GROUP Remote Diamond and Gemstone Therapy with Isabelle Morton

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GROUP Gemstone & Diamond Therapy Sessions:
Similar to individual sessions, but done as a group and without conversation. Participants remain anonymous and get a recording afterward. Sessions last about 45 minutes to an hour. For best results, attend all three in the series, but you can pick and choose as you like. Times listed are Eastern Time. You’ll receive the call-in information the day of the session via email. Read Client Experiences in the tabs below.

Please Note: Registration closes at 7 PM the day of each session. Login information is available via download upon registration.

Group Remote Diamond and Gemstone Therapy

    Improving Exercise Efficiency #1: Wednesday, July 10th, 2019 (8:00pm EDT) ($50.00)

    Improving Exercise Efficiency #2: Wednesday, July 17th, 2019 (8:00pm EDT) ($50.00)

    Improving Exercise Efficiency #3: Wednesday, July 24th, 2019 (8:00pm EDT) ($50.00)

    All 3 Sessions ($150.00)

No matter where you live, you can benefit from Isabelle Morton’s skills as a master Gemstone Therapy Practitioner. These 45-60 minute group remote sessions will take place by phone while you are sitting or lying in a comfortable position, undisturbed in your home.

The techniques I’ll use will be compatible with all. I will work with the group and won’t single out anyone, although everyone should feel as though they are receiving individualized attention.

This is your opportunity to:
• Try a remote session if you haven’t had one before, at a fraction of the cost of an individual session.
• Experience for yourself the healing power of therapeutic gemstones and 7-color-ray Therapy Diamonds.
• Take a significant step on your journey to greater health.

Our session will start promptly at the designated hour. Please call in at least 5 minutes early to give yourself time to relax and contemplate what you’d like to address during the session. Everyone will be muted, so you will not be able to chat with each other. This is your own personal time for self-healing.

Please be on time. Arriving after we begin will make it harder for you to enter the group experience. It may also disrupt the experience for others.

Be sure to give yourself time afterward to rest before continuing on with your day.


Circulatory System Group Session
“Sally, a therapist in her sixties from New England, had migraines off and on for many years. She’d worked privately with Isabelle to receive Gemstone Therapy and the migraines abated for a while, but then came back as new stressors came into her life. Sally felt that Gemstone Therapy was the most effective way to treat the deeper cause of these, but she couldn’t afford to do private sessions as often as she wanted to.

Then she heard about Isabelle’s group remote sessions. Sally wasn’t sure if they’d be as useful as the private sessions, because Isabelle would be working with a collection of people and their health problems in just an hour on the phone. But the price was great and Sally decided to try a series of three sessions focusing on the circulatory system.

She called in and listened as Isabelle cleared the space and welcomed attendees from all over. Although there was a large group, Sally sensed, she felt relaxed in the sacred and safe space Isabelle created, and ready for healing. Isabelle shared new ideas about the circulatory system that Sally had never heard of: how it functioned on the physical level but also on other, energetic levels. Isabelle used a similar process as in the private sessions, but she also included more education about the specific area of the body. By the end of the first session, Sally still had a touch of migraine but she slept well that night, better than she had in days, as if something deep inside had released and rejuvenated during the call.”
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Skeletal System Group Session Experience
“Marjorie is a certified gemstone practitioner, studying to be certified in Diamond Therapy. She wanted to have the experience of receiving remote Diamond sessions from Isabelle both for personal reasons and for gaining more skill in her practice. She sensed the group remote sessions would help fine-tune her physical and energetic bodies.

She registered for a single session that focused on the chakra system of the body. During the session, Marjorie definitely sensed a fine-tuning of her energies in each chakra. She felt wonderful afterwards and for several days following. “I could feel that my brow chakra, or sixth chakra, had more energy than normal,” she said, and the following day her vision was very acute. This change stayed with her for a couple of days afterwards and then her vision returned to normal.

She was able to listen to the recording of this session two times, and it allowed her to recapture that feeling of having abundant energy in the seven physical body chakras.

Next, she took the group remote session on Diamond and Gemstone Therapy for the skeletal system. Marjorie had a unique and pleasurable experience afterwards. “As I was walking,” she said, “I felt deeply grounded, my skeletal structure was very firmly connected to the ground, like a sensation of having heavier feet and my posture was very erect. My torso felt very strong and my ability to sway back and forth and move my arms had increased. It felt like my body was performing a dance as I walked as I had so much movement and freedom in my body and my extremities. The core of my body was strong and grounded.”
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Self-Confidence Group Session Experience
“Alison had been experiencing some challenges at work with a difficult client in her consulting business. She had tried several ways to work with the client but nothing seemed easy. Her usual clients were harmonious, eager to collaborate, and grateful for her services. From this new client, all Alison got was angry demands.

She’d started to feel her self-esteem dropping steadily, and it was affecting her work. She really wanted to fire this new client, return her deposit, and reorient her business towards people she really wanted to work with. But the decision felt too big, too hard.

Then she saw that Isabelle was offering the first of the remote gemstone healing sessions on self-confidence and the stomach chakra. Alison knew she had to sign up.

She’d worked privately with Isabelle before and loved the healing effect of gemstones, so she was very eager to see what would come from this session.

She set her intention to be receptive to healing and new ideas on how to make her work life more harmonious, less of a drain on her energy. Isabelle started by clearing the space and declaring it sacred, and Alison remembered this from her private remote sessions. She let herself relax deeply, feeling relief for the first time in days. Then Isabelle suggested each person imagine a coil of white beryl and turquoise about 4-6 inches in diameter covering the entire body and aura. Imagine it beginning to turn, either clockwise or counterclockwise, depending on the individual. Alison felt the coil turn counterclockwise and as it did, even more relaxation came into her body.”
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5 reviews for GROUP Remote Diamond and Gemstone Therapy with Isabelle Morton

  1. 5 out of 5


    Thank you! this has been an awesome series. I listen to the recordings in order to fall asleep and I wake up feeling better from the inside out. Some personal disharmony is falling away naturally, and its lots easier for me to discern when someone isn’t being respectful towards me. It is also lots easier to not care so much about other people’s actions, not keep playing along with their game, and just me myself. 🙂

  2. (verified owner):

    Thank you so much for the session this evening on the eyes. You shared some great information on the way the eyes receive. I drifted in and out but could definitely feel relaxation, a letting go, and a big shift in my perception.

  3. (verified owner):

    The group remote sessions last week were phenomenal. Very subtle, and weaving into my daily awareness – viewpoints and choices about how I look at things and what I look at were highlighted. Especially being able to choose not to look at something. Very freeing and empowering!

  4. (verified owner):

    Thank you so much for the remote group session on burnout tonight. It was wonderful. I could really feel the strength of the diamond, foundation 5, and the drop of the new formula (Lifeline) was absolutely powerful. My central channel is feeling much more restored than before the session. Since I spent last Wednesday in the emergency room being diagnosed with Lymphedema due to a side effect of cancer surgery, I have been feeling flat-lined. The session is providing new hope and an eagerness for life that I thought I had lost.

  5. (verified owner):

    The Eyesight group sessions were wonderful. At the end of session one there was an explanation about projections vs taking in what is there. For many years I have experienced people doing mostly projection as very cognitively tiring to be around, and I often get anxiety when there is too much “projection”. I also get very stressed out when some popular teachings say that if you just change your perception you change your whole reality, without differentiating between what is objectively existing and what is up to one’s own perception or opinion. Sometimes I experience other people’s projections as a sort of infringement on my freedom and my right to experience “what is”. No one has seemed to be able to explain what I am experiencing. Thank you for helping me understand my world better

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