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May 02 2018

Remote Diamond and Gemstone Therapy for the Acute Flows System

By: Isabelle Morton

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The Acute Flows System is one of twenty systems we work with in Gemstone Therapy. It is one of the few that are not recognized by Western Medicine, but everyone experiences it.

When you need a burst of energy to meet a crisis, when you feel a rush of adrenaline, mock up emotion, try extra hard to remember something, or surround yourself with a wall of protection. This system coordinates the complex cascade of functions and processes required to give you instant energy or information when and where you need it.

By vitalizing your system of acute flows, your body can respond to acute injuries, conditions, and crises more intelligently, responsibly, and responsively.

This session of group remotes will highlight the anatomy involved in the acute flows system, clear blockages and stagnant energy that interferes with its work, and make sure it has access to the resources your body requires to self-heal.

Vitalizing the Acute Flows System is ideal for those who:

  • Don’t respond well to sudden and intense situations.
  • Need to teach their bodies how to self-heal injuries quickly and efficiently, such as professional athletes.
  • Get exhausted by change.
  • Tend to get injured often.
  • Tend to not heal well after injury.

Join me for my next series of three Group Remote Diamond and Gemstone Therapy Sessions , where we’ll focus particularly on the system you rely on daily.

How Does Your Acute Flows System Help You?

Perhaps you tend to eat things that you know aren’t good for you. Your body returns to balance due to the effort of the Acute Flows. You put on headphones and a burst of loudness causes you to rip them off your ears. The ensuing headache is eased by the action of your Acute Flows.

Someone does something stupid, and you feel tremendous anger. In response, your blood chemistry changes. The Acute Flows help you return your emotions to normal. You sack the quarterback and dislocate your shoulder, you get hit by a 95-mile an hour fastball, you roll your ankle after landing a rebound… Or you get involved in a car accident, stub your toe, or fall off a horse. First on the healing scene are the energies of your Acute Flows System, triaging and directing energy, information, and resources to areas that need it most.

Give some healing attention to the system you rely on daily to rebalance after the bumps and bruises of life.

Join me for my next series of Group Remote Therapy Sessions!