Pink Chalcedony Masterclass Course

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Take a deep dive into the Healing Secrets of Pink Chalcedony in this online course by Isabelle Morton. You’ll learn more than you ever thought possible about Pink Chalcedony: what it looks like, its properties, actions, effective qualities, and how best to apply it. I’ll show you gemstones, share information about how to apply Pink Chalcedony therapeutically, and much more! Get Your Copy Today!

Our Pink Chalcedony Masterclass provides in-depth information available nowhere else. Learn about Pink Chalcedony’s properties, action, effective qualities, therapeutic parameters, information needed to apply Pink Chalcedony, and much more!

The course consists of eight modules, each of which contains a video, the audio version of that video, and the transcript. Total video training is 2 hours, with 36 pages of transcript. You also get a two-page summary sheet that highlights all the interesting facts you’ll learn about Pink Chalcedony.

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Module 1: Introduction & Tropism
First, an overview of Pink Chalcedony’s physical characteristics. Then, what is tropism? Why do gemstones have tropism? Why does tropism not apply to raw crystals? Do all gemstones carry a color ray spectrum? What do drill holes have to do with tropism?

Module 2: Pink Chalcedony’s Properties
All healing herbs and gemstones can be classified by whether they have a drying or moistening effect on the body, and whether a warming or cooling effect. These are considered its properties. Discover Pink Chalcedony’s properties and why they are so important to its overall mission.

Module 3: Effective Qualities: Calming & Dampening
Herbs are known for their unique effective qualities, in other words, their benefits, or what they do. Healing gemstones also have a unique energetic nature, which explains the benefits they offer when worn or applied. In these gemstone masterclasses, I’ve been focusing on five key effective qualities. For Pink Chalcedony they are: Calming, Dampening, Equalizing, Mitigating Wind, and Regulating.

Module 4: Effective Quality: Equalizing
To understand the benefit of equalizing, we’ll first discuss the body’s intelligence centers. Where are they located and what do they do? How should the mind and heart work together. How does Pink Chalcedony keep the mind from interfering?

Module 5: Effective Qualities: Mitigating Wind & Regulating
Wind in the body is a condition described in Chinese Medicine that has an adverse influence on the body. Energetically, its an interesting phenomenon. Its a flow of energy that acts independently of established energy flows in the body and aura. It can affect the entire physical and subtle body structure; usually influencing specific areas. The affected areas can shift from one location to another.

Module 6: Pink Chalcedony’s Symbiotic Gemstone & Comparisons with Other Healing Stones
In this video I’m going to talk about Pink Chalcedony’s symbiotic gemstone, and discuss comparisons between Pink Chalcedony and other pink gemstones, and other gemstones that have various other similarities.

Module 7: How to Work with Pink Chalcedony
Learn tips for wearing Pink Chalcedony. There are more ways to work with this necklace than simply wearing it.

Module 8: Pink Chalcedony in a Custom Gemandala, When to Wear, and Numerology
You’ll learn what it means when Pink Chalcedony appears in the center of a custom gemandala or in its outer circles. Plus, indications for wearing it, and secrets of gemstone numerology. Enjoy!