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Apr 26 2018

How to Reconnect with Your Blueprints of Optimal Health and Why

By: Isabelle Morton

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Daily life requires that we look for direction. It helps to have guidance to navigate our lives, and even our cells need information about how to function. Ideally we should reconnect with our Blueprints of health several times every day because they can help keep our lives on track. Our cells and tissues should look to them moment to moment.

When we look elsewhere, we respond to life in a reactionary way based on patterns we have developed, or reactions we have seen enacted by other people, particularly our parents and those who we grew up with.

Clues that the cells are not looking to their Blueprints include physical healing that doesn’t occur properly or as quickly as it should, or doesn’t occur at all. On a life level, it shows when we repeat the same mistakes, regret our choices or are unable to make decisions, can’t seem to break bad habits and old patterns, become stuck in negative thinking and feelings, and feel sluggish and unmotivated, and more.

Our Blueprints guide us toward optimal health. But this doesn’t mean freedom from disease, sadness, or aging. It does mean that we respond to our situations with balance, grace, and the ability to see the hidden blessings in the experience.

That being said, the body doesn’t last forever. As it deteriorates, a sign that we remain in touch with our Blueprints is when our attitude, outlook, thoughts, emotions, and words remain positive. A sign that the cells are in touch with their Blueprints is that the aging process happens more gracefully. Disease processes, if they manifest, progress as slowly as they possibly can. The Blueprint information enters a state of constant counterbalance with the waning nature of physical tissues.

Our Blueprints represent the highest information within us. They are the source of tremendous inspiration, and also instructions for exceeding our present limitations. They are there if we want to access them.

When faced with a particular challenge, or when we want to get better at something, or grow as a human being, or master a particular talent, to break free of a bad habit, we can look to our Blueprints.

To reconnect with them you have to want to change, exceed your personal best, heal, surpass your limitations, or achieve an ambitious goal. This is the first step. The desire comes first. It says to life “I want to grow, become better, and be more of my true self.”

Then you have to be willing to look for guidance and inspiration from a new source within you. One that leads you down a different course of action from the one you’ve been following so far. This is how the universe responds to your desire for improvement that you’ve put forth in step one. You’ll get an idea to look to your heart or mind in a new and different way. You may start working with a spiritual guide, or feel the presence of a guardian angel. When you find a new source of answers and motivation, you’ll start to move forward down a different path.

Third, you have to agree to be brave and to trust the process. It takes courage to take a different turn, try something new, and veer outside your same old routine. One or two positive results will empower you to continue, to listen more, and pay deeper attention.

Every living thing has a vibration that reflects the life energy moving through it. The fourth step is to encourage your cells and tissues to look to their Blueprints by uplifting their vibrations in some way. Many types of healing modalities support this. So begins the process of reconnecting with the Blueprints, or strengthening that connection, to support health and wellness.

The easiest way to help the cells in any area of your body to remember their Blueprints is to send them love. This has a real effect. Many studies have proved that love and affection measurably improves health. It’s because the love you direct to a part of your body, or to yourself as a whole, helps you reconnect with your Blueprints.

Another way to reconnect with your Blueprints is to use 7-color-ray Therapy Diamonds, either an actual stone or in the spray form. The spray is imprinted with the energies of the Diamond. Either method does instantly what a tremendous amount of ongoing, focused creative visualization might also do. The sprays give the body a quick burst of Blueprint reminder. The stones themselves take a person on a journey to greater whole-being Blueprint connection.

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