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Jun 27 2019

What Is it Really Like to Work with Diamonds?

By: Isabelle Morton

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Over the past few weeks, I’ve shared a wealth of knowledge with you about Diamonds, their effect on energetic blueprints, and our Diamond Therapy program. Now, hear what real Diamond students have to say about their own experiences working with Diamond. Below, you’ll read excerpts from the accounts of Diane, Debra, Luba, and Michelle.

This is an opportunity for you to get honest insight from people just like you who have chosen to enrich their lives with Diamond Therapy. Some of our students go on to become certified Diamond Therapy Practitioners, while others simply use this healing tool for the health and well-being of their loved ones and themselves.

Diane recounts, “When I got the Diamond, I was just going to do it for myself and my family. As I’ve been practicing and doing sessions, I feel I’m also called to be of service to others, because I have seen this healing, how the Diamonds work, and how people are when they’re done with a session.”

Luba notes four key things that Diamond has done for her. “The thing I like best,” she says, “is that I can address an issue immediately.” She goes on to describe a time when she felt a migraine coming on suddenly and used both Energy Clearing Spray and Diamond Spray on herself. “Within half an hour, every single symptom was gone. There was no fog. There was no diminution of vision. No colors that sometimes migraines bring. There was no residue of anything. So that gave me the ability to take responsibility for myself in a positive way.”

Michelle discusses using Diamond with her family to address issues when they arise, explaining that her husband and older son are “scientific people” and that “studying energy is not their thing.” But she says, “Still, when there’s an issue or a need, they know that’s there and they ask me for help. So it’s not only become my way of life, it’s become my family’s way of life, and it just makes me think, you know, one person at a time, how it affects each one of us, and we go out into the world and energetically it affects others.”

Along with the ability to address an issue immediately, Luba cites clarity and nourishment as two key benefits of working with Diamond. “It’s like you go to a buffet and you have every food you ever loved in your life,” she explains. “No limitation. No dietary restrictions. Nothing. You can have everything you want and you won’t feel too full. So that’s what color-ray nourishment with Diamond feels like. You walk away going, wow, I feel sated in a very good way.”

Last, Luba says that Diamonds help her stay present and in tune with the bigger picture. Michelle also mentions this benefit of working with Diamond:

“I’m never really here and now and I’ve always wanted to be more present, and the Diamonds have really helped me be in the center of here and now, more than I ever had in my life, and that in itself is just an amazing gift from the Diamonds.”

Students have also described the benefits of using Diamond Therapy to treat their energetic anatomy. Diane shares her experience:

“I have been having an issue I’ve been working on for years, where I hold anxiety and stress and I clench my jaw and just that type of feeling and it affects my breathing and I hold my abdomen in. I’ve been able to take the Diamond and work not only on the physical but in these different layers and clear that and then go back and nourish it with color or one of my other tools, and it’s making a huge difference. I no longer feel like I’m walking around with my jaw clenched and my abdomen stuck and like Debra said I’m feeling happier and not so stressed and you know, all of that feeling causes anger and frustration. So that has been a huge, huge help.”

Debra noticed many improvements when working with Diamond, but she especially noticed a change in the relationships she was involved in.

“Things started just shedding away for me. Relationships that weren’t working for me just kind of started to disappear. I really didn’t need to be in relationship with these individuals anymore, and other things started to appear in my life that were like my reflections of all the changes that I was making. Your family’s always the hardest one, because you come into this life with these family members that are pushing your buttons all the time. And things are starting to be harmonious with them.

That was the biggest shift that was so obvious to me—that because my own self was changing so much, I wasn’t attracting these kinds of responses from other people anymore. My whole life has done a whole 360-degree change.”

Working with Diamonds can change our lives in so many ways. During transitional periods especially, it can be a source of clarity, support, and guidance, connecting us with our blueprints and helping us find our way. Sometimes it helps remind us of what we already know.

“We have choices in everything we do, and that Diamond keeps reminding me over and over because sometimes, a lot of the times, I choose to learn things the hard way,” says Michelle. “It keeps reminding me that I have a choice in life. It’s simply just shifting perspective and choosing differently, choosing easy, choosing beauty, instead of having to continue working the hard way.”

Another student describes Diamond as her “companion throughout” the transition she’s been going through. “I’ve been amazed at this whole journey. It’s like going from, I’m not going to say darkness, but less light to more light. That’s what it feels like. This whole Diamond journey—and there’s more to go—I mean, it’s like a never-ending story. This journey is just absolutely fascinating.


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“Just do it. You’ve got nothing to lose. And I think one of the biggest gifts here is learning how to trust. Because this is all about trusting your intuition, learning that connection to the part of yourself that expands the furthest in your aura. And once you start to trust that, you can do this work and you can help yourself. You can help others if you’re interested.” -Luba

“If you feel limited in any aspect of your life, such as with your finances or another life issue that you’ve been struggling with, gosh, this is the way to go. Talk about exploding into a new, breaking the glass ceiling, you might say, or just realizing that some of our limitations—and I guess really all of our limitations—are self-imposed. And it’s just a way to find out where am I blocked? And what is it that is holding me back from taking that next place in my life that can bring me my goals and have them be realized? Diamond is the way to go for that because it just helps you do it so much faster.” -Debra