Mini-Gemandala Mental Healing and Awareness Pack


Contains these therapeutic-quality gemstones: 4 Mother of Pearl, 1 Aquamarine, 1 Sodalite, 1 Blue Lace Agate, 1 Lavender Quartz.

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Start with the Mini-Gemandalas for Physical Healing, and then work with the Mini-Gemandalas for Emotional Healing. After that, the Pack for Karmic Pattern and Habit Healing, and the Pack for Mental Healing and Awareness can be applied in any order.

After you have applied all 16 gemstones from all four packs, you can then work with the gems in whatever order your body calls for. Please view the DVD, “Mini-Gemandalas for Self Therapy”  or Module 4 of the Gemstone Therapy 101 Manual for instructions.

NOTE: You will need a therapy rod and 1/3-stick of beeswax to use this product.


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