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Mar 15 2018

Self-Confidence Group Remote Gemstone Healing Experience

By: Isabelle Morton

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Alison had been experiencing some challenges at work with a difficult client in her consulting business.  She had tried several ways to work with the client but nothing seemed easy.  Her usual clients were harmonious, eager to collaborate, and grateful for her services.  From this new client, all Alison got was angry demands.

She’d started to feel her self-esteem dropping steadily, and it was affecting her work.   She really wanted to fire this new client, return her deposit, and reorient her business towards people she really wanted to work with.  But the decision felt too big, too hard.

Then she saw that Isabelle was offering the first of the remote gemstone healing sessions on self-confidence and the stomach chakra. Alison knew she had to sign up.

She’d worked privately with Isabelle before and loved the healing effect of gemstones, so she was very eager to see what would come from this session.

She set her intention to be receptive to healing and new ideas on how to make her work life more harmonious, less of a drain on her energy.  Isabelle started by clearing the space and declaring it sacred, and Alison remembered this from her private remote sessions.  She let herself relax deeply, feeling relief for the first time in days. Then Isabelle suggested each person imagine a coil of white beryl and turquoise about 4-6 inches in diameter covering the entire body and aura.  Imagine it beginning to turn, either clockwise or counterclockwise, depending on the individual.  Alison felt the coil turn counterclockwise and as it did, even more relaxation came into her body.

Isabelle went on to clear and nourish the chakras with Diamond energy, beginning with the crown chakra.  This is place that balances self-confidence with spirituality, she said.  Crown and stomach need to have a good relationship to stay in what Isabelle called the “karmic neutral zone.” When the stomach chakra gets stronger, it can swing too far into others’ space like a pendulum effect, creating unwanted entanglements, or karma.  The crown chakra’s influence keeps this in balance.

She continued with the brow chakra which helps us know when to stay quiet in a situation, via intuition and dreaming.  Then the throat chakra—Isabelle spent some time here, clearing out unwanted blockages from words not said, unwanted energies, and Alison flashed back on her client and how difficult it had been to communicate, how much she’d held back.  Another level of relaxation came in.

The heart chakra, Isabelle said, has to do with honoring the self, forgiving the self, being tolerant of the self, which is deeply connected to healthy self-confidence.  She paused to nourish and clear that area, then moved to the stomach chakra itself, which is the home of self-identity, self-expression, and self-esteem.  Sometimes the stomach chakra needs to go into a healing chamber, when it gets beat up from life’s experiences.  When self-confidence gets low, it can appear as indentations or even fissures in the aura over the stomach.  These can originate in the mental level of the aura, so Isabelle brought 7-color-ray healing Diamonds to the stomach chakra to call forth the blueprints and fortify the chakra’s back door, which should be like a flat shield, a protection.  Courage, Isabelle said, goes hand in hand with how protected you feel. Self-confidence can also be about being quiet when needed, which is the wisdom of the stomach chakra.

Isabelle continued to the sacral chakra which governs all relationships, including with the self, and the root chakra which releases energies during sleep and receives new energies from the earth to help us move forward.

She taught the group a technique that brings attention to the perimeter of the being, where we end and others begin, making sure the perimeter is clean, smooth, and well defined.  She asked the blueprints of the perimeter to come forward and look at it, sending resources wherever they needed to go to strengthen and heal.

The hour went by quickly.  Alison found herself breathing more deeply by the end, as if she’d released the burdens of the past weeks as well as gained new understanding and strength.

A few days later, during another unpleasant episode with her client, she finally was able to take action.  In a polite, compassionate way, she fired her client, refunded the money, and felt freedom for the first time in months.  Alison says she might have been able to do this eventually herself, but the remote group session gave her the strength to do it within the “karma neutral zone,” keeping herself intact, healthy, and clear as she made the break.

Her self-confidence group remote Gemstone Therapy healing allowed her to strengthen her intention for what kinds of clients she really wants to work with.  She has no doubt she’ll be manifesting that from now on.

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