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Restore Your Energy with Healing Gemstones

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Earth offers all the medicines we’ll ever need, including the ingredients to make them. Gemstones are part of Earth’s natural pharmacy.

Have you ever felt as though you were running on empty?  This is a sign of depletion. Healing gemstones are particularly effective for correcting depletion.

This article will explain what it means when different aspects of you become depleted, and how our Aura Nourishing Collection of gemstones can help. If you don’t recognize these signs in yourself, you may recognize them in others.

Physical depletion means having little or no energy reserves. You get exhausted easily. You’re so tired you cannot sleep, nor does sleep refresh you. You move through life as though in a daze, while more and more undone tasks pile up.

Physical depletion is usually caused by holes, misalignments, and disconnections in the body’s energetic structure. These allow leaks in your body’s energy reserves. Healthy energy flows are disrupted or redirected.

When you wear the Core Four gemstone formula of Apatite, Indigo, White Coral, and Freshwater Pearl, it feeds the energetic structure that holds your body together. The gemstone energies help this structure to reknit itself, and repair holes and misalignments that may be present. These gems also have an affinity with the bones and skeleton, to encourage vertebral alignment and better posture.

Wear Core Four regularly and you should begin to notice your energy reserves improve. If you ever felt like a broken-apart jigsaw puzzle, you should begin to feel the pieces of yourself coming back together. You should feel more whole, and more like yourself. You may sense new alignment throughout your entire life.

Your supraphysical body is the energetic counterpart of your physical body.  You might call it your energy body. It plays an important role in health, healing, and self-protection. Wearing gems to vitalize your energy body gives tremendous support to your physical health and wellness.

Signs that your supraphysical is depleted include: difficulty healing, poor reflexes, skin conditions, poor communication, dryness, stiffness, easily overstressed, and metabolic imbalances. In addition, you tend to be susceptible to colds, injuries, environmental toxins, and the influences of others.

When you wear White Flash Moonstone with Emerald, the gemstone energies replenish your energy body. The moonstone provides a moistening effect that revives, replenishes, and restores. Tears, holes, and other anomalies are corrected. With regular wear, your supraphysical aura can grow thicker and more resilient than ever and your overall wellness should improve.

Emotional depletion can make you feel washed out physically and mentally too. You get exhausted by trying to meet too many demands of too many people; weary working too much and not getting enough sleep; or drained by caring for the old, ill, or challenged.

It can also be caused by emotional neglect, especially during childhood, but also in other relationships such as in a marriage. One-sided relationships can be very draining.

Emotional depletion can make you feel strung out, numb and uncaring, or overly reactive and quick to emotional outbursts and extremes. You may cry a lot, or be unable to cry. You may recognize the problem, but feel powerless to do anything about it.

Wearing the HeartSong formula of Morganite, White Beryl, and Rhodonite vitalizes your emotions for more positive expression. It fills deficiencies caused by emotional neglect, and helps you become less emotionally reactive.

The gemstone energies repair tears and bruises in the emotional fabric, so your emotional wounds can heal. The gems also restore the channels for emotional energies so they can flow as they should, without blockage or suppression.

With regular wear, you’ll find that HeartSong restores your ability to feel. Your heart will be able to relax into a state of peace and contentment, even while facing present challenges. You’ll find it becomes easier to identify with your own true feelings, get in touch with them, and express them clearly and responsibly.

If you experience causal depletion, it can be difficult to plan ahead, deal with upcoming events, or identify the causes of present problems and conditions.

It can be harder to navigate through space, and you may find yourself getting lost, losing balance, or feeling increasingly uncomfortable wherever you live. Habits and negative patterns may become particularly annoying and unhealthful.

Causal depletion can occur as a result of a traumatic event. Or by spending too much time worrying about the past or future. Another common cause is repeating self-destructive behaviors.

By wearing Golden Eagle, you get the support of Golden Beryl, Spessartite, and Light Green Aventurine. This formula of gemstone energies has a particular affinity with the causal aspect of yourself. It can improve your ability to discover seed causes of present conditions and then help you do something about them.

It loosens patterns behind the habits you want to change, eases the strain of family karma, and helps you feel more accepting of present conditions that cannot be changed. These gemstone energies can also help you develop greater insight into your past, present, and future.

If your mind is depleted, you can have difficulty focusing, making decisions, being creative, and managing the tasks of daily living.

The mind can get depleted from continually over thinking, having too many things to think about, and from pressing your mind against problems that cannot be solved.

It can also get depleted from having to refocus after one distraction after another, or by having to switch your attention frequently from one activity to another without rest.

By wearing Tranquility, you get the nourishing support of Blue Chalcedony, Blue Sapphire, and Blue Topaz. This formula vitalizes your mind, allowing it to relax, feel more calm and peaceful, and receive the nourishment it needs to focus, think more clearly, and find mental peace.

The gemstone energies help dissolve mental blockages to enhance creativity and outflow, and support positive change and healing in your mental body.

If your intuitive body is depleted, it can be difficult to recognize true intuition and inspiration. You may struggle to decide whether it’s your heart or your head trying to lead you in life.

In addition, your subconscious storehouse may not be receiving data as it should. This can make you feel overwhelmed with information and possibilities. You may often feel confused.

By wearing Dream On you get the healing benefits of Charoite and Indigo. These gemstones’ energies strengthen the brow chakra. A healthy brow chakra helps you gain keen insight and intuition when you need it, and enhance dream recall. The gems also support the subconscious aspect of yourself, which is an information repository.

When you wear Dream On regularly, you’ll gain a better understanding and awareness of your intuitive capabilities. The channels through which your intuition flows will become stronger. This will allow clear nudges and knowings to flow into your mind and awareness. Dream recall may also improve.