Living River™ Bracelet

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Living River™ bracelet consists of Blue-Green Fluorite, Carnelian, and Citrine. This formula: vitalizes the energies of the urinary and reproductive systems; clears stagnant energy in the lower abdomen, which can lead to conditions of the bladder, vagina, prostate, and bowel; and support the body’s natural downward-moving energy flows to relieve excessive energy build-up in the head and upper chest.

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3A-Quality Blue-Green Fluorite

    8mm - 7" Bracelet (with 4-6mm Carnelian, 2.0 cts. Citrine) ($198.00)

    8mm - 7" Bracelet (with 4-6mm Carnelian, 2.7 cts. Citrine) ($208.00)

    8mm - 7.5" Bracelet (with 4-6mm Carnelian, 2.0 cts. Citrine) ($204.00)

    8mm - 7.5" Bracelet (with 4-6mm Carnelian, 2.7 cts. Citrine) ($222.00)

    8mm - 8" Bracelet (with 4-6mm Carnelian, 1.8 cts. Citrine) ($208.00)

    8mm - 8" Bracelet (with 4-6mm Carnelian, 2.0 cts. Citrine) ($212.00)

    8mm - 8" Bracelet (with 4-6mm Carnelian, 2.7 cts. Citrine) ($228.00)

4A-Quality Blue-Green Fluorite

    8mm - 7" Bracelet (with 4-6mm Carnelian, 2.3 cts. Citrine) ($244.00)

    8mm - 7.5" Bracelet (with 4-6mm Carnelian, 2.6 cts. Citrine) ($256.00)

    8mm - 8" Bracelet (with 4-6mm Carnelian, 2.8 cts. Citrine) ($266.00)

The Benefits of Wearing Therapeutic Gemstone Bracelets

Wear Living River When You Want to: 

  • Vitalize your urinary system and associated organs including the kidney, ureters, bladder, and urethra.
  • Give energetic support to other kidney functions, which include regulating tissue fluid levels, blood volume, blood pressure, blood pH, and the production of red blood cells.
  • Overcome underlying imbalances that feed infections of the urinary tract.
  • Work on clearing energy stagnancies that can lead to bladder infection, incontinence, constipation, enlarged prostate, vaginitis, hemorrhoids, irregular urination, menstrual cramps, uterine fibroids, poor libido, and certain fertility issues.
  • Increase libido by improving the flows of energy to the reproductive organs.
  • Relieve stuck energies in your upper body that contribute to lung congestion, head pressure, and cough.
  • Support healthy downward-moving energy flows to help you sleep better and more deeply.

How Living River Works
All physical anatomy have energetic counterparts in the aura. The body’s energy flows also have counterparts, as do unwanted energies and energy blockages contained in the body. Everything manifests in the aura at a higher level of vibration. When you wear Living River bracelet, its healing energies collect in those areas that correspond to the physical organs this necklace naturally targets. In this way, the gemstones vitalizes these organs.

Releases Energy Blockages
The bracelet’s energy identifies those areas where energy flows have become stagnated. Imagine a logjam on a river. After a rainfall the river level rises and the logs become unstuck. This is what happens when you wear Living River. It increases the amount of flow moving through stuck areas so that these areas soften and the accumulated energies dilute and release.

Clears stagnant energy
This necklace can be used to clear stagnant energy particularly in the lower abdomen. Here, stagnant energy can lead to bladder infection, incontinence, constipation, enlarged prostate, vaginitis, hemorrhoids, irregular urination, menstrual cramps, uterine fibroids, and certain fertility issues. The urinary system includes the kidneys, which control interstitial fluid levels. When these levels are out of balance, edema and fluid retention can result. These conditions are also associated with stagnant energy.

Supports Downward-moving Flows
When you wear this necklace, the body’s natural downward-moving energy flows are supported and strengthened. Blockages in these flows are naturally cleared. Excess energy that may have accumulated is dissipated.

Your body has both downward- and upward-moving energy flows. When you remove the Living River necklace, your downward flows are no longer supported. However, regularly wearing Living River in intervals can kick-start the upward flows. Therefore, after wearing Living River on and off for several days, you may notice a renewed vitality in the flows that naturally move upward too. You may naturally feel more energy overall and improved mental clarity.

Supporting the movement of energy down the body can relieve excess build-ups of energy in the head and upper chest. These can lead to insomnia and congestion in the lungs and sinuses. By supporting the body’s natural downward-moving flows, this necklace also supports good digestion, elimination, and respiration. Disruptions, weaknesses, or reversals in these downward flows can lead to acid reflux and indigestion, nausea and vomiting, constipation and irritable bowel, and cough.

The name, Living River, suggests the life-giving energy flows that are supported by this gemstone combination. These energy flows should move freely throughout our body and being.

Help with Sleep
Difficulty falling asleep is often associated with excessive energy in the head. When thoughts keep you up at night, you can be sure this is the case. Wearing Living River at night mobilizes downward flows and draws away the surplus so that you can fall asleep with ease.

Help with Fertility and Libido
A healthy libido depends on healthy energy flows and a healthy sacral chakra. Furthermore, successful conception requires adequate yellow ray, which Citrine calls to the body. Living River supports all of these. However, if your main concern is conceiving a child, an additional source of yellow ray may be required.

Stagnant Energy in the Lungs
Stagnant energy can also collect in the upper areas of the body, particularly the lungs and sinuses. Most commonly, this leads to stuffy nose and cough. In addition to easing conditions in other areas of the body, wearing Living River may alleviate conditions of the lungs that are rooted in energy stagnation. As the necklace’s gems pull energy down the body, excess energies in the respiratory system are relieved so the body can more easily return itself to balance and health.

Symbiotic Blue-green Fluorite, Carnelian and Citrine

Blue-green Fluorite
Blue-green Fluorite vitalizes the urinary system and has a cooling, softening effect that promotes tissue flexibility and allows energies to flow as they should. This ability to open and restore energy flows is a key benefit because many health conditions stem from stagnant energy. Energy stagnancy in the lower abdomen is usually associated with bladder infection, incontinence, chronic vaginal yeast infection, constipation, prostate conditions, poor libido, certain fertility issues, and uterine fibroids. Also, stagnancy is usually responsible for any condition that is slow to heal.

Blue-green Fluorite supports energy flows that move down the body. These downward-moving flows are associated with good digestion, elimination, and respiration. Disruptions, weaknesses, or reversals in these downward flows can lead to acid reflux and indigestion, nausea and vomiting, constipation and irritable bowel, and cough.

Carnelian provides the orange ray, which vitalizes the sacral chakra. Conditions of the reproductive organs are usually associated with orange-color-ray blockages or deficiencies, and/or sacral chakra anomalies. The presence of Carnelian helps alleviate these problems. Carnelian also promotes the flow of energy, particularly that of the blood.

Citrine provides a natural unwinding action, which further supports the decongestion of stagnant energy. Citrine calls the yellow ray, which supports the stomach chakra, digestive processes, and proper and efficient toxin elimination.

Therapeutic-Quality Parameters
Blue Green Fluorite is available in a variety of shades, from green-blue to blue-green. With all other factors being equal, the better the clarity, the stronger the gem’s effects will be.

Fluorite is a very soft gemstone (4 on the Moh’s hardness scale) and should be stored carefully to avoid scuffing and scratching its surface.

Some Blue-green Fluorite spheres may have certain colorless inclusions that play with light in interesting ways. These are acceptable in a necklace as long as they don’t overwhelm it.

Our therapeutic gemstone bracelets are made with the same therapeutic-quality* gems as our necklaces and earrings. Designs are based on our necklaces and offer the same benefits.

Bracelet comes with a wood button clasp unless special ordered otherwise.

Use an extender to add the length required to wear around your ankle.

Bracelet Availability
Our standard bracelet lengths are 7.25 and 8 inches (about 18.5 – 20 cm). Because of the variation of individuals’ wrist sizes, we gladly accept special orders. Bracelets can be made based on any of our necklace designs. To calculate your bracelet size, measure the exact circumference of your wrist. We will make your bracelet a little longer to fit. Your bracelet may stretch slightly with wear.

For inquiries regarding custom bracelets, please contact us. Call 877-4GEM-GEM (877-443-6436) or email

*Therapeutic-quality gemstones are authentic gemstones at the top of their class in color, clarity, brightness, and cut. Quality parameters vary for each individual gemstone, and we carefully select every bead to make sure you get the very best.

Bracelet Care
Cleanse your GEMFormulas’ bracelets as you would our necklaces, using the GEMFormulas’ Clearing Sprays . They should be cleansed daily.

Store bracelets with the clasp open, and spiraled if possible. Keep them with your gemstone necklaces or draped on a bracelet tree.

Bracelets made of the softer gems like Blue-green Fluorite (Living River), Rhodocrosite (Loving Me), and Apatite (Core Four) require extra care. These gems can break or scratch easily so avoid wearing them when they might knock against desks or countertops.

GEMFormulas bracelets can be used in a variety of ways besides wearing them around your wrist. They can be placed on the body as a poultice, used instead of necklaces in Gemstone Therapy procedures including self-therapies, and wrapped around a therapy wand to be applied in the aura.

You can wear a bracelet on the left or right wrist, and switch between sides as you wish. Wear as many bracelets as your body calls for. We once suggested limiting the number to three, until we learned that some people require complex combinations of gemstone bracelets and necklaces to meet their particular needs.

Do you love bracelets? Try wrapping your gemstone necklaces around your wrist, for a multi-layered effect. You may need an extender to make them fit.

Bracelets are safe to wear when you sleep. While falling asleep, you can place the palm of the hand that has the bracelet around it over an area you want to work on. The gemstones will continue to support it for as long as your hand remains in that position.

Applying gemstones in the aura is an important part of Gemstone Therapy. Common gemstone therapy movements can easily be replicated with a bracelet on the wrist, simply by moving your arm in circles or in other ways.

I was in the midst of a recurring bladder infection when I happened to also be visiting one of my gemstone suppliers. When he pulled out several strands of Blue-green Fluorite I immediately gravitated to it. I knew Blue-green Fluorite vitalized the urinary tract, but hadn’t taken the time to make a custom gemandala for a self-therapy. I’d also never seen this gemstone in the 10mm size and quality he was showing me.

I held the hank of strands and was delighted to feel a surge of relief. It felt as though a cool river was flowing down inside my body and quelling the fire in my bladder. Given how common bladder infections are and how difficult it can be to clear them, even using conventional means, I knew that a lot of people would appreciate the helpful energetic support that Blue-green Fluorite necklace could provide. I bought all the Blue-green Fluorite they had and put in an order for more.

Finding the design for this necklace was a team effort. I sat down with one of our staff and told him about the Blue-green Fluorite. I shared how conditions in the lower abdomen are usually orange-ray deficient. Why not add Carnelian? I also shared how Blue-green Fluorite helps break up energy stagnation by supporting downward flows, and explained how this was different than the action of Citrine, which does a similar job by stirring energies. Why not add Citrine too?

The design flowed into place with ease, like a living river.

The information in this webpage came from a few sources: the Guardian of Blue-green Fluorite, personal observation guided by my gemstone therapy teacher, and inner library research. The guardian of this gemstone has been elusive to me in that I haven’t been able to have a face-to-face conversation with him, as I’ve had with other guardians. Yet he has made his presence known in subtle ways.

Once, when I was outside in the garden working on this page, my attention was drawn to a blue-green glass ball my husband had bought for the garden. I’d never noticed before how much this orb looked like Blue-green Fluorite, and it seemed to shine particularly brightly in that moment. Plus, when I had a question about this necklace and invited and felt this guardian’s presence, soon enough I knew the answer. Yet I hadn’t even been aware of the telepathy between us.

Working with this gemstone has taught me a lot about trusting the most subtle of inner experiences and to keep them moving forward, like a river, without letting my mind obstruct, judge, or end them prematurely.


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