INDIVIDUAL Remote Diamond and Gemstone Therapy with Isabelle Morton

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From: $150.00

INDIVIDUAL Gemstone & Diamond Therapy Sessions:

At checkout, in the “comments” section of the order form, please indicate what days and times are best for you and I will try to accommodate. When I receive your order, I will email you to schedule the appointment.

Now available: Emergency Individual Gemstone & Diamond Therapy Sessions. I understand that emergencies can pop up and I'm willing to drop what I'm doing to help. I'll do my best to provide you with the session within 24-48 hours of your order, except when I'm traveling. We will not process your order or take payment until you are satisfied with the scheduling.

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INDIVIDUAL 1 hour Remote Diamond and Gemstone Therapy with Isabelle Morton

    August 6th, 10AM ET/7AM PT ($300.00)

    August 19th, 10AM ET/7AM PT ($300.00)

    Sept. 9th 10AM ET/7AM PT ($300.00)

    Sept 10th 10AM ET/7AM PT ($300.00)

    Sept 12th 8PM ET/5PM PT ($300.00)

    Sept 18th 10AM ET/7AM PT ($300.00)

    Oct 3rd 8PM ET/5PM PT ($300.00)

    Oct 28th 10AM ET/5PM PT ($300.00)

    Oct 28th 8PM ET/5PM PT ($300.00)

Additional Time

    Add on - extra 30 minutes ($150.00)

EMERGENCY Individual Remote Diamond and Gemstone Therapy with Isabelle Morton

    Emergency 90 Minute Remote Session (**see details above) ($700.00)

No matter where you may be living, you can benefit from Isabelle Morton’s skills as a master Gemstone Therapy Practitioner. Your one-hour or 90 minute remote session will take place by phone or Skype while you are sitting or lying in a comfortable position, undisturbed in your home. Isabelle will then use her remarkable abilities to view and work with your energies.

With your permission, Isabelle observes your aura and may start by bringing in gemstone energies that vitalize its mental, causal, emotional, and supraphysical layers. She may adjust their orientations so that all are aligned and functioning together in harmony. She often works with the chakras, starting at the crown. She corrects chakra leaks and anomalies, lengthens and strengthens chakra vortexes so they extend fully through your aura, removes unwanted energies from them, and corrects imbalances in the chakras’ color rays.

If you have a particular physical condition, Isabelle may explore the molecules, cells, and tissues involved, while describing what she sees. Focused work can also be done in the emotional, causal, and mental bodies. Diamond and gemstone energies are brought in at every step to nourish and vitalize and assist with releasing unwanted energies, which may include clouds of random energies, entities, virus, parasites, and negative thoughts and emotions.

Every remote session is special and unique and proceeds according to the desires and needs of the individual.