GEMFormulas® Restore Yourself Aura Spray


This formula helps restore energetic damage caused by burnout, trauma, and abuse, and enables you to feel more vital, stable, and whole. Use it to shore up broken boundaries, overcome depletion, regain your self-identity, and reconnect with your own innate truth.

Your aura is yours: Keep it healthy.

    2 oz. ($24.95)

Recover from depletion with our new Restore Yourself gemstone aura spray. It is designed to help your body receive and accept as much nourishment as possible, as quickly as possible.

Use when you are feeling:

  • Overwhelmed, depleted, chronically low energy.
  • Taken advantage of by others.
  • Mentally drained and emotionally strung out.
  • Fearful of what might come next.
  • Lost and disconnected.

And when you want to:

  • Redefine your personal boundaries.
  • Restore your capability to handle whatever life brings.
  • Regain your flow of creativity.
  • Reestablish your self-confidence and self-reliance.
  • Reaffirm your sense of balance, self-assuredness, and steadfastness.

Ideal for people who:

  • Recognize the limitations of their perfectionism.
  • Feel as though they’ve lost control of their lives.
  • Have become enmeshed in toxic relationships.
  • Feel they have lost touch with their self-identity.
  • Have overworked themselves to the point of exhaustion and creative block.

Basic Self-Therapy:

This is an easy technique you should use three to five times a day as maintenance. Or whenever you feel you need extra support. For a more comprehensive self-therapy, see the Chakra Self-Therapy below.

Pay attention to how you feel before, during, and after using the spray.

1. Hold the bottle above the top of your head, with the sprayer pointing up, and spray once.
2. Continue to hold the bottle overhead, but move it in a circle while spraying another three to five times.
3. Relax with your arms by your side, and stay still for about ten seconds while the mist rains down around your body.

Chakra Self-Therapy:

Use once daily or more often as needed when you feel you need extra support. Always do the technique in its entirety. Treat all chakras, not just a few.

Begin by familiarizing yourself with the approximate locations of the seven body chakras. Always treat the chakras in order, starting at the crown chakra and working down to the brow chakra, then the throat, heart, stomach, sacral, and finally root chakra.

1. Hold the bottle of aura spray at arm’s length away from the crown chakra, with the sprayer pointing toward it. Spray once or twice.
2. Hold the bottle at the brow chakra with the sprayer pointing forward. Spray 2 or 3 times to send the mist out and away from the chakra.
3. Repeat Step 2 with each of the other chakras in order: throat, heart, stomach, sacral, and root.

*Always close your eyes when spraying around the face or head.
*Keep out of reach of children.

This is the gemstone mandala used to make Restore Yourself Aura Spray:

Read more about the gemstones used to make this mandala.

Purified water and gemstone-infused organic grape alcohol.

This product has been imprinted with the energies of the following therapeutic-quality gemstones: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Blue Flash Moonstone, Blue Sapphire, Carnelian, Emerald, Indigo, Pink Chalcedony, Ruby, Tanzanite, White Flash Moonstone, Yellow Calcite, Yellow Sapphire, and a 7-color-ray Diamond.

Gemstone Numerology
The Restore Yourself gemstone mandala is based on the number four. In gemstone numerology, the number four provides stability and points the focus of the mandala on physical wellness. Many instances of the number four appear:

  • Gemstones are present at the four cardinal points.
  • Four Pink Chalcedony form a square.
  • Four Pink Chalcedony lie along the east-west axis.
  • Four Yellow Sapphire rest along the east-west axis.
  • Four Yellow Calcite work side by side with Carnelian.
  • Four Blue Sapphire surround the Blue Flash Moonstone.

The mandala hosts a total of eight Pink Chalcedony. In gemstone numerology, the number eight supports your personal evolution. Healing yourself and climbing out of the hole that burnout often produces provide the perfect opportunity to redefine who you are and emerge as a better version of yourself.

Gemstone Geometry
Obvious geometries in this mandala are the circle, half circle, and square. Minor geometries must be relatively obvious to have significance. In this mandala, they include triangles, a double triangle, and a rectangle.

    Three circles surround the central 7-color-ray Diamond. Circles gather and hold information. They are also protective.

    Half Circles
    Half circles that mirror each other strengthen one another by reflecting back and forth upon each other. This mandala carries two half circles, those of Tanzanite and the color-ray gemstones.

    Squares lend stability so that the effects of the mandala can be handled with grace.

    One square is comprised of the Aquamarine and Blue Flash Moonstone at the cardinal points. Another is formed by the four Pink Chalcedony in the mandala’s free space.

    Triangles of gemstones support the changes required to improve wellness. The Pink Chalcedony in the southern hemisphere of the mandala forms a triangle with the two Yellow Calcite in the color-ray-nourishing circle.

    Double Triangle
    Double triangles stabilize change while also allowing it to affect a greater expanse of your being. Four Pink Chalcedony on each side of the mandala form a diamond or kite shape, bent by the roundness of the circle.

    Central Rectangle
    This geometry unites the gems’ purpose, allowing their energies to work together for those who use this mandala. In this mandala, look for the two Amethyst and two Ruby that form a rectangle. Individually, these gemstones nourish the crown and root chakras, respectively.

    To restore life energy, the crown and root chakras must be functioning well and any damage in these chakras must be corrected. Then, the other chakras will come into balance more naturally, especially with the help of the other gemstones in this mandala.


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