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Share Your Experiences, Earn Rewards!

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We are introducing a rewards program for all of our valued customers! We invite you to share your experiences with GEMFormulas’ products by reviewing your favorite ones. For each review you submit during the month of February 2017, we will gift you with $5 Gem Cash as a way of saying “Thank you.” Gem Cash can be applied towards any future purchase (including workshops and sale items, but not including shipping and handling). Review as many of our products as you’d like!

Please limit one review per product.

We love to hear about all the ways gemstones have helped you and your loved ones. Sharing your experiences will help others select gemstones, and will give those new to gemstone therapy the confidence to choose which necklace or aura spray might serve them best.

We appreciate reviews that are heartfelt and sincere about GEMFormulas’ healing gemstone necklaces and sprays that you have had personal experience with. (Don’t worry about grammar, we may edit your review for clarity and brevity.) If you need help writing a review, you may follow this guide:

  1. Describe how you felt before.
  2. What GEMFormulas’ product you used and how you used it.
  3. How the product helped you.

Here’s a real review I wrote that demonstrates these three steps, but feel free to write something longer if you’d like: “I’d been having terrible writers’ block for about a week. I used the Mental Focus spray two nights ago as I tried to write. Nothing seemed to happen, nothing felt different, and still I couldn’t get the words to flow. The next morning I woke up and out poured three pages!”

To leave your review: go to, find the product you wish to review, and click the “Reviews” tab.

Gem Cash will be awarded for reviews left during February 2017. At the beginning of March, we will tally up the total number of reviews you submitted and send you a coupon code with the total amount of Gem Cash you earned. This offer is open to all our customers, including Gemstone Therapy Institute students, interns, and practitioners.

I hope you’ll have fun writing the reviews, and may they remind you what a special impact healing gemstones have had on your life, your health, and your well-being.