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Reverses downwardly spiraling energies that can dampen your spirits and prevent you from living life with a positive attitude. Helps you overcome self-sabotage and self-destructive tendencies and reconnect with hope, self-confidence, and optimism.

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4A-Quality Chrysoprase

    7mm - 7" Bracelet (.30 cts. Pink Sapphire) ($802.50)

    6.5mm - 8" Bracelet (.50 cts. Pink Sapphire) ($846.75)

    7mm - 7.5" Bracelet (.36 cts. Pink Sapphire) ($901.50)

The Benefits of Wearing Therapeutic Gemstone Bracelets

Wear Rising Light When You Want to:

  • Overcome self-sabotage or self-destructive tendencies.
  • Relinquish sad, depressing feelings.
  • Reconnect with hope, self-confidence, and optimism.
  • Increase your capacity to outflow.
  • Spread your focus to all the areas of your life that need your attention, not just one.
  • Stand up for yourself more confidently.
  • Cope with life more successfully.
  • Overcome feelings of introversion and feel better in social situations.

Benefits of Rising Light

Reverses Downward Spirals
I don’t think anyone can truly appreciate what it feels like to be in a downward spiral unless they’ve experienced it. Once you’re in one, the downward pull is compelling and it’s difficult to get out. You can feel as though you are stuck in a mire and sinking, hopelessly, to ever new levels of inner darkness. It can be suffocating, depressing, and overwhelming. You lose the desire to engage with other people, to improve how you feel, or to do anything at all. You lose the desire to try.

Energetically downward spirals are a real thing. Certain connections in the chakra system (called micro-vortexes), which should be well supported, start to break down. If they collapse, the energies they should be supporting can begin to literally spiral downward.

Downward spirals can manifest symptoms from mild to severe. They can appear as negative self-talk to self-sabotage, to thoughts of and inclinations toward self-destructive behavior.

The Rising Light gem formula presents the body with gemstone resources for reversing downwardly spiraling flows of energy:

Chrysoprase energy draws light up from within the deepest layers of your being—namely the atomic layer—through the molecular, cellular, and organ levels of manifestation to your aura. As this light moves upward and outward, it counteracts, neutralizes, and reverses the downward spirals a person may be caught in.

Pink Sapphire leads the outwardly moving light into the emotional aura, where it supports healing processes in the emotional body. Pink Sapphire energy can help correct emotional body collapse (another energetic cause of self-destructive thoughts, emotions, and actions), and provide a columnar-like support to help the emotional body retain its lift.

The energies of Freshwater Pearl provide a soothing energy to ease the transition from a negative to a positive outlook. They also support movement required for out-of-place energetic anatomy, namely the micro-vortexes, to return to their normal orientations. Freshwater Pearl energy offers a sense of softness and gentle acceptance, and reminds us we don’t have to be so hard on ourselves.


Builds an Energetic Foundation of Inner Strength
Inner strength reveals itself in a variety of ways. The energies of the Rising Light gemstone combination maintain a network of energetic anatomy that are designed to keep you resilient in the face of stress. When these energetic anatomy are working properly, you can withstand whatever life throws at you, without having to internalize it, blame yourself for it, or punish yourself.  You recognize that no one else is at fault either, life is just unfolding as it was meant to.

The energetic anatomy that comprise this supportive matrix are called micro-vortexes and they are an integral part of the chakra system. Chakras are energy centers, and the body has seven major ones. The energies flowing through healthy chakras form the shape of a vortex, which begins at the surface of the skin. Chakras also have intelligence centers, which are located directly behind each chakra near the spine. Micro-vortexes connect the chakra vortexes with their intelligence centers.

Micro-vortexes have several functions.

  • They communicate information from the intelligence centers to the chakras.
  • They act like electrical transformers, regulating and toning-down the intelligence centers’ impulses and life-giving frequencies so they don’t “fry” the chakra vortexes.
  • They work together to form an energetic matrix that keeps our spirits lifted, so that we can meet life with a positive attitude, and be resilient to setbacks. If we do not quickly rebound from such setbacks, the chakras can begin to leak energy. Healthy micro-vortexes help prevent chakra leaks.

Gemstone Therapy Institute (GTI) certified Gemstone Therapy Practitioners have had training in how to work directly with the micro-vortexes. They are familiar with techniques to evaluate and correct micro-vortex anomalies, as well as those other chakra system anatomy, including chakra leaks. If you would like personalized support designed for your specific needs beyond what the Rising Light gemstones can provide, please contact a GTI practitioner for an in-person or remote session.


Strengthens Outward Flows
Most people today are accustomed to energy and information coming to them from their environment. They watch television, surf the internet, wait for the next incoming text, and at the same time are bombarded with electromagnetic frequencies. If these inwardly-moving flows overpower their outwardly-moving ones, people can get out of balance.

Signs of this imbalance include: introversion, unsociable behavior, an inability to stand up for oneself, and a limited capacity to outflow, serve, and share one’s gifts with the world. It can also show up as a tendency to give too much focus to one area of your life, while other areas get neglected.

By wearing Rising Light, the outwardly-moving flows initiated by the gemstones strengthen your own outwardly-moving flows, helping you to develop a sensible balance with the inwardly-moving flows prevalent in society today. You can get the support you need to become a more well-balanced individual, who is more comfortable with yourself and the world in which you live.

Additionally, some people have coped by forming protective barriers in their aura against the harmful incoming energies. If these barriers become impermeable, they can also block helpful, life-giving energies as well. With Rising Light promoting your outwardly-moving energies, protection develops from within. Less often, you’ll have to use up precious resources to keep up your boundaries. Instead, the protection comes from stronger, outwardly-moving flows that provide natural defense.


Healing the Aura
Ideally, the aura should consist of relatively evenly distributed energies. When we focus too much on any one area of our life for too long, the energies in our aura begin congregating. When energies collect in one portion of the aura, they will naturally be diluted elsewhere.

Areas of the aura that become too thin are susceptible to intrusions of unwanted energy and do not protect us as well. Areas that are more concentrated can put pressure on physical tissues, contributing to localized stress and pain. When you wear the Rising Light formula, your aura’s energies are encouraged to redistribute themselves more evenly.


Benefits of Wearing Therapeutic Gemstone Bracelets
When you wear a healing gemstone bracelet, you focus its healing gemstone energies on the side of the body on which it is worn, particularly on that hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder.

Several acupuncture meridians run up and down your arm, which are bisected when you wear a bracelet. Gemstone bracelets can nourish and support these meridians and the organs and tissues associated with them. These meridians are: the Lung, Pericardium, Heart, Small Intestine, Triple Warmer, and Large Intestine.

The natural swinging movement of braceleted arms when walking brings the gemstone energies to your legs and lower back. The root and sacral chakras are vitalized, as well as the abdomen including the reproductive organs, intestines, and urinary bladder.  Plus, as you move your arm in the course of daily living, the gemstone energies are able to actively clear congestion and clouds of sluggish energies that may be present in your aura.

Therapeutic-quality Chrysoprase

Therapeutic-quality Chrysoprase is a slightly translucent, bright apple green gemstone. It works best in the sphere form, so that its energies can as evenly as possible broadcast throughout your aura, carrying with them your own atomic-level light.

Our therapeutic gemstone bracelets are made with the same therapeutic-quality* gems as our necklaces and earrings. Designs are based on our necklaces and offer the same benefits.

Bracelet comes with a wood button clasp unless special ordered otherwise.

Use an extender to add the length required to wear around your ankle.

Bracelet Availability
Our standard bracelet lengths are 7.25 and 8 inches (about 18.5 – 20 cm). Because of the variation of individuals’ wrist sizes, we gladly accept special orders. Bracelets can be made based on any of our necklace designs. To calculate your bracelet size, measure the exact circumference of your wrist. We will make your bracelet a little longer to fit. Your bracelet may stretch slightly with wear.

For inquiries regarding custom bracelets, please contact us. Call 877-4GEM-GEM (877-443-6436) or email CustomerService@GEMFormulas.com.

Note: Due to the prevalence of low-quality or energetically compromised material we will not be accepting Chrysoprase for upgrade. Please review our upgrade list for the gemstones currently accepted for upgrades.

*Therapeutic-quality gemstones are authentic gemstones at the top of their class in color, clarity, brightness, and cut. Quality parameters vary for each individual gemstone, and we carefully select every bead to make sure you get the very best.

Bracelet Care
Cleanse your GEMFormulas’ bracelets as you would our necklaces, using the GEMFormulas’ Clearing Sprays . They should be cleansed daily.

Store bracelets with the clasp open, and spiraled if possible. Keep them with your gemstone necklaces or draped on a bracelet tree.

Bracelets made of the softer gems like Blue-green Fluorite (Living River), Rhodocrosite (Loving Me), and Apatite (Core Four) require extra care. These gems can break or scratch easily so avoid wearing them when they might knock against desks or countertops.

GEMFormulas bracelets can be used in a variety of ways besides wearing them around your wrist. They can be placed on the body as a poultice, used instead of necklaces in Gemstone Therapy procedures including self-therapies, and wrapped around a therapy wand to be applied in the aura.

You can wear a bracelet on the left or right wrist, and switch between sides as you wish. Wear as many bracelets as your body calls for. We used to suggest limiting the number to three, until we learned that some people require complex combinations of gemstone bracelets and necklaces to meet their particular needs.

Do you love bracelets? Try wrapping your gemstone necklaces around your wrist, for a multi-layered effect. You may need an extender to make them fit.

Bracelets are safe to wear when you sleep. While falling asleep, you can place the palm of the hand that has the bracelet around it over an area you want to work on. The gemstones will continue to support it for as long as your hand remains in that position.

Applying gemstones in the aura is an important part of Gemstone Therapy. Common gemstone therapy movements can easily be replicated with a bracelet on the wrist, simply by moving your arm in circles or in other ways.

How to Work with Rising Light

This bracelet may be worn continually for maximum support. Be sure to wear it during situations that test your ability to remain positive and optimistic. When you feel you have made some significant progress, continue to wear the gems a few days more before taking a break from them. (Continue to cleanse them daily.) Then, keep the gems with you, without necessarily wearing them. You can always put them on if needed.

Because of the expansive nature of the Rising Light energies, you may enjoy keeping it in bed with you at night, to see if the gems help you remember your dreams.

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  1. 5 out of 5


    Rising Light came in to my life just as I was soooo done with repeating old patterns and scraping the bedrock of inner pain and fundamental childhood wounding. It now feels like I am jumping lightly from peak to peak. I was able to identify clearly what my downward spirals are, and choose not to go down there. The feeling of “why did I even think I had to go down there?” did not, however, provide a false sense of always being in a good mood. I still have to feel my feelings, but its easier to not get stuck in them. I still feel moments of despair or fear, but it is easier to let it pass and then do something constructive after being with the stuff bubbling to the surface.

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