly restorative way.

When the wand follows the meridian running movement up and down the midline of the body, it means the gems are loosening the energies in the central chakra channel. This prepares them to be naturally flushed out, or the body may call for a White Beryl & Turquoise clearing or the use of Energy Clearing Spray.

The technique is complete when the wand has moved in some way all along the CCC, from above the head to below the feet.

To Support the CCC Restoration:
Per direction from the client’s energy field, supply as needed at any time during the session:
-Aura-nourishing necklace placements.
-White Beryl & Turquoise extractions.
-Color ray support (spray or necklace).
-GEMFormulas’ aura sprays.

Level 2 Gemstone Therapy Practitioners may also:
-Do a full chakra evaluation beforehand to chart progress.
-Perform the Chakra Protocol and Spectrum Balancing Chakras procedures.

Time Guidelines:
This technique may take at least 15 to 20 minutes and perhaps the entire session.